DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 EU Event Preview, Betting Odds, and Key Storylines

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Now that all the ESL One: Road to Rio dust has settled, it’s time for the CS:GO esports train to start another voyage. This time around, we’re talking about DreamHack Masters Spring EU betting opportunities in our comprehensive event preview. Not just the opportunities, mind you, but betting odds, event info, and key team storylines.

If you’re interested in betting on CS:GO, these sorts of things will definitely be of interest, so go grab yourself a hot cup of coffee and prepare for in-depth coverage!

DreamHack Masters Spring EU Betting Guide | Interesting Facts

We’re starting our adventure off with the most interesting facts regarding the event:

  • There’s $160,000 in the prize pool which is slightly more than the NA equivalent ($100,000). Even though this might seem like a tier-B sum, it’s more than enough to keep the esports scene afloat.
  • The event kicks off on a random weekday. Yep – Tuesday May 19th is the first day of the event, as random as they come. As for the final day of the event, it’s scheduled for June 14th. The group stage is set to last until May 30th, while the playoffs are scheduled between June 8th and 14th.
  • Astralis is coming into this event as the heavy favorite after getting back on top of the EU scene with a blast on ESL One: Road to Rio EU event. They defeated G2 3-0 in the grand finals (they had 1-0 prior to the match, though) and cemented their newly found form.
  • The event is organized as a two-phase competition. It consists of the usual systems, group stage and playoffs. The group stage features sixteen teams, four teams in four groups. The group winners advance to the upper bracket while second and third-place teams have to battle it out from the lower bracket round one.

Where to Watch DH Masters Spring CS:GO Event?

If you’d like to watch the live DH Masters action, you can do that on the official DreamHack CS:GO Twitch channel. They’ll be responsible for the broadcast of the entire event. At the moment, the only official broadcast language is English, but we can expect a few other languages too.

A Closer Look at the DH Masters EU Groups

Here’s a closer look at all four DH Masters EU Groups:

Astralis Mousesports Fnatic NaVi
G2 Esports MAD Lions Faze Clan Vitality
Heroic Complexity GODSENT NiP
North BIG Team Spirit ENCE

DH Masters Spring EU Teams | Key Storylines

If you’re interested in DreamHack Masters Spring EU betting, then you’re likely to do extensive research on competing teams. But, if you’re too lazy to dedicate a ton of time for that, our key storylines section brings forth the freshest news regarding the top competing teams!


Fnatic Esports Logo

Fnatic is the next team on our chopping block! For a brief period, the Swedes were at the top of the CS:GO foodchain. Yep, HLTV.org recognized Fnatic as the best team in the world, be it for a short period. That was shortly after Fnatic conquered ESL pro League S11 Europe; roughly a month ago.

But, it’s safe to say ESL’s RTR event left a sour taste in Fnatic’s mouth. They came into the event as the favorites to take the crown, only to be eliminated in the group stage. Worst of all, they lost the 11th place match against Movistar Riders… but to be honest, I doubt they could be bothered to play in such an insignificant environment.

Individually, Brollan and flusha are the key figures in Fnatic’s roster. The young Swedish prodigy coupled with an experienced CS:GO veteran – Fnatic really is the best of what the Swedish CS:GO has to offer at the moment. While I do believe this roster has the quality to do great things, I think Samuelsson has to change his approach and start doing things differently… otherwise, such a solid roster might go to waste.


Astralis Esports Logo

Astralis are, once again, enjoying themselves out there. Even though they didn’t have the perfect group stage score, they still finished the event with style, by defeating G2 in what was a routine matchup. Most importantly, the Great Danes seem to be back in form, which means the European side of the table will be more hectic than ever.

The likes of Fnatic and Mousesports are likely to contest Astralis’ supremacy, but I doubt they’ll be able to dethrone Astralis once they take roots at the top of the food chain.

What is there to be said about their performance? Well, nothing much except for the fact they’ve been nothing but brilliant. Best of all, they are still on the rise and are likely to keep improving as time goes on. What’s their ceiling and will it be higher than the one they had last year? Only time will tell, I’m afraid…

Faze Clan

Faze Clan Esports Logo

Faze Clan had an excellent run of form on ESL One: RTR, but were struck down by Astralis, and then again by a surprisingly good display from G2. NiKo and the company are finally looking like a well-oiled machine, though, that has to be a major step in the development of one of the most talented and star-packed roster at the moment.

Broky, the newest member of Faze’s CS:GO roster has finally adapted to the Faze ways. Most importantly, he’s confident in his gameplay, and that will mean a lot in the long run. Not just for him and his future as a CS:GO pro, but for the future of this impressive Faze Clan roster.

Could this event be the turning point for Faze? Well, to be honest, I don’t really think so. Even though Faze had a good campaign on the first RTR event, and even though they’re likely to get out of this group, I doubt they have what it takes to win the trophy here…

G2 Esports

G2 Esports Logo

G2 had an excellent run on ESL One: Road to Rio! KennyS and the boys almost went all the way, driven by wild performances by shox and the man, the myth, the French CS:GO legend – kennyS. G2 squeezed through the group stage but stumbled against Astralis which led them into the lower bracket. Heretics was a pretty tough team to beat, which is why we all thought G2 was bound to lose against their French brothers from Vitality.

But, nexa showed up for the occasion with impressive 72 kills and 86.6 average damage per round.

Long story short – G2 ended up losing in the grand finals. Astralis was their executioner for the second time on the event, nicely winning two rounds in a row which, along with their +1 map upper bracket advantage, saw the Great Danes as the winners.

Prior to ESL One: Road to Rio, G2 had a terrible ESL Pro League campaign. From the looks of things, the biggest problem of the current G2 roster is their consistency. More precisely, the lack thereof. Nexa and huNter are world-class players, but it’s a real shame they’re not showing their potential often enough.


Natus Vincere Esports Logo

It’s safe to say all eyes will be pointed towards Natus Vincere. Why? Well, need I remind you – Natus Vincere was eliminated in the group stage of the CIS ESL One: Road to Rio. Yep, S1mple and the boys failed to deliver a fine performance at an event on which they were by far the biggest favorites.

Even though everyone though 2020 will be the era of NaVi after Perfecto came in and showcased a brilliant performance on IEM XIV World Championship, he failed to impress on ESL One Road to Rio. The rest of the team was pretty bleak too – not even S1mple’s brilliance was enough to push them through to the playoffs.

As far DreamHack Masters Spring EU betting goes, NaVi is the team you’ll want to bet on. They ought to come into this event with guns blazing on all fronts, and that will make them insanely dangerous, especially in the group stage. Despite the fact group D is the group of death, I’m confident NaVi will push through as long as they win the first match against ENCE.

Team Vitality

Team Vitality Esports Logo

ZywOo and the boys are in group D with NaVi, ENCE, and NiP. Yep, the Vitality vs NiP rivalry continues, and it has all the makings of a classic! During ESL One Road to Rio, these two sides met two times. First time was in the group stage and NiP took the win; the second matchup was much more important and that’s where Vitality took the Swedes by surprise.

What were the key takeaways for Vitality’s first Road to Rio campaign? Well, the team still relies on ZywOo way too much. Most of the time, ZywOo is more than capable of fulfilling that role (hard carry), but when he does not have a good match, and those matches come naturally every once and a while, Vitality doesn’t seem to have a backup plan. That’s been the burning issue of this roster ever since ZywOo started showcasing his talent, and Vitality definitely has a lot of work to do if they are to shape their roster into a winning one.

Outright Winner Betting Odds on DH Masters Spring EU

Before we start analyzing DreamHack Masters Spring EU betting odds, let’s take a closer look at some of the opportunities esports bookmakers provide:

MAD Lions

As expected, Astralis is the prime candidate for taking another trophy. The Great Danes seem to be back in business and everyone expects them to top group A and make havoc in the upper bracket. Fnatic, despite a surprising elimination on ESL One: Road to Rio, are ranked as the second favorites, right behind Device and the Danes. +650 isn’t too high of a number for a team that had quite the disheartening run last time out.

I honestly can’t say +175 is bad. However, if you’re looking for the greatest value, +1600 on Mousesports seems like a solid deal. With a lower stake, this bet could be a winning one… assuming woxic and the boys finally have a good online campaign.

The rest of the pack doesn’t look so good – so either go with a high stake on Astralis or a low stake on Mousesports.

The Wrap-Up

After all that stuff, I’m sure that you know what to expect if you indulge in DreamHack Masters Spring EU betting activities. With the majority of major sports still on hold, betting on esports is definitely the next best thing you can do. So, if you’re following the CS:GO esports scene and you’re not afraid to take some risk every now and then, this event is an excellent choice!

As always, thank you for reading.

Until next time,

Stay safe!

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