England vs USA Betting Predictions, Preview and Team Overviews

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This is it, ladies and gentlemen. The business end of 2019 Women’s World Cup in France begins in roughly 24 hours. With four teams still remaining in the competition, only two of them will get a chance to compete for the trophy. The tensions are high, especially for England and USA’ teams which are set to open the semifinals matches on Tuesday. Since there’s still time before the event starts, let’s go ahead and check out the most important facts regarding England vs USA betting predictions.

Needless to say, England vs USA is going to be one heck of a match. It’s a highly anticipated contest between two well-known sides, both of which have title aspirations. The last time these two teams played head to head, we saw a tightly contested 2-2 draw. It was just a few months ago, during the group stage of the SheBelieves Cup. Obviously, this match has a lot more prestige and glamor. After all, we’re talking about the business end of the biggest event in Women’s soccer – the World Cup.

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England vs USA Betting Predictions

Now we’re getting to the fun part. The actual England vs USA betting predictions section. Both of these teams have already played five matches in this tournament, successfully overcoming the group stage upsets and eliminating two playoffs sides. Now, England and USA have to face off in the semifinals, in a match many dub as the grand finals before the grand finals.

England Strolled Through the Quarterfinals

Coming into the playoffs, the England team conceded a single goal. Only Germany and USA were better, not having a single conceded goal in the group stage. The Ro16 was somewhat of a breeze for the English side, allowing them to keep their near-perfect defensive record. The Ro16 match ended with 3-0 on the scoreboard, but the on-pitch performance portrayed a much tighter contest. If it wasn’t for VAR, perhaps we’d be looking at Cameroon here instead of the Three Lionesses.

Be that as it is, the English women’s team was through to the semifinals where Norway waited for a potential upset. However, after a lackluster performance (in my books) by the Scandinavian team, England’s coach, legendary Phil Neville, couldn’t hide his excitement. His team’s performance was admirable and they were through to the semifinals without a single conceded goal in the playoffs and just a single one in the group stage. That’s the best defensive record in the tournament.

On the downside, they’ll be facing the event’s best-attacking team. And by far, mind you. The USA team scored 22 goals in five matches. As a matter of fact, they scored 13 goals in a single match against Thailand. For contrast, England scored “only” 11 goals in the entire tournament. As far as conceded goals are concerned, England sits a bit better than the USA, although both are at a near-perfect level. England has one, while the USA has two conceded goals thus far.

USA Triumph Over the Hosts

First things first, did you know the USA women’s team reached the semifinals at every World Cup? Well, it’s true. USA women’s team is the epitome of quality, and as such, are rightfully coming into this match as the favorites. Not only that, but they’ve also set a new world record for the winning margin, after defeating Thailand 13-0 in the opening round.

True, their attacking performance wasn’t as clinical in the playoffs. Their defense had its fair share of weaknesses too, resulting in two conceded goals in two matches. As for the attacking side, Megan Rapinoe rose to the occasion with four goals in two matches. True, two of them were via penalties (both against Spain in the Ro16 match), but that doesn’t diminish the brilliance of USA’s 33-year old striker.

France was USA’s opponent in the semifinals, in a highly anticipated match that left the audience at the edge of their seats. Truth be told, the USA was the dominant team, even though the end result doesn’t clearly show it. Especially the last few minutes of the match after France edged to a goal difference thanks to Renard’s brilliant header. Megan Rapinoe was the star once again, delivering two crucial goals and taking her team through to the semifinals.

England vs USA Betting Predictions | Who to Bet on?

All things considered, England and USA are the two best teams on 2019 WCC. That said, it’s no surprise these England vs USA betting predictions are going to be rather difficult. For starters, I have to admit I’m fancying USA to take this one home. Still, P. Neville’s side is not to be taken for granted. With a rock-solid defense and excellent attacking playstyle, they ought to cause problems to the American team.

On the other hand, USA is still the team to play against. Their undefeated WCC run is already at whopping fourteen matches and with high chances of going even further in France. They’re also portraying an attacking playstyle with a whole bunch of flair. Even though their defense hasn’t been anywhere near their best form in the last two matches, I expect them to bounce back up for the semifinals.

With that in mind, both teams to score at -106 seems like a no-brainer. We’re talking about two attacking-minded teams with a ton of goalscoring potential, so this bet is pretty straightforward.

If you’d like a bit of a riskier bet, try going with both teams to score in the first half. At the moment, this special is at +450, offering great value for anyone willing to take the risk.

The Bet
Both Teams to Score in the 1st Half

Women’s World Cup Special Bets

If you’re looking for an interesting special bet with extremely high risk to its tally, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a crazy bet I stumbled upon yesterday. It’s a long shot, I know, but at +2500 I had to give it a try on a smaller stake. I’m not trying to encourage you to invest in this bet yourself, I’m just pointing out numerous specials available during this event. Who knows, perhaps lady luck will have your back with one of these…

My pick is USA to win and England to miss a penalty. The first part of this bet, USA to win, is pretty straightforward. They should be the superior team on the pitch and ought to reach the grand finals once again. As for the penalty portion of the bet, it’s driven by a ridiculous number of penalties awarded throughout the competition. That, combined with the tradition of penalty misses in the English professional football. Both men and women teams.

USA to win and England to miss a penalty at +2500

The Bet
USA Win / England Miss a Penalty

Women’s World Cup Outright Betting Predictions

With only four teams left in the competition, you’d come to think they’re all neck and neck in terms of overall roster quality. However, there are two teams that stick out thanks to their individual brilliance. Of course, I’m talking about England and USA teams. Both of these teams rank pretty well as far as outright betting odds go, further cementing their positions as the favorites.

Unfortunately, one of them won’t reach the grand finals since the two teams meet tomorrow, in the first semifinals match. It’s basically the grand finals before the actual grand finals. In other words, whoever wins this semifinals match ought to take the trophy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to belittle Netherlands and Sweden teams here. They’ve both proven themselves as mighty contestants throughout this event. However, I still can’t see them defeating either England or USA in the grand finals. There will be a lot of pressure on the winner of this semifinals match, that’s for sure. Upsets are possible, but I still have to go with either England or USA to take the Women’s World Cup 2019 trophy home.

At the moment, outright winner USA is at -125 and England is at +350.