ESL Pro League S12 Event Preview and Predictions

ESL Pro League CSGO Backdrop

Here we have yet another set of online events taking part instead of a massive LAN league. On the bright side, the prize pool has remained the same. $750,000 in total, spread across five regional events. The European event features the most teams (sixteen) and the highest prize pool ($450,000). It’s followed by the American iteration with eight teams and $225,000 in prize money.

The three remaining regions (South America, Oceania, and Asia) have $25,000 prize money and four teams each. Yep, plenty of money to be won here, not just for the participating teams but for CSGO betting enthusiasts too. >After all, you’re reading our ESL Pro League S12 betting preview – it was always going to be about CSGO betting!

But first, let’s check out the key facts of the event before moving onto stuff like the best betting sites, favorite teams, and outright betting options:

  • Competing Teams: thirty-six teams across five regional events
  • Dates: 1st September to 4th October
  • Location: Online
  • Stream: ESL Twitch Channel
  • Outright Favorites:
  • NA: Evil Geniuses
  • EU: G2, Vitality
  • Dark Horses:
  • NA: FURIA, Team Liquid
  • EU: Astralis, BIG

Where to Bet on ESL Pro League S12 | Best Esports Betting Sites

Where can I start my first-ever ESL Pro League S12 betting adventure? What are the best online betting platforms that feature this event? Heck, are there any online platforms that support CSGO events such as this one?

Well, there sure are – plenty of them, too! The quantity is there, no doubt about that. Unfortunately, the quality isn’t always present… especially if you’re new to the game and you don’t know what to look for.

What should you look for in esports betting sites?

Well, there’s a number of important things that make great bookies, well… great! We all value them differently, though, which is why it’s difficult to properly rank esports betting platforms. What we can share with you is the list of things to keep tabs on if you’re on the lookout for your next (or first) go-to bookie:

  • Effective customer support staff
  • Numerous customer support channels
  • Plentiful esports betting options
  • Support for a wide variety of online payment methods
  • Fluid and responsive website
  • Intuitive interface
  • Mobile-friendly platform
  • Low profit margins

There are many more factors that come into play. You might have specific needs that we haven’t thought of. Either way, the above-featured bunch should help you pick a better overall bookie!

ESL Pro League S12 Betting Preview | Betting Favorites

Moving on with our ESL Pro League S12 betting preview, let’s turn our attention towards the two biggest regions and their most successful teams. Of course, I’m referring to the European and American events here. Let’s start digging around both scenes to find out which teams could cause high-value surprises!

NA Team Overviews

The North American event is packed with top-tier competition. Gen.G, Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, FURIA… Heck, even the Aussies (read 100 Thieves) are going to be playing next week. Best of all, all these teams will play against each other once during the regular season. Following the regular season, we’ll witness a proper dynamic double-elimination bracket. Top two teams from the regular season advance straight to the upper bracket finals, while third and fourth-place teams start from the lower bracket semifinals.

Here’s a quick look at all eight teams set to participate on the North American ESL Pro League S12 event:

Regular Season
Evil Geniuses
Team Liquid
100 Thieves

Team Liquid

Team Liquid Logo
At the time of writing this piece, the grand final match between Liquid and EG was yet to take place. That said, we can’t really tell with certainty how these teams will finish off their ESL One Cologne campaigns. However, one thing is certain – both will be satisfied with the way they’ve performed leading up to the grand final match, no matter its outcome.

For Team Liquid, the most important factor was Grim’s quick adaptation to new teammates. The young US CSGO hope isn’t topping the fragging charts, but he’s pretty good. He showed off a couple of stellar performances and Liquid’s management will be happy they brought him in from Triumph.

There’s a lot more work to be done on his end. He’ll have to train harder than ever if he wants to transition his stats from Triumph to Team Liquid. That’s because Triumph wasn’t playing against top-level teams all the time. Liquid, on the other hand, belongs to the very top of the NA scene, meaning virtually every match will be against a top-notch opponent… especially once we see the return of LAN events.

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses Logo TSG
Are Evil Geniuses really that good? Are they really the third-best team in the world? Well, I’d like to argue they might even be better than that… especially if BIG is still at the top spot. I could cope with Vitality (or G2) being above them… but BIG, after seeing the way they played on ESL One Cologne – a big no-no!

Evil Geniuses are a force to be reckoned with. They’ve been in excellent form ever since their explosion on the StarLadder Major. Brehze and the boys won a ton of events since then. Heck, they won the last two events they played on, CS_Summit 6 and BLAST Premier Spring NA Finals.

They’re one step away from making it three from three. They just have to beat Team Liquid in the grand finals of ESL One Cologne. Who knows, with the way they’ve been playing lately, it wouldn’t surprise me to see them make it four out of four…

Who’s behind such a wonderful spell of matches? Well, we have to look at the entire collective, really. Everyone’s been a part of FURIA’s success. Even if I’d point KSCERATO or yuurih out as the hardworking enthusiasts, it would be fair towards VINI and the rest of the team. This FURIA roster is unbelievable, and I reckon we’ll see even better things from them going forward!


Furia Logo TSG
The last American team we’re going to be focusing on in our ESL Pro League S12 betting preview is FURIA. Technically, FURIA is a South American team, but they’re way above the level of Sharks, BOOM, and Isurus, which is why they opted for the NA iteration.

This is nothing unusual, seeing as FURIA has been one of the most dangerous teams in the region throughout the year. Two notable titles, DH Open Summer and DH Masters Spring – several second/third-spot placements. Long story short, 2020 was a good year for the Brazilians…. Not to mention the fact MIBR’s form helped push FURIA’s fanbase in Brazil to all new heights.

Roster-wise, FURIA’s youngsters are making a proper name for themselves. The likes of VINI, yuurih and KSCERATO are leading the charge. VINI and yuurih are there to singlehandedly carry matches, whereas KSCERATO is the king of consistency. He’s always up there with the top fraggers; always finding new ways to outplay his opponents; always ready for aggression and always happy to clutch rounds.

The best thing is – everyone in this FURIA roster loves each other. Team cohesion is at an admirable level, just like it once was for MIBR. The more I look the more FURIA seems like the new face of Brazilian CSGO. And I’m happy for them, really! As far as ESL Pro League S12 betting predictions are concerned, I reckon FURIA won’t have issues qualifying for the playoffs.

EU Team Overviews

The European event sports sixteen teams and $450,000 in prize money. It features two groups with eight teams each. All teams play against each other once, and all matches are played as best-of-three contests. Top four teams from each group advance to the playoffs. This is something to keep in mind if you’re interested in ESL Pro League S12 betting, because some teams might not play up to their full potential depending on how the bracket pans out… Even more so considering the fact the playoffs pan out in a double-elimination bracket.

Here’s a quick look at the groups:

AGO Astralis
BIG Complexity
ENCE Faze Clan
G2 Esports Fnatic
GODSENT Mousesports
Heroic Ninjas in Pyjamas
Natus Vincere Team Spirit
OG Team Vitality


G2 Esports Logo TSG
Two French teams are ruling over the European stage, at least for the moment. Sure, BIG’s displays can’t go without mention, but if we’re looking at the last event (ESL One Cologne), then Vitality and EG are at the very top of the EU food chain. At the time of writing, G2 was waiting for the semifinal match against Heroic and Vitality awaited the same against upset-heavy NiP.

What’s there to be said about G2? Well, there’s one man that definitely needs to be pointed out here, and that’s nexa. Sure, huNter is good too, but nexa’s recent displays have been godlike. He’s fragging, he’s clutching, he’s destroying economies and taking rounds without breaking a sweat.

He’s a one-man-killing-machine, and G2 have struck gold by acquiring him from the good old CR4ZY roster.

However, despite all of his brilliance, nexa alone can’t deal with the very best teams out there. Sure, he can carry against the likes of OG, MAD Lions, Sprout, etc… but once real boys come into play, he needs the rest of his team to perform. HuNter has been a steady source of frags throughout the year – KennyS shows glimpses of AWPing perfection just like in the good old days. All in all, if you’re looking to get a few ESL Pro League S12 bets in, G2 is one of the most potent teams on the European side of the table.


Vitality Logo TSG
In less than 24 hours, Vitality is going up against NiP in what’s going to be a thrilling semifinal match from start to finish. On one end, we have the best player in the world (cough, cough, ZywOo, cough, cough) coupled with a set of fine talents. On the other end, we have an upset-friendly roster that already eliminated some of the region’s greatest, including BIG, NaVi, and Astralis. Can REZ and the boys find the way to the fourth consecutive scalp?

But let’s put that aside for now and turn our attention back to ESL Pro League S12 betting opportunities and Vitality overview. No matter how Vitality vs. NiP pans out, I reckon the French team will still be among the favorites in group B.

They should be right alongside Astralis and Faze Clan, although the likes of Fnatic and Mousesports will be equally tough contestants.

Faze Clan

Faze Clan Logo TSG
Faze Clan was a bit of a disappointment on ESL One Cologne. With kjaerbye onboard, many fans (including me) though Faze Clan will at least reach the playoffs. They were among the favorites in group B (alongside Astralis, G2, and Vitality), but failed to assert their dominance in the opening round against Heroic. That loss pushed them into the lower bracket where they eliminated MIBR but failed to win crucial rounds against ZywOo and his Vitality boys.

Worst of all – Kjaerbye’s ESL One Cologne was plagued with pretty poor performances. He wasn’t half bad on his debut… but it didn’t matter in the end since Heroic dismantled the superstar-packed FaZe Clan. The other two matches, however, were absolutely awful.

Kjaerbye was the bottom fragger on both occasions, doing little to nothing in terms of overall round-per-round impact.

I’m not trying to bash on good old Kjaerbye – I want to see him succeed! However, I realize that won’t be an easy task… It won’t come overnight either. Kjaerbye’s sync up with Faze Clan will take months, that’s for sure! So, if you can here for ESL Pro League S12 advice, we advise you not to put too much hope into Faze Clan since they’ll probably disappoint everyone yet again…

Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere Logo TSG
Moving on with our ESL Pro League S12 betting preview, let’s talk about the best CIS team out there – Natus Vincere. S1mple and the boys are still getting used to Perfecto, their newest team member, and that’s been quite obvious in their ESL One Cologne performances. Despite the fact Perfecto came in more than half a year ago, some of his plays still seem rather unsynced with the rest of the team.

As for their ESL One Cologne campaign, they were stopped by Ninjas in Pyjamas, just like the last team we’ll be focusing on in our ESL Pro League S12 betting preview – Astralis. How did the Swedes conquer the tenacious Russian/Ukrainian mix?

Well, they prevented NaVi from finding info early on in the rounds, and blocked them off key areas before and in post-plant situations. S1mple did alright, but he couldn’t push the team forward all on his own.


Astralis Logo
Astralis had a great run in the group stage, despite fielding a relatively fresh roster. They swept through group A without dropping a single map, effortlessly defeating Fnatic and Team Vitality. However, they got dropped by NiP in the quarterfinals match… Yep, the Great Danes got eliminated by Ninjas in Pyjamas of all teams. The same Ninjas in Pyjamas that lost to OG in the opening round…

What went wrong for Astralis? Well, they were pretty solid up until the quarterfinals, really. Unfortunately, Bubzkji was nowhere to be found against Ninjas in Pyjamas.

He had just 24 kills on both maps, whereas, for example, es3tag had 51 kills. In Bubzkji’s defense, he was good against Fnatic… especially on Train where they went the length of overtime..

Overall, though, we can’t really be that negative about Astralis’ performance here. After all, es3tag and Bubzkji are still not 100% settled in. This is a mere start to their Astralis career and things ought to get better as time goes on!

Outright Betting on ESL Pro League S12

Even though ESL One Cologne isn’t done just yet, most major esports betting sites (such as Betway) offer outright bets for ESL Pro League S12 betting campaigns. These types of long-terms are always quite dynamic, so make sure you time your wagers properly if you want to get the most of them.

The European event is pretty tricky to predict since most clear and cut favorites dropped points with quick eliminations on ESL One Cologne.

Please Note:
Bookies still consider BIG as the heavy favorite despite the fact the Germans were one of the first teams to get eliminated on the European ESL One Cologne event. They’re followed by G2 and Vitality – the French duo are still in the contest, and I’d honestly go with one of them. Both are looking quite strong – both can decide matches in a jiffy… and most importantly, both of their outright winner odds are pretty high (+450 at the time of writing).

As for the North American event, Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses are the main favorites, even though FURIA should not be taken for granted either. Brehze and the boys are, at least in my books, the best option here. They’re in excellent form and are coming off a strong ESL One Cologne campaign no matter how they finish it.

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