Dos and Don’ts of Esports Betting

Dos And Donts Esports Betting With Esports Arena ESL

People need something to keep their minds off the ongoing pandemic. In fact, you might need something that’ll entertain you for hours on end and help you keep a positive mindset. On top of that, most people are searching for something that could help them earn some extra money on the side.

In these tough times, the esports betting industry can soothe all those needs!

In case you don’t know, all major sporting events have been canceled, which puts the sports betting industry on its knees. However, some esports events are still going strong. More precisely, CS:GO betting sites still have work to do with Flashpoint and ESL Pro League in full force.

Which Esports Betting Sites Should I Use?

This is among the most frequent questions beginner esports betting enthusiasts tend to ask. And we can’t blame them, really, the situation in the esports betting niche can be quite confusing for newcomers. There’s a lot of contradictory information online, especially when it comes to choosing your go-to esports betting sites.

Esports Sites Question Mark

Long story short, the best thing you can do at the start of your esports betting online adventure is picking one of the biggest, most popular online bookmakers out there. They’re not among the biggest names in the industry by accident. They’re doing something right.

If you’re not sure which sites to go for, you can always check out our comprehensive guide on esports betting sites. It’s a highly comprehensive and fully objective source for all things related to such sites. In other words, if you’re on the lookout for a new set of esports bookies, look no further!

Dos and Don’ts of Esports Betting

Needless to say, there’s a ton of things esports betting enthusiasts should avoid doing to increase their chances of winning wagers. On top of that, there’s a ton of stuff they should be doing to get the same results. This needs no further explanation for experienced esports bettors.

However, for those who are still struggling to find their place in what’s still a relatively new niche, we’re proud to provide our take on the dos and don’ts of esports betting.

In the remainder of this article, you’ll find a ton of information that ought to improve your esports betting returns. Or at least increase your chances of being in the green at the end of each month.

So, without any further ado, let’s focus on the biggest dos and don’ts of esports betting!

Dos of Esports Betting

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Let’s start our quest off by focusing on the things you should do when partaking in esports betting activities. Here are seven important dos of esports betting you need to keep in mind.

Do Extensive Research

First things first, you always need to do extensive research before placing a bet on any type of sport, including esports. Arming yourself with knowledge, crawling through stats, and exploring head-to-head matches are an essential part of the lives of all sports bettors worldwide.

When it comes to betting on esports online, your best buddies will be websites such as Liquipedia,, Dotabuff, and similar, depending on which particular esports title you plan on betting on.

Please Note:
If we’re talking about mobile apps, you should definitely check out Strafe, as it possesses a massive database of games, teams, events, and matches. If you’re always on your phone, Strafe is the betting app you need to explore.

Explore Various Esports Betting Sites

Next up, we need to say a couple of things about the best esports betting sites out there! As you may know, finding good esports betting sites is not easy these days, despite a surging number of available betting platforms.

Unfortunately, a good portion of esports bookies don’t possess the necessary quality to keep their users satisfied and craving for more.

While I don’t want to dig into the reasons behind such poor service, I feel obliged to point you in the right direction. In other words, if you’re looking for more info on where to place esports bets, look no further than our esports betting sites guide!

Recognize High-Value Bets

Picking the matches that you’re going to bet on sounds pretty straightforward, but that’s actually one of the key parts of your “job” as an esports betting enthusiast. But it doesn’t just come down to picking matches. You also have to understand the rhetoric behind value and be able to effectively recognize it on a consistent basis.

If you want to be successful in your esports betting endeavors, you’ll have to look further than simple match-winners.

Value is often hidden away in esports specials. No worries, we’ll be mentioning them a lot more in the coming entries on our dos and don’ts of esports betting.

Explore Esports Betting Strategies

Explore various esports betting strategies, consider how they differ from one another, and try to understand how they can have a positive impact on your winning potential. Just like sports betting strategies, esports betting strategies can help you assess, analyze, and react according to your wagers.

We’re talking about comprehensive systems here, bearing utmost importance in the grand scheme of things.

If you want to learn more about esports betting strategies or perhaps create one by yourself, feel free to check out our esports betting guides.

Manage Your Betting Bankroll

If you’re really serious about your betting campaigns, already have your own esports betting strategy set up, and you’re coming into this niche with a positive mindset, there’s just one more thing you must create. Heck, not just create but stick to it as well!

Please Note:

As the heading suggests, I’m referring to bankroll management!

It’s a must for all serious bettors and a key part of our dos and don’ts of esports betting piece.

Sports betting bankroll management is basically the same thing as esports betting bankroll. The differences aren’t too significant, meaning you’ll have no issues with finding a ton of content online.

Invest in Esports Specials

I’ve seen many people blindly going with match-winners, week in and week out.

While I have nothing against match-winner bets (they are the most popular options available on the best esports betting sites out there), there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Match-winners are only the very top of the esports betting iceberg!

Esports specials is where the fun’s at! The specials include:

  • Totals
  • Player vs. Player Wagers
  • Kills
  • Assists
  • As well as any other quantifiable in-game stats

Given the fact the esports industry is still a newly found niche, it comes as no surprise that people are doing their best to exploit various specials.

Typically, the best specials are available during the biggest, most lucrative esports events.

That’s when the most prominent esports bookmakers are going out of their way to provide their esports bettors with the freshest and most versatile specials. You should always check them out, even if you’re not well-versed in more complex gameplay factors. Every now and then, a bookie will make a major mistake, and that’s free value you must exploit at all costs!

Take Things Slowly

You can’t get rich overnight! That’s impossible… and don’t let people fool you with such stories, they’re all outright BS! Take things one month at a time.

Heck, take things one day at a time.

One bet at a time, even!

Think of esports betting like a marathon rather than a 100m dash.

If you’re set to win big, it won’t come overnight. Esports betting is a gradual process, and it will take months, even years, before you can call yourself a profitable bettor. Take things slowly and enjoy the road!

Don’ts of Esports Betting

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Our dos and don’ts of esports betting guide is still going strong. We still haven’t talked about the don’ts side of the story, so let’s jump straight into them!

Don’t Underestimate Esports Betting

Never underestimate the complexity of esports betting. Yes, some folk will say it’s basically child’s play since it’s a bunch of “kids playing video games.”

While that’s true to an extent, we’re talking about professional athletes playing in well-structured competitions with a ton of sponsors and supporting organizations and staff ensuring everything goes as smoothly as possible.

The esports industry is much more complex than most people think!

Don’t be like most people. Don’t think you can make it big in this niche without breaking a sweat.

You’ll have to dedicate a ton of time, explore the ins and outs of a given competitive ecosystem, and crawl out of them stats to become constantly profitable.

Don’t Trust Self-Proclaimed Esports Betting Experts

If there’s one thing that will cost you a lot of money in the long run without you even noticing it, it’s trusting self-proclaimed betting experts and following their inside tips. First of all, there’s no such thing as an inside tip. That’s just straight up BS right there!

Don’t fall for it, especially if it’s behind a paywall of some sort.

Those are huge red flags right off the bat!

We have a sports picks section, but we aren’t pay walling it or claiming it’s packed with insider tips. Our betting enthusiasts are mere mortals; they comprehensively analyze each of their tips in hopes they’ll be victorious. They make mistakes, just like everyone else, so don’t blame them for missing a few crucial matches every now and then…

Don’t Chase Losses

If you’ve just lost a large sum of money, the worst thing you can do is bet even more money to try and get back on level terms. That’s just not how things work in the online betting sphere. Chasing losses is how we typically call this occurrence, and to put it in layman terms, it’s a big no-no!

As you’ll find out later (in the don’t bet when emotional section), betting with emotions burning high never go as planned.

If you end up losing a ton of money, say your goodbyes to the money and call it a day. You’ll wake up feeling brand-new, with a whole day in front of you to slap together a winning wager.

Don’t Bet Too Much

This one goes without question. Never bet with the money you can’t afford losing or the money you don’t even own. Yep, you’d be surprised to see how many people take loans just to get a few massive (so-called risk-free) bets in… only to lose it all and end up in massive debt with no way out.

Let me repeat my point once again.

Don’t bet too much!

Set up your betting bankroll at the start of each month and only use those funds for betting. Nothing less and nothing more! Everything you win, you keep for yourself, and for next month’s betting endeavors.

Also, make sure you spoil yourself frequently! What good is betting on esports if you can’t treat yourself every now and then?

Don’t Think You Can Get Rich Overnight

Most people who are thinking of starting their esports betting adventure in these tough times are in it for the money. The majority has unrealistic expectations. Money, fame, expensive cars, luxury homes—this is the sort of stuff beginner bettors dream about.

Needless to say, it’s very difficult (borderline impossible) to get rich overnight by betting online.

Even though esports is still a relatively new niche and many people are getting the most out of online bookmakers, they’re still in the minority. Being consistent and ending up with a profit at the end of the month is difficult enough on its own.

  1. Lower your expectations.
  2. Do your biddings one month at a time.
  3. Keep track of everything you’ve invested and won.

That’s the only way you can become a successful esports betting enthusiast. In fact, if our dos and don’ts of esports betting piece is going to teach you one thing and one thing only, let that be it!

Don’t Bet When Emotional

There’s no room for emotions in the world of online betting. That includes esports betting, which is pretty much the only form of online wagering that’s currently available. Why are emotions so bad? Well, being emotional drastically lowers your ability to think straight and make rational decisions.

Distressed Person At Laptop

When it comes to betting on esports online, if you’re sad or angry, it’s better to just go to sleep and place your bets another day.

The same goes for betting on the team you love. In fact, that’s basically why online betting experts never bet on their favorite teams. Any sort of emotional connection with the teams in question will sway your decision one way or the other, and that’s a big no-no, betting-wise.

Don’t Bet When Under the Influence

Never indulge in online betting activities when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They seriously affect one’s ability to think straight, increase one’s ego, and greatly lower one’s decision-making abilities.

If you don’t like giving money away (especially to esports betting sites), you should always think twice about betting while under the influence.

It’s just not a good idea, money-wise. The odds of you actually cashing out wagers you’ve made while under the influence are next to nothing. And that’s not me being against BUI (betting under the influence), that’s just factually correct.

People make bad decisions while drunk or high, which negatively impacts their online betting ability.

Don’t trust anyone who tells you otherwise, they’re outright lying!

Wrapping Thing Up

Don’t bet while under the influence is the last don’t of our dos and don’ts of esports betting piece! With it, we’re all done with today’s topic.

We hope you took the time to read through everything and that you’ll use the information to improve your esports betting winnings.

That’s it as far as our dos and don’ts of esports betting guide goes! Thank you all for reading!

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