Esports Betting in August 2021: Event Preview and Predictions

Esports Events in August

The second half of July was absolutely empty. All the big markets were off for the players’ break, with just a handful of ongoing series for us to explore. Luckily, that all changes in August! Not right away though, because most notable events start in the second half of the month. Still, esports betting in August is going to be crazy!

Esports Betting in August 2021

Here’s a quick look at the most notable events you can bet on in August 2021:

ESL Pro League Season 14

That’s right, CSGO is coming back! After roughly a full month of players’ break, the CSGO esports scene is coming back with a massive event! Natus Vincere won IEM XVI Cologne to stop Gambit’s dominance and push to the top of the CSGO food chain. But, can they make it two in a row on ESL Pro League S14?

Looking at the team sheet, it won’t be easy!

Plus, the fourteenth season of ESL Pro League is not a LAN event. Yep, CSGO is going back to an online environment. It’s a move that no one really likes, but everyone accepts because it’s necessary.

The event starts on August 16th and will last almost a month, with September 12th is the final day. There’s $750,000 in the prize pool, $175,000 of which goes to the winning team. We already know everything about the group stage, as well as the playoffs format. All things considered, ESL Pro League Season 14 is going to be a great way to kick things off after the summer break!

Dota 2 The International Postponed… Again

The International DOTA Logo

We haven’t seen any notable Dota 2 events for quite a while now. The International 10 was supposed to change all that this August. However, the health crisis deemed the event impossible to schedule in Stockholm, Sweden due to country’s strict measures.

Luckily, Valve didn’t want to drop the massive event altogether. They were quick to find a solution. As some of you already know, TI10 has been postponed until October and will be held in Bucharest, Romania. Until then, unfortunately, we won’t have many Dota 2 betting opportunities to explore.

Six August 2021 Major

Here we have a fantastic LAN event to lo and behold! The Rainbow Six esports scene has gone under the radar a bit. However, it’s coming back in the spotlight with the highly anticipated Six August 2021 Mexico Major.

That’s right, Mexico City is the LAN location for this one. Sixteen teams, $500,000 in prize money, and a two-phase event worthy of your attention. It’s going to be a great competition for Rainbow Six bettors because A) it’s a LAN event; B) it will feature all the best teams from all across the globe! If you’re an R6S betting enthusiast, Six August 2021 Major ought to be right up your alley!

The End of Overwatch League 2021

The regular season of the 2021 OWL ends on August 22nd. Dallas Fuel enjoy a strong lead in the Western Conference standings. Shanghai Dragons enjoy an even bigger lead at the top of the Eastern Conference standings. The likes of LA Gladiators, Washington Justice, and Atlanta Reign still have work to do if they are to clinch the next round. The same goes for Chengdu Hunters, Philadelphia Fusion, and Hangzhou Spark.

Long story short, the OWL season is far from over!

The play-in stage starts in early September. More precisely, it’s scheduled for the weekend of 4th to 5th September. The Playoffs are scheduled to be played in Arlington, TX. They start on September 16th and will last through September 25th. Both August and September are going to be packed with outstanding OWL action, that we can already tell!

FIFAe World Cup Events Cancelled

Believe it or not, FIFA events are actually ranking pretty well in the esports betting industry. People don’t just enjoy watching FIFA events but enjoy betting on them too. Unfortunately, both big FIFAe tournaments that were supposed to be held this August have been canceled.

FIFAe Nations Cup and FIFAe World Cup will not see the light of day. Earlier this week, FIFA confirmed that the two biggest FIFAe events had to be canceled for the second consecutive year. Fingers crossed the folks over at EA and FIFA will think of something even better for the upcoming season!

CDL 2021 Playoffs

Last but not least, the 2021 Call of Duty League! The regular season saw Atlanta Faze steal the show, following a marvelous season of absolute dominance. The Stage 5 Major is live at the moment, but the real fun starts on August 19th! That’s when the CDL 2021 Playoffs are set to start.

August 19th to August 22nd – mark those days down in your calendar!

Just eight teams battling it out for massive $2.5 million in prize money. The winner talks almost half of it. More precisely, the winning team gets $1.2 million, the second-place 650,000, the third-place team $300,000, etc. For more information, check out CDL 2021 Playoffs Liquipedia page.

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