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Poland’s newest MMA organization is gaining some traction. As Poland produces more and more UFC level talent, we’ll see more great shows from FAME MMA 13. We’ve organized the odds and watched the fight tape to make our best FAME MMA 13 predictions for each of the nine fights on this all pro card. There are no prop bets available due to the inexperienced nature of most of the fighters. Poland has a strong amatuer MMA circuit, so despite their low fight count, many have MMA experience and good finishing mechanics. 
Place your bets for FAME MMA 13 by 2:00PM ET (5:00 PM ET for the Main Event) on March 26th, 2022. Before you start, you may need more information on how to bet on MMA, or you can look parlay your FAME MMA betting picks with the top UFC bets through the weekend. 

Fame MMA 13 Main Card Odds and Predictions 

We’re organizing these fighters a little differently. Each fight will include the odds, record and finishing, including amatuer finishes, for each fighter. In Polish MMA, amatuer records count for just as much as professional finishes and are often against the same pool of fighters. Most of the predictions are made not by looking at the stats, but an expert analysis of fight tape. 

Betting Odds, Stats and Prediction for Smektalski vs Gorski

Fighter Pawel Smektalski Sergiusz Górski
Money Line  +180 -220
Record 0-0 0-0
Submissions/TKO in Pro and Amatuer MMA 0-0 0-0

The headliner is some sort of Youtube, Logan Paul style polish copycat. The favorite, Gorski, is a controversial Youtuber that has been open about his inability to fight for longer than a round or two. It looks like the majority of his training is taking place at home and with personal trainers. These are popular Polish figures, not fighters by any stretch of the imagination. You can watch the full media day here
When it comes to celebrity fights, it’s a gamble. Neither fighter looks well prepared, but Gorski does look more physical, better on the mitts, and less nervous overall. Our betting pick is Sergiusz Gorski. Bet lightly on this coin toss main event.

Betting Odds, Stats and Prediction for Rak vs Parke

Fighter Pawel ‘Rak’ Mikolajuw Norman Parke
Money Line  +240 -300
Record 4-4 28-7-1
Submissions/TKO in Pro and Amatuer MMA 1/2 12/4

This is one of those strange fights that Eastern Europeans seem to love. Parke is a talented 155 pound fighter, and he’s facing off against an old, low level heavyweight. 
Rak is 247 pounds in his last weigh in and hasn’t fought since 2020. He’s been knocked out four times, with all losses via knockout. The 44 year old has been fighting since 2008, while Parke has been active since 2006, the day he turned 18. 
The only question is, does Parke’s experience level cover for the eight pound weight discrepancy? After watching a bit of fight tape, it looks like Rak could have a hundred pounds on Parke and still lose the fight. Parke’s striking is lightyears ahead of Rak’s and this side show of a fight is designed to show that the little guy can win. Bet Norman Parke at -300. 

Betting Odds, Stats and Prediction for Roslik vs Polanski

Fighter Amadeusz Roslk Adrian Polanski
Money Line  -150 +120
Record 3-3 4-3
Submissions/TKO in Pro and Amatuer MMA 0/2 0/1

Adrian Polanski has beaten Rosik twice now, once by DQ in 2020 and once via decision. Rosik was sort of winning the 2020 bout after a slip from Polanski, but it wasn’t a fight he had for certain. Why the fighter that’s already won twice is the underdog, we’ll never know. Let’s take advantage of this and bet Polanski at +120 in a rubber match that is no doubt the talk of the town in Gilwice, Poland. 

Hopefully Polanski gets some revenge for this brutal illegal kick.

Betting Odds, Stats and Prediction for Brzuszczynska vs Linkiewicz

Fighter Karolina Brzuszczyńska Marta Linkiewicz
Money Line  -115 -115
Record 3-0 4-1
Submissions/TKO in Pro and Amatuer MMA 0/0 0/2

Karolina has no finisishes to her name, despite taking on three debuting fighters with no amatuer records in her first three fights. Marta has a similar story, having fought four debuting fighters and knocking out two of them. 
Marta is primarily a boxer, fighting out of the WCA fight team, home to Jan Blachowicz and other top tier fighters. Her fight tape looks good, showing improvements in takedown defense since her only loss in 2019, where she essentially fell to her back for a decision loss. For her advantage in power and quality of training partner, our betting pick goes to Linkiewicz at -115. 

Betting Odds, Stats and Prediction for Piotrowicz vs Pasut

Fighter Jakub Piotrowicz Robert Pasut 
Money Line  -115 -115
Record 1-0 0-0
Submissions/TKO in Pro and Amatuer MMA 0/0 0/0

Neither heavyweight has any finishes or an amatuer record. Jakub doesn’t have any fight tape for us to watch, and we have no idea what to expect from Pasut. If you do bet on this fight, bet lightly on Jakub Piotrowicz at -115, but you’re going in blind. Polish MMA fans have an advantage on this bet with some inside knowledge. 


Betting Odds, Stats and Prediction for Sikora vs Malczynski 

Fighter Pawel Sikora Dawid Malczynski
Money Line  +240 -300
Record 1-0 4-2
Submissions/TKO in Pro and Amatuer MMA 0/0 0/2

Malczynski is another fighter who has lost to Adrian Polanski twice. He’s six inches taller than Sikora and quite a bit larger. Sikora clearly doesn’t cut weight to make the welterweight bracket, while Dawid is one of the lankier welterweights in Poland. His body kick finish of Olejnik in 2019 is a great display of what a tall fighter can do with the reach advantage. Expect a win from knees and long strikes from distance. Our betting prediction is Dawid Malczynski at -300.

Betting Odds, Stats and Prediction for Szeliga vs Al-Sulwi

Fighter Piotr Szeliga Gabriel Al-Sulwi
Money Line  +130 -160
Record 2-1 3-0
Submissions/TKO in Pro and Amatuer MMA 0/2 1/1

Al-Sulwi is undefeated as a professional in MMA and boxing at 2-0. Szeliga is his toughest test to date, a professional ice hockey player that swings for the fences and has a notable level of athleticism. Fight tape shows Szeliga having an advantage in height and reach, as well as in striking mechanics. Szeliga has lost via submission, and in his amatuer career Gabriel has shown quality BJJ work and submission finishes. 
Our betting pick is Al-Sulwi at -160.

Betting Odds, Stats and Prediction for Slonski vs Gorniak

Fighter Mariusz Slonski Rafal Gorniak
Money Line  +160 -200
Record 2-2 0-0
Submissions/TKO in Pro and Amatuer MMA 1/1 0/0

Slonski is growing as a performer and a fighter. He’s gaining local sponsorship and we have word that he’s now training full time, a huge boon to an up and coming pro. Groniak is a new fighter who appears to be juicing and bodybuilding prior to this fight. Many MMA organizations around the world don’t test for PEDs and steroids in any capacity. 

Gorniak is the shorter fighter and has little experience. Slonski has lost to a submission win, but Groniak has no BJJ background. Our betting pick is Slonski at +160 with the upset victory. 


Betting Odds, Stats and Prediction for Postaremczakvs Domke

Fighter Jakub Postaremczak Patryk Domke
Money Line  +375 -500
Record 1-0 0-1
Submissions/TKO in Pro and Amatuer MMA 0/0 0/0

Despite losing his debut, Domke is the favorite. Domke is another polish Youtube celebrity centered around MMA fighting. He posted some recent sparring footage, two weeks out form the fight and he looked moderate at best. He’s athletic, but not accurate and his understanding of grappling is rudimentary. 
Jakub knocked his opponent down twice in his debut. He has heavy hands for a low level fighter, and defended multiple takedowns that looked better than what Domke is capable of. The favorite may be riding off a bit of celebrity, and our betting pick is Jakub Postaremczak at +375 for an upset win over a Youtube sensation. 

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