Firekeepers Casino 400 From Michigan Betting Preview

2019 Firekeepers Casino 400 Logo - Michigan International Speedway

This week NASCAR heads to Brooklyn?

Wait, what?


Awww yeah…the home of Busta Rhymes, Jay Z, and the Notorious BIG!

Gimme a minute. I need to pull my size 42 jeans up. They keep falling off of me for some reason.

Oh…Brooklyn, Michigan.

Of course.

Sorry about the flashback, guys.

Michigan International Speedway is one of NASCAR’s long tracks at 2 miles and one of the faster ones as well as drivers dive into the corners at speeds upwards of 220 mph.

It should be a welcome push for drivers who like to get out there and gun it. That’s about all of them, so I think we’re good.

Last week’s Tricky Triangle at the Pocono 400 had several of the top drivers frustrated on not being able to pass and a few of the less experienced guys hit the wall.

Here’s a look at some of the action.

Kyle Busch, as you saw, finally got back into the winner’s circle after nearly 2 months of winless racing.

He remains first in the Monster Energy Cup points standings and will be the favorite this week at the FireKeepers 400 just like he is every race.

He does not, however, have a very good history at this track but he’s the best guy out there and can win anywhere.

There’s another Kyle, “Two Mile Kyle”, that runs Michigan as well as any man with a helmet at that track.

Kyle Larson won the first two stages last week in Pennsylvania last week as well as the All-Star Race in Charlotte a few weeks ago, so we know he has the momentum and hopefully the confidence to win on Sunday.

Clint Bowyer is on the radar as he won this race last year while Kevin Harvick, who still doesn’t have a 2019 victory, won Michigan last August.

I have a solid sleeper pick for you this week along with a favorite and a couple of value drivers.

BetOnline has the odds this week.

Let’s get to the picks!


Kevin Harvick: +475

No, he hasn’t won a race all year but this is one of the greatest drivers of all-time we are talking about here.

He is the last winner at this track and in the last 10 races here has driven beautifully.

7 top fives in those last ten races are 3 better than the next guys on the list, Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano.

The stage is set, if you will, for Kevin to get back on track.

Okay, I’m not doing the puns on purpose. I swear.

Kev is my favorite. Moving on.

Pick: Harvick to Win

The Bet

Value Picks

Chase Elliott: +1000


I can’t lie. He is my favorite driver.

My Dad loved his father Bill and it just seems right that when I got back into NASCAR and began writing about it, Chase Elliott was the hot new driver.

After winning in Talladega in April, he has been rolling with all top five finishes minus the All-Star Race.

Currently third in the points behind Logano and Busch, Chase is not a bad pick to go all the way and win the Cup this year.

Will he get the victory this week in Michigan or not, though?

Well, I’m not positive but I think he has a great shot.

He has placed in the top ten in each of his 6 appearances here, three of those being top 5’s.

He’s got the track history, albeit rather brief, as well as driving at a high level as of late so I think he has some value at 10-1.

Pick: Elliott to Win

The Bet

Kyle Larson: +1400

This guy put together three straight wins at this track fairly recently and is running better the past few weeks than he has in the past two seasons.

No other active driver has been victorious here more than 3 times. The elder statesman, Kurt Busch did it but we know his best years are long gone.

Larson had so much success very early in his career, we forget how young he actually is. At only 26, the man from California still has a bit of growing up to do mentally and physical techniques to hone each week on the track.

I’ll take “2 Mile Kyle” for +1400, Alex.

Pick: Larson to Win

The Bet


Erik Jones: +2500

25-1 is a stretch, yes, but we have a good spread so far.

Well, he’s on the most successful team, at least this season, in NASCAR.

He has some good equipment.

That’s a good start.

This is his home track.

Okay, okay.

You’re growing on me, Erik.

4th last week…not bad

He does his best racing at longer intermediate tracks like Michigan.

Alright Doctah Jones, take my 10 dollars.

Pick: Jones to Win

The Bet

In Conclusion

As we approach the midway point in the lengthy NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Season, there really isn’t a clear top three like we have been used to seeing the past couple of years.

Penske teammates Joey Logano and Brad Keselowski are both threats to win each week.

Martin Truex Jr has signed with Joe Gibbs and is back in a big way.

Kevin Harvick hasn’t won a race…yet!

He is 5th in the points, though, so look out.

Chase Elliot continues his rise in the sport and has ‘Mo on his side this week after a string of top 5 victories.

Fellow youngin’ Kyle Larson is back on the scene as well, we think.

I think there are some mental hurdles he needs to get over but time will tell.

He definitely smokes Michigan like it’s a fresh Winston in ‘83.

Kyle Busch has been king, unsurprisingly really, but he now has more than just a couple of drivers biting at his bumper.

Mike Pruitt / Author

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