Five Reasons Why Sports Bettors Get Hooked On Online Poker

The global expansion of sports betting caught fire last year as the United States repealed the PASPA law that restricted sports betting to just a small handful of states. Since the law was overturned, sports betting has exploded across the nation. Brick and mortar sportsbooks, mobile betting apps, and online sports betting, businesses that were frowned upon just a couple of years ago, are now becoming commonplace.

With this rapid expansion of sports betting, millions of new people are getting introduced to sports betting for the first time, and they are loving it! For a lot of people, particularly millennials, this is their first taste of the gaming world.

Do you love betting on sports and want to see what else is out there in the gaming world that you might like? In this article, I am going to give you the top five reasons that sports bettors are getting hooked on online poker. Let’s get started!

Its Fun!

The main reason that sports bettors are flocking to online poker sites, is that playing poker online is a lot of fun! Online poker is fast-paced, and the action never stops, just like when you are betting on sports.

There is a reason why every poker room in Vegas is located right next to the sportsbook, and that’s because poker players have known for years how great sports betting can be, and now this new generation of sports bettors are wandering into poker rooms for the first time and having a ball.

And while saddling up to a poker table in Vegas is an experience that every poker player needs to have at least once in their life, I prefer the online game. The rake is lower, the tournaments are bigger, and the promotions are fantastic. What’s better than playing at one poker table? Playing ten tables online, where the action is crazy!

When sports betting first started, you had to stand in a long line with horse race bettors to make your bet, and once the game started, the action was over, and all you could do was wait until the end of the game and see if you won. Now with the advent of mobile sports betting apps and online betting, you can bet before, during, and after the games!

Similar to how sports betting evolved into its current state, online poker is the next big thing in the poker world. Websites like Bovada or Ignition poker regularly hold tournaments with thousands of players, generating prize pools in the millions of dollars. If you have fun betting on sports, you should give online poker a try, as you are sure to love it.

You Can Play Online Poker From Home

One of the parts I love best about betting sports online is that I can do it from the comfort of my own home. The days of standing in long lines in the sportsbook are long gone, and I don’t need to plan out my whole day to make sure that I get my bets in on time. I can see a game on TV, and within seconds, I can have action on it.

Online poker is very much the same. You don’t have to wait on a list for a seat in a game or for a tournament to start. Online poker sites like SB Poker and BOL Poker have hundreds of tables going all of the time, and you never have to wait to get in on the action.

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There is no better feeling than firing an in-game bet on a game you are watching at home on your couch. Well, except maybe the feeling you get when you score six figures in an online poker tournament while wearing your pajamas! If you like being able to stay home and still not miss out on the action, you are going to love online poker.

Online Poker Can Be Very Profitable

One of the reasons poker players have always been attracted to sports betting is because poker players are the savviest casino guests around, and they don’t like playing games that can’t be beaten. Love playing slots? Rolling dice? Or maybe playing blackjack? While those games can all be a lot of fun, you aren’t going to be a winner in the long run.

Poker players have known for years that if you do your homework and are disciplined, you can beat the sportsbooks. And now sports bettors are heading to the other side of the tracks and are quickly realizing that online poker is a game that can be beaten as well.

All gambler love to play. And the only thing we love more than to play, is to win. And that is what makes online poker and sports betting so closely tied together. They are the only two games in the house that can be beaten in the long run.

Have you ever heard the term the house always wins? Well, that just isn’t the case with sports betting and online poker, as both games can be beaten, and that’s why if you like one, you’ll love both.

You Aren’t Playing Against The House

When I told my grandpa that I was running away to Las Vegas to bet on sports and play poker for a living, he reminded me that Vegas isn’t built on winners. He would usually say this after making some corny Lost Wages, Nevada joke.

And while I completely understand that the Bellagio wasn’t built to pay people out, I also know from operating poker rooms and sportsbook on the strip for the better part of a decade, how sports betting and poker work on the inside, and the fact of the matter is, the house doesn’t care who wins, they get their piece either way.

We all know how poker works. The house spreads the game, and the players play against each other, and the house takes a small percentage of the pot or the prize pool. They win no matter what, and they don’t care what happens between the players as long as the game is fair.

But what most people don’t realize is that sports betting is set up basically the same way as poker. When sportsbooks “book” their action, they do their absolute best to take the same amount of money on each side of all bets.

That means no matter the outcome of the game, they collect their juice from both sides, and win no matter what. Now, the books don’t always end up evenly booked on every game, but that is their intention, and as a general rule, they do a very good job of it. The fact that poker and sports betting are structured similarly means that if you do your homework, and stay disciplined, you can win money in the long run.

Similar Skill Set To Win

We just mentioned that just like sports betting, online poker can indeed be beaten in the long term. This separates these two games from every other game in the casino. And not surprisingly, it takes a very similar skillset to beat both sports betting and online poker. Below I will list several things that all winning sports bettors and online poker players both do.

  • Think about the games analytically, without letting your emotions get the best of you.
  • Do your homework, and constantly be looking for ways to improve
  • Always keep detailed records of your play, so you can review later and find any leaks in your game
  • Don’t chase action for the sake of action, only get your money in when you see value

And while the above list is certainly not an exhaustive list of disciplines you will need to practice to win at both games, you can quickly see that what it takes to be a winner in the sportsbook translates very well to winning on the poker table as well. If you are beating sports right now, you will pick up poker in no time and start winning right away.

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading and if you want to get in on the sports betting action make sure you check out our partner websites that all offer huge sign up bonuses by clicking here. And if you are ready to dip your toe into the online poker world, check out our online poker reviews here, to find the site that works best for you, and good luck out there on the virtual felt!

Jason Gray / Author

Jason is a true Las Vegas insider as he has called the sports betting capital of the world his home for sixteen years. Jason started out his career in gaming by running the biggest poker tournaments in the world and managing some of the biggest sportsbooks on the strip. Jason has transitioned out of casino operations and has been covering sports betting for the sports geek for just over two years. His main focus is on baseball, college basketball, and the NFL