Funspark ULTI 2020 Event Preview and Betting Predictions

Funspark CSGO Background

Now that we know all eight BLAST Premier Spring finalists, all we have to do is wait for the event to start. It’s scheduled to start on 15th June meaning we still have a ton of waiting to do. Luckily, the CSGO scene isn’t slowing down. There are two awesome events for us to enjoy before the end of the month. The first of them is the focal point of this piece; today, we’re all about finding the best Funspark ULTI 2020 betting opportunities!

Nope, that’s not a typo – we’re talking about the Funspark ULTI event that was scheduled to take place late last year in China. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible because of the ongoing health crisis, so the competition moved to the EU and had to say its farewells to a few teams. The qualifiers ended last August with ForZe, HAVU, and Extra Salt snatching the spots. Wins Up Gaming clinched their spot on the finals too, but were dropped following the move to EU.

  • Competing Teams: 8
  • Dates: 19th April through 27th April
  • Location: Online
  • Stream: Funspark Twitch Channel
  • Outright Favorites: Heroic,
  • Dark Horses: BIG, Complexity

Tournament Format

The event is pretty straightforward. There’s no group stage, there’s just a double-elimination bracket all the way through! The grand finals are best of five, with a one-map advantage for the upper bracket team. All other matches are best of three, no worries!

Here’s a look at the opening round:

  • pro vs. ForZe
  • Complexity vs. HAVU
  • BIG vs. Extra Salt
  • EG vs. Heroic

There’s a lot of money on the line here; $250,000, to be more precise. But that’s not all – the finalists get a direct spot on the Funspark ULTI 2021 event, a $300,000 contest scheduled for December. CSGO betting enthusiasts are going to have a blast here, there’s no doubt about that!

Where to Bet on Funspark ULTI 2020?

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All major esports bookmakers already possess Funspark ULTI 2020 betting odds. The variety isn’t that good, though, as you won’t be able to find outright winner betting options. Still, alongside moneyline wagers, you’ll also have a few interesting props as well as totals. In my opinion, that’s just enough for my taste!

Funspark ULTI 2020 Betting Preview | Participants

Eight teams will face off in this one. All of them are, more or less, capable of lifting the title. There are no real underdogs here, though four teams do stand out as the likeliest finalists. Let’s start off with them and move further down the pecking order!

Virtus Pro Logo is the first team we’re going to talk about today. If you’re interested in Funspark ULTI 2020 betting opportunities, matches ought to provide a handful of solid-value bets. They’re an entertaining team to watch, they are in fine form, and they have one of the most prolific youngsters in the game. Yep, is still all about YEKINDAR.

The Latvian prodigy never ceases to impress. He’s developing into a world-class superstar right in front of our eyes. The things he’s doing all the time, the flair which he does them with, it’s just something else. He gave wins go this roster – can they fly over forZe and reach the next upper bracket round?

Well, I honestly think they can! ForZe are in a major slump and despite their roster showing potential, they most certainly won’t turn a new page against VP know how important staying in the upper bracket is; they’ll do everything they can to win the opening round and still have the luxury of losing a match and not getting eliminated.


Heroic LogoHeroic can’t stop winning! The Danish team is looking almighty out there, stringing together an excellent track record that makes them a terrifying opponent no matter who’s on the other end of the server. Refrezh and sjuush have clicked with the rest of the team and it shows! ESL Pro League Season 13 was an excellent campaign for them.

Sure, they were lucky to beat Gambit in the grand finals… but luck only follows the brave, and that they surely are! At the time of writing this piece, Heroic are all squared with Gambit for a spot in the BLAST Premier Spring Finals. No matter the outcome of that match, they’re definitely coming into this tournament as the main favorites.

Though, as I’ve stated earlier, I fancy VP’s chances here. Ideally, I’d like to see these two face off in the grand finals. It would be an excellent match, no doubt about that! Who’d take the trophy? Well, I am no fortune teller. However, you can rest assured we’ll do proper coverage for people who’d like to bet on Funspark ULTI 2020. You can expect more than few picks in the coming days!


BIG LogoBIG isn’t doing very well! They’re going through a rough spell of matches, having won just three of their last ten matches. They’re going up against Extra Salt in the opening round, a match which can easily go either way… that is, unless BIG players finally make a statement! What seems to be the problem for BIG? Well, it’s quite apparent – syrsoN is far from form.

The German AWPer isn’t playing badly… it’s just that he got us accustomed to much better performances. If he can start contributing the way he did last year, we might see BIG do big things here!

BIG started 2021 with several solid displays. The first major issues started on the IEM XV World Championship where they failed to get out of the group stage. Then, ESL Pro League saw them get pinned down to the bottom of group A, following four losses in five matches.

They will be looking for redemption here, that’s certain! But, should BIG be the team on your Funspark ULTI 2020 betting slip? Stay tuned and we’ll let you know in the coming days via our esports picks section!


Complexity LogoComplexity will definitely fancy their chances coming into the first-round match against HAVU. They are the favorites, though not as heavy as they’d want. You see, HAVU have a nice track record and won’t be a pushover on this event. The Finnish boys will give Complexity a proper run for their money, but the NA-org should prevail as the victors.

Jason Lake’s men had a great run on ESL Pro League Season 13. They were unlucky to go through against NiP and had to make do with 5th/6th spot finish. They played well, though, eliminating NaVi and in their first two playoff clashes.

Poizon and blameF are the key players for Complexity! If HAVU doesn’t prevent them from doing their thing early on, things might (and probably will) spiral out of control at some point. Poizon is excellent on the defensive end, and once he gets a few kills with his trusty AWP; the Finns won’t know where the shots are coming from.


Havu Gaming LogoHAVU could be in for a proper campaign here! The luck of the draw pinned them against Complexity. While bookies do favor the NA-based org here, Complexity is by no means the definitive favorite! It’s going to be a toe-to-toe contest from start to finish, with both teams fancying their chances of going through to the next upper bracket round.

To be honest, it all comes down to how well Aerial comes into the match. The 27-year-old Finnish veteran is playing superbly well, and another outstanding campaign would definitely push his morale up a notch. It would also alert top-tier teams about his presence; could even land him a new deal… who knows.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here! Even though HAVU could be a dark horse, you shouldn’t base your Funspark ULTI 2020 betting campaign on them. I mean, the opening round is anyone’s guess, but still… it’s better to mix things up. No worries, we’ll have several Funspark ULTI 2020 betting picks for you in the coming days!

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses LogoNext up, Evil Geniuses! Even though they are far from their best form, and have a brand-new member in their starting roster, EG are still considered tricky to beat. For those of you not in the know, EG signed MICHU just three days ago and Funspark ULTI 2020 will be his debut event. How is he going to perform on his first few matches under new colors?

Well, we have to wait and see…

I predicted this (Tarik to be benched) will happen a few months ago… Tarik had been underperforming for quite a while – EG gave him plenty of time to get his numbers up. That didn’t happen and they were forced to make a change.

MICHU brings excellent fragging potential to the squad, much higher than what Tarik had to offer. He’s averaging 1.10 rating, and that’s a number EG will want to emphasize coming into the opening-round fixture.

They are playing against Heroic, so yeah, an uphill struggle right from the first bat. But, we shouldn’t count EG out right away. They have the upper hand here since Heroic have no idea what kind of setup they’ll go with now that MICHU is in the starting roster. Their map preferences could be slightly different too, though they’ll have just three days for practice ahead of the Heroic clash.


Forze LogoCan ForZe be the next big CIS team to step up a notch and round off the region’s dominance? Well, their latest campaigns don’t suggest that. They didn’t really have any notable events this year, a disheartening scenario following good shows late last year. What’s happening with ForZe? Can they find their form on Funspark ULTI?

Can they turn a new page for upcoming events?

Well, if FL1T and zorte continue showing off such great displays, perhaps not everything will be bleak for ForZe? Zorte has been an absolute beast ever since his arrival in February. KENSI (the second ex-Ethereal signing), on the other hand, has plenty of room for improvement.

What can we expect from ForZe coming into this one? Well, they’re certainly going to show better team cohesion than they did on their last few outings. Zorte and KENSI should be fully settled in, which means we can expect even better performances from them.

The only way I can see them reaching far into the playoffs is via the lower bracket. How come? Well, they’re going up against in the opening round… and as I’ve stated earlier, I consider them the main favorites to win the $150,000 grand prize.

Extra Salt

Extra Salt LogoExtra Salt started out last December with the acquisition of the old Cloud9 roster featuring the American-South African roster. They hit the ground running in early 2021, winning two smaller events and DreamHack Open March 2021 NA. Unfortunately, they didn’t do a follow-up on the BLAST Spring Showdown.

oSee and the boys got eliminated by in-form Team Spirit in the first round.

But, that doesn’t diminish the fact Extra Salt has been in solid form recently… apart from that match, of course. On an individual level, oSee and Sonic are a step above everyone else. The newest addition to their starting roster, MarKE, is doing just fine. He’s proving to be the perfect fit that could push Extra Salt to the top of the NA ladder.

But, they have a tough opening round ahead! BIG is their first opponent; should ES beat them, they’ll be going up against the better of EG vs. Heroic next. Obviously, beating BIG is not an easy task, despite the German team showcasing one terrible campaign after another.  We’re in for an awesome match here, that’s for sure!

Outright Betting on Funspark ULTI 2020

As stated earlier, bookies don’t offer outright betting on Funspark ULTI 2020. The reason is probably the fact that it’s a small(er) online event with no real circuit significance other than the December-bound 2021 Finals.

That said, outright winners betting odds must’ve triggered some red flags over there.

With those words, I’m afraid we’re all done with our little investigation here. It’s been a pleasure, boys and girls!

Until next time.

May the odds be in your favor!


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Donnie hails from the Midwestern US and happily embraces the nerd stereotype. He likes writing about CS:GO, Overwatch, Fortnite, and anything esports-related, really. He also dabbles in the world of cryptocurrency and how that might tap into the esports betting world. Donnie stepped into the gambling side of esports just a few years back. Donnie is currently married and owns two large dogs, who may or may not be named after Mario and Luigi.

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