Fury FC 59 Odds and Top Betting Picks

Fury FC 59 is putting on a massive 18 fight MMA card on March 27th, 2022. We’ve scanned the stats and Fury FC 59 odds to assemble our top betting picks, the fights that give us the best payout on the most accurate predictions. 

Top Fury FC 59 Betting Predictions

Click the green button to place our top bets for Fury FC 59, these six bets stand out as the best payouts and strongest picks. 

  • George Tokkos +115
  • Isaiah Gutierrez at -220
  • Marquis Johnson +600
  • Nazim Sadykhov -325.


Fury FC 59 Betting Pick: Flores vs Tokkos 

Fighter Ty Flores  George Tokkos 
Money Lines  -145 +115
Record 9-3 6-2
Submissions/TKO in UFC 3/2 2/3

Flores was invited to the Contender series, DWCS in 2020. That’s his only loss in the last seven fights. He took back to back knockout losses in 2015-2017, including a loss to now UFC mainstay Geoff Neal. 
Of Flores’ last seven wins, none are particularly promising, with all of them having more losses than wins over their last five fights. Tokkos is underrated, and quick to rise. He took two Bellator losses at Middleweight, but is now back to his normal weight of 205 pounds. Tokkos has five of six fights finished. The biggest advantage for Tokkos is that since his losses he’s been training at Sanford MMA full time. Training footage and coaching interviews shows massive changes in his ability of the past few years. 
Our Fury FC 59 prediction is George Tokkos at +115. 

Fury FC 59 Betting Pick: Martinez vs Gutierrez 

Fighter Adam Martinez   Isaiah Gutierrez 
Money Lines  +180 -220
Record 7-4 7-1
Submissions/TKO in UFC 4/2 2/2

Martinez is a slight underdog, but lost his last two fights for Combate Global. His last two wins were over lower level fighters, both in the midst of listing streaks. His tests against fighters with moderate ability haven’t gone well, with two knockouts, one submission and a recent decision loss that was very one sided. Gutierrez is a stand out from Jackson Wink. In his career, he’s only taken one loss, to kickboxer Kevin Wirth. He has a 3-0 amatuer record with three finishes ranging back to 2012, so this 29 year old fighter has been active since he was 19. Isaiah has the experience advantage, the momentum, and his fight tape shows technical dominance over Adam Martinez. Our betting pick is Isaiah Gutierrez at -220. 

Fury FC 59 Betting Pick: Herrera vs Johnson

Fighter Oscar Herrera  Marquis Johnson
Money Lines  -1000 +600
Record 3-0 1-5
Submissions/TKO in UFC 1/0 0/1

This is one of the more interesting fights on the card. Herrera is 3-0 but his last fight was a split decision win over a debuting fighter. He had a rocky amatuer career going 8-7 overall. He’s Been active since 2016 and none of the pros he’s defeated have any wins at all. That’s right, three wins but none of those opponents have ever one a pro fight. 
Johnson comes out and swings for the fences, every single fight. He’s got amatuer wins via knockout and guillotine, and Herrera has multiple knockout losses. I believe Johnson has a solid chance of finding the knockout in this fight. He’s lost via submission in multiple fights, but Herrera’s takedown game isn’t great. 
I won’t be betting the house on Johnson, but I’m putting a small wager on Marquis Johnson at +600. 

Fury FC 59 Betting Pick: Boerschig vs Sadykhov

Fighter Joe Boerschig Nazim Sadykhov 
Money Lines  +250 -325
Record 6-4 5-1
Submissions/TKO in UFC 2/4 1/3

Boerschig has been in the fight game since 2012. He lost his last five to the undefeated Josh Quinlan, making him 2-4 over his last six fights. Boerschig’s biggest weakness is that he has never won via decision as a professional. He’s struggling in his age, at 33, when decision fighting and fighting IQ for longer bouts is a must for taking wins. 
Sadykhov lost his first professional bout, but has since switched to the new Longa Weidman MMA, a fight gym that has been producing UFC and Bellator level fighters out of the blue for the past three years. Sadykhov has high level sparring partners and coaches, while Boerschig is on a losing streak at a low level school in Montana. 
Our betting pick is Nazim Sadyhkov at -325. Of all the fights on the card, this is one of my top parlay bets. 

If you’d like to hear more from Sadykhov himself, this interview is telling of his current outlook on the fight game.

Fury FC 59 Breakdown

Our betting picks for Fury FC were tough to pick out. Many of the fights are highly competitive, no doubt putting on a great show for UFC Fight Pass. If you’re struggling to understand how to read a fight betting pick, start here to learn how to predict your own MMA betting breakdowns. 

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