Fury FC 66 Vasquez vs Nakatani Odds and Predictions

Fury 66 Vazquez Antolin July 8

Fury FC 66 is putting on eleven pro bouts and a card filled with young fighters that have losing records. What they lack in skill, they make up for in predictability. We’ve gathered the Fury FC 66 odds from Bovada, and each Place Bet button takes you to one of the top MMA betting sites. Each fight has odds for a money line pick, but no props are currently available.

How to Watch Fury FC 66

Fury FC 66 airs on UFC Fight Pass, July 8th, 2022. This Friday, make sure your bets are in by 8:00 PM ET when the first fight with odds is expected to start. 

Furc FC 66: Vazquez vs Nakatani Predictions

We’ve bolded our money line pick for all fights. Get a detailed breakdown of each pick below. 

  • Gilbert Nakatani -200 vs Gianni Vazquez +150
  • Tim Riscen +350 vs Jose Avalos -550
  • Devon Brock -185 vs Adrian Guzman +140
  • Jeff Creighton -130 vs Albert Gonzales +100
  • Sal Bruno -210 vs Austin Liu +160
  • Carlos Figueroa +300 vs Brock Dias -450
  • Rafael Hernandez -210 vs Mike Howard +160
  • Aj Williams +250 vs Luis Jauregui -350
  • Holt Felkins -1000 vs Joshua Dillon +550
  • Gabby Lopez -400 vs Kathy Solorzano +275
  • Anthony Parham Jr -250 vs Ysidro Gutierrez +185


Gilbert Nakatani -200 vs Gianni Vazquez +150

In this 125 pound title fight, the underdog Giani has lost three times to mid level opponents. His most recent wins include 3-0 David Martinez and 5-2 Devin Miller. Gilbert is 4-0 as a pro, but his winning streak ranges back into his amatuer career. He’s won his last eleven bouts, boasting six submissions in a row. Gilbert’s -200 assumes an estimated 75% chance of victory. 

Nakatani’s Speed and Power

Nakatani is one of the faster young athletes that I’ve seen. His ability to close the distance and land consistent shots is unmatched at the lower levels. Nakatani has multiple first round knockdowns in his career. We should see an early assault by Nakatani, who wastes no time against taller opponents. 

Prediction: Nakatani -200

Nakatani hasn’t lost since 2015, and his breadth of experience shows in recent performances. As a flyweight, you’ll not see many with this level of finishing power at the lower levels. Expect Nakatani to win via decision or submission, bringing you $50 in winnings per $100 wagered. 

Tim Riscen +350 vs Jose Avalos -550

Riscen is one of the oldest fighters on the card at 39. He’s lost his last two, putting his last win in 2018 when he was 35 years old. Avalos is coming off a submission loss, but has four submission victories in his 6-3 pro career. Riscen has lost by submission twice in the first round.

Riscen’s Last 3 Fights

Riscen lives and dies by his southpaw shift step one-two combination and body lock takedowns. In his youth, he would blaze through counterpunches, taking them on the skull. As he ages, those strikes start to take effect, derailing his forward momentum. Riscen is used to being the bigger man, but Avalos and his last few opponents have been taller and with similar reach. 

Prediction: Avalos -550

Jose’s Fury FC 66 odds show an 84% chance of success and $18.18 payout per $100 wagered. This fight is a fantastic choice for a parlay addition, as the promising Dethrone MMA athlete looks to put his career on track with a win over the aging Riscen. 

Devon Brock -185 vs Adrian Guzman +140

Brock has struggled throughout his career with grapplers, losing by decision and submission across multiple fights. Guzman lost his last two fights, but has multiple submission and knockout finishes, far more than the favorite. 
Guzman’s losses each went to fighters with less than two losses in their MMA careers, and he’s training at one of the top schools- Team Oyama. 

Guzman’s Grappling Footage

At Combate Americas, Guzman boxed his opponent into the clinch, where Guzman repeatedly found the underhooks. Once he calms down, Guzman has a solid jab and grappling defense that consistently puts him into takedown positions. Expect Guzman to trade with impunity, then win the takedown mid round. 

Prediction: Guzman +140

This fast finish underdog pays winnings of $1.40 per $1 wagered. The chances of winning are set to 41.7%, but we see his chances as closer to 60% given Brock’s history with even rudimentary grappling skill. 

Jeff Creighton -130 vs Albert Gonzales +100

Creighton is fresh off the second pro loss of his career at Cage Warriors.

His 4-2 record includes four submission wins, but it’s clear Creighton has an issue with high pressure opponents with decent striking accuracy. 

Gonzales has multiple knockout wins and losses, with an amatuer career ranging back to 2017. Both fighters only hold wins over opponents with losing records. 

Gonzales vs Miller at Bellator

Both fighter’s show good athleticism and fight IQ, however Gonzales’ lanky frame has performed well against shorter wrestlers in the past. In this fight, we see Gonzales winning exchanges before a tragic shine bone break. I see Gonzales as the better striker, but most people don’t actually recover 100% from an injury like this one. 

Prediction: Creighton -130

Gonzales is a bit wild, but Jeff has bested similar lanky fighters. The Fury FC 66 betting odds payout at $76.92 per $100 on a Creighton win, with a 56.5% probability of success that’s awfully generous to Gonzales. 

Sal Bruno -210 vs Austin Liu +160

Bruno was 5-2-2 as an amatuer but is now 0-1 as a professional. He’s been active since 2015, scoring several submissions and knockouts over moderate amateurs. Lui is a recent addition to Team Alpha Male but has lost his last three fights. He’s scored only one finish in his pro and amatuer career over eleven fights. 

Sal Bruno’s Losses

Fight tape for each loss shows a lack of understanding in grappling and submission work. He’s been submitted three times, and continues to struggle against even moderate grapplers. Liu’s base is TKD, but his time at Alpha Male has improved his grappling and wrestling. 

Prediction: Liu +160

Not only should Liu’s point fighting style be frustrating for Bruno, I see many in close exchanges being won by Austin Liu. Fury FC 66 odds show Liu as having a 38.5% chance of victory, but we put this bout much closer to a 70% chance of success for Liu. 

Carlos Figueroa +300 vs Brock Dias -450

Figueroa has gone 4-7 over his pro an amatuer career, but has scored three knockouts total. His one punch knockout power can’t be denied. Dias lost his last fight via split decision in 2020, but his 3-0 amatuer career carries him to the favorite status in this fight. 

Figueroa and Dias Fight Tape 

Figueroa struggles with wrestlers, even when he fights at bantamweight as with Chase Boutwell. He couldn’t make weight for that fight, but he defended a full round of grappling before gassing out in round 2. 
Dias is clearly the more well muscled athlete, but he was focused on submissions off his back and not takedown attempts. 

Prediction: Figueroa +300

Dias’ takedown work leaves plenty to be desired. His time away from the cage could be a boon, but Figueroa has real knockout power, and Dias seemed to have no head movement and a very low guard. Bet the Fury FC 66 odds for Figueroa for a triple your cash bet. 

Rafael Hernandez -210 vs Mike Howard +160

Hernandez is the favorite despite having a career record of 1-5 with five stoppage losses. Howard has four amatuer decision wins and two TKO losses as a professional. Howard is supposed to be kind of a can, someone for Hernandez to walk through. However, Howard hide’s his credentials well. 

Howard’s IBJJF Ranking

Mike Howard is a Cordero MMA fighter and a brown belt in BJJ. He won the IBJJF Masters Worlds at purple belt and has a history of high school wrestling. Hernandez has consistently struggled with grapplers at this level. The Fury FC 66 Odds give Howard a 38.5% chance of winning, but we see his chances of a submission win as very high. 

Prediction: Mike Howard +160

Howard pays out $2.60 per $1 wagered. The only way to stop him has been knockout power, something that Hernandez has never demonstrated. Even in a decision, Howard should have more control time. Hernandez odds are riding off his time at Alpha Male, which is a big school with its coaching attention focused on its top performers. 

Aj Williams +250 vs Luis Jauregui -350

Williams is a Syndicate MMA fighter that has knockout power and a couple unfortunate losses. He faces Luis Jauregui, a 4-2 decision fighter with two submission losses. Jauregui has bested the better competition, but Williams’ has better striking. To make our Fury FC 66 prediction, we needed to dive deep into Williams’ takedown defense and Luis’ striking defense.

Fight Tape for Williams and Jauregui

Williams has been a fantastic fighter since 2013, striking with knockout power for almost a decade. He has been with Syndicate his entire career. Williams takedown defense looks good against most fighters, and Syndicate is known for fantastic counter wrestling. 

Luis is a wild kickboxer with little technique. On the ground, he’s fantastic, but he’ll need the takedown to be even remotely competitive. 

Prediction: Williams +250

It’s rare that I see this many upsets on a card. I think the oddsmakers failed to consider amatuer performances, the length of time spent training on most fighters. It’s tough to compare records at this level, with the majority of fighters they’ve faced having so few fights. Bet the underdog for a 2.5 times return. 

Holt Felkins -1000 vs Joshua Dillon +550

Felkins is undefeated in pro and amatuer fights making his current winning streak 8-0. He’s facing Dillon, who’s 2-2 as a pro and 3-2 as an amatuer. Dillon has three finishes in his career to Felkins six. 

Prediction: Felkins -1000

Fury FC 66 odds give only $10 in winnings per $100 wagered. Felkins’ money line would be an excellent choice for a parlay win. This kid is a bit of a prodigy, and likely the first fighter out of Eric Nolan’s XTC to see the UFC. 

Gabby Lopez -400 vs Kathy Solorzano +275

As a 7-1 amatuer Lopez finished three fights. She’s facing Solorzano, Who’s now 0-2 as a pro. This fight could go either way. Lopez’s only loss was to Pouncy by submission, a fighter Solorzano trounced in a unanimous decision.

Lopez has only beaten two fighters with more than two fights, while Kathy purposefully sought out undefeated fighters like the 5-0 Klara Ramos and won. 

Prediction: Solorzano +275

Lopez failed the only decent challenge she had to date. Kathy is a better grappler, has more experience, and offers a higher payout for what is a near 50/50 fight. 

Anthony Parham Jr -250 vs Ysidro Gutierrez +185

Parham is a grappling focused fighter with a 7-1 amatuer record. He’s facing Ysidro, a fighter with high quality knockout ground striking, but multiple losses by submission and ground strikes. Gutierrez’s three RNC losses play right into the hands of Parham’s bread and butter grappling. 

Prediction: Parham -250

Fury FC 66 odds for Parham pay winnings of $40 per $100 wagerd. He’s the right style match up for Gutierrez. He’s tough to finish, and his only losses have been decisions. Ysidros penchant for falling into the back mount won’t serve him here. 

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