Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder II Betting Odds and Predictions

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury II

Man, finally!

Boxing had a great year in 2019. There were several high profile fights that did not disappoint.

One of my former strength and conditioning puke buddies, although I never saw him throw up, Nonito Donaire gave Japanese superstar Naoya Inoue all he could handle in what was regarded as the fight of the year by much of the boxing media.

Shawn Porter vs Errol Spence was one of the most enjoyable tactical wars I have seen in a long time. I think this one could have gone either way.

Also, how can we forget Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua? Yes, the first one. That was shocking!

As much as I enjoyed each of these pugilistic pairings, I always kinda wished Wilder and Fury were in there again. These two giants put on what, in my opinion, was the best fight of the past few years on December 1st, 2018.

Fury spent most of his time circling the leaner more wiry Wilder feinting heavily and leading with the jab.

Deontay plodded forward usually with his hands up waiting for his chance to throw that rigor mortis right hand.

If he missed with it, that’s when Fury would usually counter with a right of his own just with a lot less pop.

The Gypsy King was up on the judges’ scorecards going into the championship rounds when he was completely laid out by the Bronze Bomber.

We all thought this was the end until the Englishman sat up out of his proverbial grave like the Undertaker.

That show of toughness and heart saved him from a KO loss but it wasn’t enough to get him the win. The fight ended in a draw that left a bad taste in the mouth of most fans.

I get it. You want to see a winner after such an incredible war. I did too and boxing seems to be having more draws in major fights in the past few years than I can remember in history.

It was a close fight. Many had it scored for the Gypsy King even with the knockdown. But, alas, here we are. It’s time for the rematch and we have to make a pick.

These two went the distance the first time so the over is, of course, our first instinct but we have to keep in mind that these two men are heavyweights and could end the fight with one punch, especially Wilder.

BetOnline.AG has the odds for the fight. Let’s go ahead and get to the betting odds and pick for Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder.



When is the last time we saw betting odds this even for a boxing match…any boxing match?

Okay, I’m being a little facetious. Many times, I want to bet on a boxing match but the odds for a title fight are 10 to 1 or something.

I like them even here because I believe I have a good idea of who is going to win.

Let’s look at how each man performed in their tune-ups.


Fury walked through Tom Schwarz in June of last year. The fight was cake for Fury who TKO’s the German in the 2nd round.

Realizing he didn’t get enough ring time to stay as sharp as possible, he took another fight in Las Vegas versus Swedish southpaw Otto Wallin.

This nearly proved disastrous due to Fury being cut very badly over his eye by w short clipping overhand left just out of the clinch by Wallin.

Otto was undefeated coming into this one and was a very fundamentally sound fighter. If the contest wasn’t a tune-up for a major world title rematch and Fury was such a high profile champion, it may very well have been stopped due to the cut. It was BAD!

Fury showed heart, will, and determination, though, as he always does and took control down the stretch to edge out a decision victory.


Wilder fought in May and then again in late November knocking out Dominic Breazeale and the aging Cuban star Luiz Ortiz. November 23rd was not that long ago!

It is worth noting that Ruiz was winning by a couple of rounds on each of the three judges’ scorecards heading into the fateful 7th round where we saw Wilder flatline Ruiz. It’s not like he was involved in a war and/or knocked down or out, though.

Ruiz was winning on aggression and he throws a really funky overhand left. I believe Deontay was smart to weather the storm early and not try to trade back.

Ruiz is the older man and has been known to slow down in the past and that’s what happened. Wilder also began to THROW his jab and not just paw with it.

That changed the entire rhythm of the match and eventually led to the KO win for the Bronze Bomber.

So, even though the tune-up fights were won by these two giants, it wasn’t easy for either man.

Something else definitely worth noting is the fact that Tyson Fury has left his old trainer Ben Davidson, a man who was heralded for helping pull the champ out of obesity and addiction.

Fury is said to have done some of this camp at Kronk Gym in Las Vegas with the son of the late Emanuel Steward.

Vegas is beautiful this time of year and I hope he was able to get some solid outside runs in. It’s a lot better than training at home in England I would think.

This is a tough pick. Fury outboxed Wilder pretty handily in the first matchup but I think Wilder has a higher ceiling and likely improved more in the past 14 months.

The Alabama-native also has the power advantage, of course, and I believe he will drop Fury again.

Also, if he does drop him, when will he do it and will Fury rise again? Some questions we can’t answer. That’s okay, though.

What strategies and adjustments can each man implement to increase the likelihood of victory on Saturday night?


  • Don’t only counter the right hand with a return right
  • Cut an angle and throw the lead hook
  • MAKE Wilder pay for missing
  • You made him miss… a lot… but did you stay in there and counter?
  • Not so much. That will keep him just honest enough for the majority of the fight to keep you much safer from the Bronze Bomb


  • Fury is hard to hit. We get it. He moves his feet and head as well as any heavyweight in the past several decades
  • One thing that doesn’t move is his chest. Stick your jabs there. That will slow down and hopefully turn Tyson Fury into your power side
  • If he backs up from it, at least you won the exchange and valuable points
  • If Wilder can go into the later rounds tied or with the lead, that’s when he will have his best opportunity to for a knockout as Fury will likely show desperation
  • Tyson was also bobbing low to avoid the jab and rolling through to avoid the looping right hand
  • Jab again, but wait just a split second then you can catch him rolling through with a left hook or uppercut

I’m going with Deontay Wilder this weekend in Vegas. He is in better shape, hits harder, and I believe he is hungrier as well.

Tyson Fury didn’t get to where he is in the fight game today without plenty of want and desire but it seems to be fading with this retirement talk.

One thing I learned watching fights over the years is if a fighter is even thinking and/or talking about retirement preceding a bout, they almost always lose.

Granted, Fury said he would retire if he won because he feels he doesn’t have anything left to prove. I get that, kinda.

Deontay Wilder, though, is all in on knocking out plenty more opponents including Fury and potentially Anthony Joshua next.

I’ll take Deontay Wilder to catch him somewhere around the 9th round and this time Tyson Fury won’t be able to get up.

The Bets

Round Total

OVER 10.5
UNDER 10.5

Okay, guys. I really don’t see much value here either way.

Unless you have one of those old magic 8 balls we played with as children, I can’t see you making a solid call here.

I did just say that I think Wilder will get the TKO in the 9th but that could come in the 12th or even early on.

This is just a really tough call.

If you put a gun to my head, then I would go with the over 10.5 but I don’t think this is a smart bet either way.

Pick: Pass


Tyson Fury to be Knocked Down: -125

Alright, I think this bet holds much more value than a wager on either fighter to win straight up.

Deontay Wilder knocks down just about everyone. Fury knows he did it before and once that kind of thing is in your head, it usually comes to fruition. Even if it’s just a bump on his bum, Fury is going down.

Pick: Fury to be knocked down

Deontay Wilder to Win in Rounds 7-9: +550

Okay, this is a bit of a stretch. My brain says stay away from props like this and I understand why.

It’s Deontay Wilder, though, and he can floor anyone at any time. He dropped Ruiz in the 7th in his last fight and I foresee Tyson Fury approaching this contest with a bit more haste.

The Bronze Bomber has already proven he carries his power into the later rounds as well as anyone in boxing. That’s about the same time that Tyson’s chicken legs start to slow and boom!

Pick: Wilder to win in rounds 7-9

The Bets

In Conclusion

It feels like we have been waiting on this rematch for years now! Is that just me? No way!

The first fight was an instant classic. I think it would have been better for fans and stories if Fury would have been awarded the decision but it is what is.

I think this one plays out similarly to their first bout in the first half of the fight only with Wilder landing more to the body and thereby investing for the later rounds.

As Fury suspects he is either falling behind or the scorecards are very close, he will attempt to land some cleaner harder shots to the head of Wilder and that’s when Deontay unleashes a rocket over the top that nearly flat lines the Gyspy King.

It’s just a prediction. Get your bets in now! Enjoy the fight and let’s go team USA!

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