Gambling Tips You Can Steal from the Pros and Use at Online Casinos

Online Casino Gambling Tips Background

Gambling in many forms offers a legitimate shot of success. Unfortunately, thousands shoot their shot and miss terribly for every gambler who makes their way to the top.

The odds of ever making a fortune as a professional gambler are slim to none. But you can get a head start by viewing your gambling activities with the mindset of a professional gambler. Over the past few years, many gamblers have dedicated more time to online casinos. There are several obvious advantages and disadvantages of online casinos, which isn’t the purpose of this piece. Today, we’ll examine gambling tips you can steal from the pros and use at online casinos.

Use these pointers to make the most of your online sessions, and you’ll be more likely to start showing positive results.

You Cannot Win by Risking Nothing

One of the most vital gambling lessons I’ve learned is that I don’t stand to gain much in return without taking risks. There’s a fine line that gamblers must walk between playing it safe and leveraging opportunities for profit.

In many areas of the casino, risk will equal rewards.

Poker players must know when to take calculated risks that lead to huge returns. Sports betting is almost entirely predicated on taking risks; that’s why it’s called gambling. The trick is to mitigate risks and maintain your long-term viability.

Please Note:
Risk management should become a part of your gambling strategy. Sports bettors are required to win over 52% of their wagers to show any profit. Playing it safe will not get you into the category of profitable. Anything can happen in sports, and if you’re too scared to risk some money, you shouldn’t expect huge returns.

Poker players shouldn’t expect much better results from not taking risks. Gambling has inherent risks; the key is to make sure the risks you take don’t completely wipe you out.

Playing with Your Competitors Money

Whenever possible, it’s advised to play with money that’s not yours. That doesn’t mean you should rob banks or borrow from friends to fund your gambling career.

Professional gamblers will often partner with backers.

These backers act as investors by giving the player seed money or paying the buy-ins for tournaments. In return for their money, the player will grow the investment through winnings.

These arrangements benefit players who may have a light bankroll or don’t want to leverage their bankroll. It may not be feasible for the majority of us to gain much interest in the form of financial backers. However, that doesn’t mean you have to play with your cash. The casinos are immensely profitable because they play with the other players’ money. Those blackjack tables and roulette wheels have paid for themselves thousands of times over.

When you win, you aren’t winning the casinos’ money. You’re merely taking home cash that another player brought.

So, look for ways to get ahold of some of that money.

Then you should take that cash and start playing with their money. I know several professional poker players who spend time in the lower-stakes games to boost their bankroll before a session with the top players. Losing “found money” still stings, but it keeps your bankroll healthy when things go south.

Stay on Top of Your Money Situation

It amazes me how many gamblers treat their bankroll like Monopoly money. Even if your primary goal in the casino is to be entertained, you should want to get the most from your money.

Bankroll management is one of the most crucial areas of gambling. Your real success or failure hinges on how well you take care of your money. It makes no difference what your goals are; protecting your money is vital. The lone exception would be for the unlikely event that you ever find yourself in a Brewster’s Millions scenario. Professional gamblers are wizards when it comes to getting the most from their money. That means they know how to manage a gambling bankroll properly.

Dedicate time to learn sound bankroll management skills, and you will accomplish more than you’ve ever imagined.

Furthermore, spending money you can’t afford on gambling will put undue hardship on anyone.

Don’t be reckless with your cash or approach money management haphazardly. The contrast between fiscal responsibility and carelessness is as plain as night and day.

Discipline Translates Well to All Areas of Life

Professional gamblers are required to display the utmost discipline regarding every area of gambling. The obvious example would be the discipline it takes first to learn to gain the edge in the casino and then execute their craft day after day. Any light days or deviation from the system will mean a loss of cash.

Pros must exude discipline constantly.

Another area where discipline plays a key role revolves around money. Yes, the bankroll management skill I covered earlier takes discipline. However, it takes some players more discipline not to let the money go to their head or blow it all after a magnificent stretch.

Please Note:
Even blowing the cash from a successful session may not seem too dangerous, but you must account for the long-term. There will be losing streaks and cold spells that gamblers shouldn’t forget. Pros won’t toss money away on frivolous purchases without the means to back it up.

The bottom line is that discipline can greatly influence every area of your life. Taking the pros’ discipline and applying it to your online casino play will legitimatize you as a player and possibly an aspiring pro.

Get Your Feet Wet Using House Money

Anytime a professional gambler can get a bit of free money from the casino, it’s game on. The card counters may stand to benefit the most from this luxury, but their clandestine nature prevents them from enjoying such benefits.

Still, online casinos are notorious for showering new and returning customers with lucrative bonuses. These bonuses come in various ways, but the deposit bonus sits atop the heap.

Online casinos use the deposit bonus to lure you in and let you get your feet wet without spending a ton of your cash. These bonuses attract hoards of new business for the online casinos and give players a leg up. So, it’s mutually beneficial for both players and the casinos.

That doesn’t mean there’s not a downside to the bonus. Some players will become consumed with chasing bonuses and stretch far beyond their means.

Another problem with bonuses is that the wagering requirements virtually guarantee that players lose before withdrawing any money.

If It Doesn’t Make Money, It Doesn’t Make Sense

Professional gamblers don’t throw away their time or money by making bets that won’t make money. It would be best if you aspired to a similar approach.

If you approach your gambling more methodically, you’ll get the most out of it. That doesn’t mean that you must learn to count cards like Don Johnson, play poker like Phil Ivey, or handicap games like Tony Bloom. I merely want to encourage you to start looking for areas where it’s at least possible to sustain long-term wins.

That will always put you in the best situation for making your online gambling bankroll last as long as possible.

Don’t Squander a Single Opportunity

What you do with the chances you are given will prove to impact your gambling career significantly.

Take full advantage of every possible opportunity to win by being prepared.

Some online gamblers fall into the habit of treating their sessions as an afterthought.

They load their house up with distractions and believe they can multitask and still achieve their maximum potential. If you’re playing poker online while you catch up on the latest season of your favorite show, you’re going to miss out. Against weaker players, you’ll pass on opportunities that should be leading to a generous profit. Play poker distracted against good players, and they’ll pick you apart before you get to episode two.

It would be best to focus intently on what you’re trying to accomplish and not waste a single moment.

Gaining an Edge Can Make You Rich, but Online Offers Fewer Chances

Professional gamblers have learned to gain an advantage in casinos. This edge allows the pros to profit long-term; thus, they can make a living in the casinos.

Online casinos have fewer areas where making a profit is feasible. You’ll hardly find a video poker machine with a positive expectation online, so that’s out. You won’t find an online blackjack game where card counting pushes the edge in your favor. That eliminates card counting as a viable strategy.

What you’re left with are poker and sports betting. If you want to make a long-term profit in online casinos, these are your only two options.


Take these gambling tips you can steal from the pros and use at online casinos to boost your wins or diminish your losses.

The choice on whether you become profitable or not is entirely up to you.

However, regardless of how hard you want to work towards profit or fun, you’re going to get out of online gambling what you put into the matter.

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Rex Hoffman is a passionate sports writer, with over five years of experience covering sports journalism in line with the Vegas betting landscape. His favorite subjects include football, basketball, and baseball. As a Las Vegas resident, he enjoys finding an edge against the local sportsbooks and aims to share his extensive knowledge with both beginners and experienced bettors. Rex also dabbles in horse racing wagering and enjoys typical casino fare like blackjack and poker in his spare time.

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