Here’s Where to Bet on UFC 257 Online Right Now

UFC 257 McGregor Vs Poirier

The biggest UFC event in recent memory officially takes place tomorrow night. It’s a stacked card with a highly-anticipated main event between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. Today, I’m going to explain exactly how and where to bet on UFC 257 online right now.

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MMA fans around the world are currently debating who will come out victorious in the main event. There are a million different ways this bout could play out. I’ll break down this matchup and go over the current odds set for each man to win.

Later, I’ll take a final look at the co-main event taking place on this card.

Here’s what you need to know about tomorrow night’s incredible event!

UFC 257: Where to Watch, Price, Start Time, Etc…

2020 ended up being a showcase year for the UFC. It started off on a difficult note when all major sports leagues were shut down in March. Unlike many of the other leagues around the country, however, the UFC didn’t close down its operations and wait.

Instead, the promotion immediately began working to get back on track. By May, UFC events were taking place on a consistent basis. Fans were treated to a huge number of amazing events, several of which were streamed live on Pay-Per-View.

2021 is kicking off on a good note, too. Tomorrow, UFC 257 is officially set to go down on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi. Like all other PPV cards, it will be streamed live on ESPN+ with a slight price increase of $69.99.

The early preliminary portion of the night is scheduled to begin at 4 pm PT. The official ESPN prelims will then begin at 5 pm PT. The Pay-Per-View portion of the card kicks off at 7 pm PT and officials within the UFC expect McGregor and Poirier to step into the cage around 10 pm PT.

This card is featuring a variety of important matchups. Many have eyes on the co-main event between Michael Chandler and Dan Hooker, two elite lightweights looking to earn a title shot. There is particular interest on Chandler, who is making his UFC debut after a successful career in Bellator.

It’s set to be a fun night of fights for MMA fans. Fortunately, there is still time for you to bet on all the action. Here’s how.

How and Where to Bet on UFC 257 Online

MMA betting has never been more popular than it is right now. The UFC reached a massive new audience throughout 2020 and many casual fans began placing bets on the big fights. Obviously, many analysts expect a huge number of wagers to be placed on tomorrow’s fight card.

US MMA fans have access to many incredible online sportsbooks offering odds on tomorrow’s fights. Below are some of my favorites.

Each of these sites are fantastic. Those looking for where to bet on UFC 257 are sure to love all of them.

They are all unique, as well, offering their own special promotions and betting options. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll be breaking down the odds on the main and co-main events below courtesy of BetOnline. This site has grown extremely popular with MMA fans and offers a variety of safe, easy payment options.

Here’s a look at the odds for the matchups taking place on the main card!

Conor McGregor (-305) vs. Dustin Poirier (+255)

Tomorrow’s main event is already attracting media attention from around the world. Conor McGregor is a polarizing figure with a massive following around the world. Despite his flaws outside the sport, however, he has proven to be nothing short of incredible once he’s inside the cage.

It’s not a huge surprise to see Conor listed as the -305 favorite in this matchup. He already holds a victory over Dustin Poirier dating back to 2014. With elite-level boxing and an underrated ground game, many feel that McGregor is poised to get an early finish in this bout. It’s his presence on this card that has led to so many asking where to bet on UFC 257 online.

Dustin Poirier isn’t listening to the naysayers. He’s clearly one of the best lightweights on the planet but is being written off by many analysts in this matchup. With odds of +255, a bet on Dustin here could end up paying off in a major way.

Prediction: Conor McGregor wins via 1st-round KO

I think Dustin Poirier has a real shot at getting the win in this bout. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he does so. Conor McGregor is perhaps the most dangerous first-round fighter in the UFC, though, and I think that will end up being a factor here. Rather than a big punch, I expect Conor to land one of his head kicks to earn the knockout in this bout.

Michael Chandler (+124) vs. Dan Hooker (-144)

On a normal event, this fight between Michael Chandler and Dan Hooker would be a fantastic main event. It’s taking place on a Conor McGregor card and for that reason is set as the co-main event. Both men have a huge opportunity on their hands here and they know it.

Michael Chandler is making his debut in the UFC after a fantastic run over in Bellator. He has a serious amount of hype, yet some feel this is the toughest stylistic matchup for him in the division against Dan Hooker. That likely explains his current odds of +124.

There aren’t many strikers quite as scary as Dan Hooker. He is extremely long for the lightweight division and has a granite chin. His extraordinary takedown defense makes him a real problem for Chandler in this one and he comes in as the -144 favorite.

Prediction: Dan Hooker wins via 2nd-round TKO

This fight is somewhat of a toss-up. Michael Chandler has many of the skills necessary to defeat Dan Hooker. His tendency to put his head down and throw overhand shots could cost him here, though. I expect Hooker to time that shot and land one of his patented knees for a TKO finish in the second round.

Best Prop Bets For UFC 257 Available Online

It’s always fun putting money on which fighter will win a bout. Many have also recently begun to notice how profitable prop bets can be. For those unaware, these are unique wagers on specific aspects of different fights. We’ve broken down some of the best UFC 257 prop bets in the past.

Now that you know where to bet on UFC 257 online, let’s look at some of the best prop bets available for the main and co-main events.

Will the Main Event Go the Distance?

One of the main talking points heading into the main event between McGregor and Poirier is whether or not Dustin will be able to take Conor’s shots. It’s a legitimate question. Conor landed a knockout shot in the first fight in less than two minutes. He predicts another win in less than 60 seconds this time around.

Poirier has improved considerably this time around and is open about his strategy of dragging Conor into the later rounds. That could mean we see this bout reaching the final bell.

The odds of this fight going to the judge’s scorecards are currently set at +300. It seems the oddsmakers feel a knockout is on the horizon. The odds that either man secures a stoppage before the last bell are set at -400.

What Will the Main Event Method of Victory be?

This is another big talking point with fans. Many seem to be under the impression that this fight ends in either a knockout or a judge’s decision. That’s fair, as both men are known for their supreme striking ability. Look where to bet on UFC 257 and you’ll see many odds being offered on this fight ending via knockout.

Conor and Dustin are talented grapplers, too. A submission certainly isn’t out of the question. There are many different ways that this bout could play out.

The odds that Conor wins via knockout are set at -200. The odds for Dustin to do the same come in at +600. Want to go with a major upset? Consider picking Poirier to get the submission win with current odds of +1000. That could end up earning you some serious cash.

What Round Will Chandler vs. Hooker End in?

The final prop bet I’ll breakdown centers on the co-main event. This is a massive fight for the lightweight division and is almost guaranteed to be an instant classic. Chandler and Hooker simply don’t know how to back down and are always looking for the finish.

If you want to know where to bet on UFC 257 online, you might be interested in a bet like this one. The odds are offering some incredible opportunities to win big.

Chandler may be looking to grind Hooker using his wrestling to get a late stoppage. Hooker will likely be looking for a 1st-round KO. The odds for all the different possibilities can be seen below.

  • Chandler wins round 1 – +650
  • Chandler wins round 2 – +900
  • Chandler wins round 3 – +1200
  • Hooker wins round 1 – +375
  • Hooker wins round 2 – +600
  • Hooker wins round 3 – +1000

There are all realistic possibilities. We won’t know until fight night how things will play out!


I’ve heard many fans asking where to bet on UFC 257 online. Fortunately, there are more options now than ever before. Make sure to check out the sites we listed above and feel free to sign-up to the one you enjoy the most!

Let me know of any other questions you have. Good luck and enjoy the fights!

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