High Paying Odds on Tiger Woods Winning 2 or More Majors in 2019

Tiger Woods Celebrating Winning the 2019 Masters

Tiger Tiger Woods, ya’ll.

As you probably already know, the 2019 US Open tees off this week from the iconic Pebble Beach Golf Links in magnificent Monterey, California.

This is the third of four major tournaments played on the PGA Tour each year.

Woods won the first one, The Masters at Augusta National in May, in a historic comeback which is arguably the most exciting victory of his storied career.

This was his 5th Masters win and while he didn’t win by 12 strokes as he did in 1997 when it was the first major victory of his career, this one just seemed more special.

Will it be his last, though?

I highly doubt it.

He has shown recently as you have seen that he has several more good years left in him. Woods went through quite a bit with many of the problems he faced had been brought upon himself but he’s back.

Tiger is an amazing golfer as we know. Let’s keep this lighthearted, though, and take a few moments to remember one of his highest achievements.

Since his big win at the Masters, Tiger hasn’t competed very much.

How could he?

Positive emotions can take just as much energy out of us if not more than the negative ones, especially when they are undoubtedly polar.

I recently learned this on a trip to Vietnam. I had every intention of following on to Korea for more adventure time but I was completely shot dead from all the sights, sounds, and smells of such an amazing place.

I had to pack it up and head home.

Try the egg coffee if you ever get the chance, btw. All of the joe there is exceptional but this particular variety was just right.

Ah, yes. Forgive me.

Even though Tiger Woods waited a month to compete again after his awe-inspiring win at Augusta this year, his first tournament played upon his return was the PGA Championship from Bethpage Black in New York.

He struggled mightily and missed the cut in a major tournament, something we are not accustomed to seeing from the greatest golfer of our time.

In good ole hindsight, we can see clearly now that he could’ve used a warmup week.

Since then, he has only played The Memorial, which was two weeks ago.

Woods began the tournament right where he left off at the PGA Championship but finished quite strong shooting 5 under par on Sunday which was enough to crack the top ten.

In the media’s eyes and I believe Tiger’s too, this was a victory for the living legend.

Hopefully, he is now in a better place to succeed this week at the US Open from Pebble Beach Golf Links.

Tiger knows this course better than probably any other golfer on the planet today. I love his chances at victory this weekend.

Now, there are betting odds available in the best golf betting sites, on how many majors Tiger will win this year.

Tiger Woods Major Wins in 2019


Now, I can see what you’re thinking already.

The sportsbooks aren’t stupid.

It’s a shame too. Maybe I wouldn’t have a job but we would all be rich, so…

Is the most likely wager (-1000) worth risking 100 bucks to make 10?

Probably not.

This is especially true betting against a guy like Tiger Woods who can come from behind and win at a major event with the two best golfers in the world, Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka, in front of him on the leaderboard.

So that betting line is out of the window.

That leaves us a couple of options that can pay handsomely.

Three wins mean, of course, he will need to be victorious this weekend at Pebble Beach, which is definitely feasible, and win the Open Championship in a month on rather unfamiliar soil.

He is still one of the top five best golfers in the world, in my opinion, and I know he can but…

We have to be honest with ourselves. A 50-1 payout sounds great and all but 5-1 on him winning either this week or securing his 4th Open Championship title in a month holds much better value.

Tiger’s history at Pebble Beach is, to borrow a term from my former drill sergeant, out-stinking-standing.

Some of you may remember the year 2000. I was, now that I think about it, in boot camp in San Antonio on this very date when Tiger Woods entirely washed out the rest of the field at the Pebble Beach US Open.

He took a 10 shot lead into the final round and finished 15 strokes ahead of everyone else. That is absolutely mind-blowing considering all of the world’s best golfers were competing on the same course at the same time.

Can he do that again?

Again, probably not but winning the 2019 US Open is not at all out of the question for Woods.

Only 3 other golfers are favored more than him, Koepka, DJ, and Rory McIlroy.

DJ will be a force.

How can you look away from Brooks? Not only does he have a phenomenal physique but all he does is win majors.

Please Note:

Rory has already preloaded an excuse, though, in a message to the USGA and the public as his game of smashing drives that seemingly bounce forever may not bode well at a course that should play quite fast from very dry recent weather.

Funny, you don’t hear the iron-heavy golfers complaining that their strengths aren’t going to be diminished.

Woods is 12-1 this weekend and you can virtually make it 17-1 with a side bet on him winning exactly 2 majors this year.

Along with much of the media and fans, I really like Tiger’s chances this week.

He finished strong at the Memorial two weeks ago, took just enough time off to rest a bit and remained focused, and has an outright unrivaled course history here at Pebble Beach.

My Pick

In Conclusion

He is still everybody’s favorite.

He is my favorite golfer as well as I grew up watching him crush not only the competition but a massive massive racial barrier as well.

His impact on today’s game is somewhat bittersweet, though.

I feel like golf has its fanbase but outside of that select few people only really know Tiger Woods.

There are other golfers out there like the aforementioned Koepka and DJ who are still playing in Tiger’s shadow.

He dominates the media and the prop bets from the sportsbooks, as you can see from this article.

Tiger Woods deserves every single last word written and said about him for the rest of time. He was that good and he still is the most dangerous golfer on the PGA Tour.

It would be nice, though, to see the popularity of the sport grow and attract more casual fans to become hardcore.

Golf really is a beautiful game, as frustrating as it may be to play.

The options and advantages to be had by bettors who know where to look and do a bit of homework can very very profitable.

Let’s hope Tiger Woods can rock the red this Sunday and get another Pebble Beach and PGA Tour major victory to his name!

Mike Pruitt / Author

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