How Does the Carson Wentz Trade Shape Futures Bets for the Colts and Eagles?

The Carson Wentz trade to the Indianapolis Colts was our second major blockbuster trade of the 2021 NFL Season (though the New League Year has yet to begin). Of course, a few more quarterback dominos can still fall.

But today, let’s focus our energy not on predictions, but on which team now holds the edge in NFL futures betting.

  • Are the Eagles better off with Jalen Hurts and without Carson Wentz?
  • Will Hurts hurt the Eagles with his inaccuracy and barren wide receiver unit?
  • And on the flip side, will Wentz rebound as a member of the Indianapolis Colts?
  • Will his struggles continue in the Heartland?

Today’s post will project how the Carson Wentz trade can either help or hurt the Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Eagles in terms of NFL futures betting.

How the Carson Wentz Trade Helps the Indianapolis Colts

Carson Wentz provides both an immediate upgrade and potential long-term solution for the Indianapolis Colts. We all knew Philip Rivers would not last in Indy and he was at most, a two-season solution. Turns out, Rivers lasted just one season before hanging it up.

Philip Rivers On Colts

That left the Colts with a gaping hole at quarterback. Especially with Jacoby Brissett potentially leaving in free agency. It also left Jacob Eason as the only Colt on the roster when the 2021 NFL Season began.

Wentz is a clear upgrade over both Brissett and Eason. Plus, he can provide an even longer-term solution than Philip Rivers ever could’ve provided./span>

So if he can clear up the woes that plagued him in 2019 and 2020, look for Wentz to be a Colt for at least his prime years.

  • And why is Wentz perhaps a better fit for the Colts than any other quarterback in football?
  • Including the retired Andrew Luck, who Colt fans cautiously hoped would end his retirement after 2 seasons?

Wentz played under Frank Reich when the 2 were in Philadelphia. And Reich helped Wentz play at an MVP level in 2017.

Carson Wentz With Frank Reich On Eagles

Chances are, Wentz would’ve won the NFL’s Most Valuable Player Award that season had it not been for a torn ACL that ended it. He was on pace for 41 touchdown passes at the time of his injury.

When Reich left to become head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Wentz slowly regressed until last season’s debacle. History states that Wentz works well with Reich, and it means the Colts could become a shoo-in futures bet for at least the Over/Under and AFC South Championship.

How the Carson Wentz Trade Helps the Philadelphia Eagles

The Carson Wentz Trade allows Nick Sirianni to bring in his own quarterback without as much controversy. He can turn to Jalen Hurts, or he could push to have a quarterback drafted in the first round of April’s draft.

Hurts played well, but regressed once teams figured out his favorite running lanes and his accuracy woes. Hurts completed just 52 percent of his passes, and it looks like the Eagles are having a fire sale at wide receiver.

Jalen Hurts Eagles Passing

Obviously, Sirianni can bring in his own players and given the talent the Eagles have in terms of pass defense, it can be a one-year turnaround for this team. Chances are, Sirianni gives Hurts a chance, which may actually hurt the Eagles given the sample size he showed in 2020.

However, if he lands someone like Zach Wilson or Justin Fields in the 2020 NFL Draft, they have potential to become the next great NFL head coach slash quarterback combination. That said, the Carson Wentz Trade allows the Eagles to rebuild on offense now.

How the Carson Wentz Trade Hurts the Indianapolis Colts

The Carson Wentz Trade can also hurt the Indianapolis Colts. For one, Wentz has regressed over the past 3 seasons.

Remember when former NFL quarterback Carson Palmer tore his ACL in 2005?

It took Palmer an eternity to become the quarterback he was developing into. In fact, he didn’t revive his career until its last lap with the Arizona Cardinals. In the middle of Palmer’s career, he played for the then-Oakland Raiders and put up mediocre numbers. Similar to what he did in Cincinnati after his injury.

Carson Palmer Unhappy Bengals

If the same thing happens to Wentz, expect him to flame out in Indianapolis the same way Palmer flamed out in Oakland after 2 average seasons.

Please Note:
If Wentz continues to struggle, it hurts the Colts in several ways. The highest way, however, is that it will once again send them on a merry-go-round at quarterback. Wentz will be the fourth different opening-day starter for the Colts in as many seasons.

If he struggles early, the Colts are once again facing a situation they never faced between 1998 and 2018, with 2011 and 2017 being the only 2 exceptions.

How the Carson Wentz Trade Hurts the Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz may have been the Eagles’ best option at quarterback. After then-head coach Doug Pederson benched him, Eagles fans were relegated to watching Jalen Hurts and Nate Sudfeld struggle even more than Wentz struggled.

After a stellar debut, Hurts regressed and was ultimately benched in the final quarter against the Washington Football Team in favor of Sudfeld. And at times it hurt to watch Hurts. Although he was electrifying with his legs, his arm told a different story.

And it didn’t take long for opponents to catch onto his style.

Some have compared Hurts to Lamar Jackson. But there are several flaws in that comparison.

For one, Jackson has a much better offense around him that has been programmed to be a run-first offense in the NFL. Something you rarely see these days, with the team having revived the triple-option, and a three or even four-headed rushing attack.

Lamar Jackson Running QB

The Ravens offense looks like something from a college football history book.

Also, Jackson, even with his subpar passing mechanics, is far more accurate than Hurts. Jackson struggles with accuracy when he doesn’t have a run game to lean on. But he can flirt with the 60 percent completion mark.

Hurts can’t do that, even when his run game clicks. The guy just isn’t an accurate passer.

Also, the Carson Wentz trade can also hurt the Eagles if they draft his replacement in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Trevor Lawrence is the only proven player in the draft class and there’s a huge drop off in talent after him. However, with quarterbacks being in such high demand, it inflates their value.

So even if the Eagles go with someone other than Jalen Hurts, it’s still going to be a long rebuilding process for 2021.

Which Team Holds the Brighter Futures Bet in 2021?

It really depends on several factors and how you feel as a bettor.

If you believe Carson Wentz can return to his old ways under his old coach, then chances are you’ll take the Colts over the Eagles in a futures bet.

Also to Wentz’s defense, the Colts have a solid running back committee and defense. Therefore, Wentz is a puzzle piece to an already-talented football team.

If you believe the Eagles’ defense can bail out whoever starts at quarterback in 2021, chances are you will take the Eagles over the Colts.

The Colts are clearly the safer pick, however, with a team that made the playoffs and a proven head coach in Frank Reich.

Frank Reich Colts Coach

The Eagles are tearing down the offense with a new coaching staff and first-year head coach in Nick Sirianni.

However, despite the Colts making the playoffs in 2020, they did not win their division; the honor went to the team-oriented Tennessee Titans. But with Wentz under center instead of Rivers, it gives the Colts far more potential than they have had in quite some time.

Carson Wentz With Football

As weak as the Eagles look, they’re still playing in the NFC East. In 2020, the NFC East set a record of futility as the worst division in NFL history over the course of a single season. So the division is up for grabs, and the Eagles can take advantage in Year One under Sirianni.

Please Note:
The Colts not only must deal with the Titans, but do NOT count out the Jacksonville Jaguars. Yeah, they finished 1-15. But they have a talented offense, a winning coach, and a defensive unit that saw its growing pains last season. With Trevor Lawrence coming to town, this team can easily go from worst to first.

As you can clearly see, despite the Colts’ strengths and the Eagles’ weaknesses, not everything is as set in stone as an outsider would think. Don’t rush to the conclusion that the Colts are a better futures bet, even if on paper, they’re safer.


The Carson Wentz Trade, much like the Jared Goff-Matthew Stafford Trade, sent shockwaves throughout the NFL. And it corrupted the futures bets for all 4 teams involved in both positive and negative ways.

Time will tell who the real winners and losers were. But in terms of the Wentz trade, the Colts are in a much better position to become a solid futures bet.

However, don’t count out the Eagles. This team can easily take advantage of a weak NFC East. Would you place a futures bet at NFL betting sites on any of these teams after the Carson Wentz Trade? Let us know in the comments.

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