How Much Money Do XFL Players Make?

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I personally enjoyed the first week of XFL action and the general consensus around the sports world is that most others did as well. The ratings were very high and the talk shows have been all abuzz this week.

I guess the ticket sales weren’t too bad either but keeping up attendance may prove more difficult as the season progresses. Keeping the lights on shouldn’t be too difficult for the league, though, as players aren’t being paid very much moola.

How little, you ask? Well, their average pay is just slightly above a school teacher. So, they aren’t starving. That’s good.

Some of the pay is incentivized with a weekly cash prize for the winning team. So, guys are playing hard and playing for something other than another half a million-dollar paycheck.

The money is so short, I don’t even think it’s about that for probably 90% of the guys.

These men all love the game of football and several of them on each team could be playing at the highest level earning umpteen X more money.

Let’s talk a little bit more in-depth about players’ salaries, weekly win bonuses, and also how much the coaches make.

XFL Player Pay

  • Besides the quarterbacks, all XFL players will be paid the same amount
  • A thousand bucks a week is the base pay for these guys
  • There is an active roster bonus 1,600.00/game for the 46 out of 52 players who suit up each week
  • Each win will net a team 100k but each player will take just 2,222.00 dollars from that
  • So, if a player spends an entire season in the XFL and suits up every week winning half their games, they will make out with 55k for the season

XFL Quarterback Pay

  • Big difference here!
  • How much of a difference, though?
  • Try 10x a difference!
  • Yes, XFL QB’s will be making around 500,000.00 dollars per season
  • Is it fair? No
  • Is life fair? No
  • They do play the most important position on the field and a few big names had to be lured away from NFL rosters to help the initial star power of the league

XFL Coaches Pay

  • Around 500k is the word
  • A couple of former NFL head coaches are now in the XFL including June Jones and Jim Zorn
  • Bob Stoops, former University of Oklahoma legendary head coach and current headset man of the Dallas Renegades is rumored to be making the most of any of his peers but that remains speculation

NFL Player Pay vs XFL Player Pay

  • You’re kidding, right?
  • It isn’t even remotely close
  • There are NFL QB’s that make close to 2 million per game!
  • 500k for a season is pretty swell and all. Heck, I would do it if I wasn’t a complete sparrow under pressure but nothing close to what they make in the big league
  • The 55k for a year thing is astounding to me
  • I bet these guys could make more just doing seminars and personal training
  • I do dig the game bonuses for each team, though, even if the payout is so small

In Conclusion

It’s pretty cut and dry, guys.

I hope the pay scale increases if this thing last another season.

The players definitely deserve it. I saw nothing but class out there in week one and with the exception of one foul-mouthed defender, the in-game player interviews went over well.

I get it. The owners and president of the XFL don’t want to lose a bunch of money really fast as they did back in 2001.

Also, where else are these players going to get an opportunity like this? Some of these athletes will never get the chance to have their name called on national television while they make a great tackle or score a touchdown.

So, good for them! They can make some money while they’re at it too!

For the rest of the players, the ones who still have a chance to play in the NFL and make some life-changing money, they will be grinding as well and earning every penny.

I’m curious how the coaching carousel plays out but it will probably be a couple of years, at least before someone gets fired.

I would assume that general managers understand how different things are for these detail-oriented masterminds.

Then again, some of these coaches are more than financially stable so they may just say the heck with it and hit the links.

Time will tell, though, and let’s hope these young men can get a raise in 2021!

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