How NBA Teams Look After 10 Games: Teams vs Spreads Report Card

NBA Teams vs Spreads - Portland Trail Blazers

Every ten games or so throughout the season, I will write about how each NBA team is doing against the spread. I keep a record of how teams are in comparison to their spread to help show how well they are doing when people are betting on them.

The NBA season is back and beginning to pick up speed early in the season. Like every NBA season, there are plenty of surprises and some things that people expected. The standings are beginning to take shape, but things can still change plenty throughout the season.

Most teams have reached the ten-game point of this season. After Tuesday night’s games, only six teams have not played ten games yet this season. Miami, Detroit, Houston, Memphis, Oklahoma City and San Antonio have all played nine games.

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Top Teams

Portland Trail Blazers
The Trail Blazers are off to a hot start in the standings going 8-3 to begin this season. Portland has also gone 8-3 against the spread. The only losses against the spread came in their actual losses. The Trail Blazers have been favored seven times this season and with how they are playing I would expect them to continue to be favorites. So far, this seems like a solid team to bet against the spread.
Sacramento Kings
Sacramento has gone 6-4 to start out the season and 7-3 against the spread. The sportsbooks do not seem to have bought into the Kings early success this season as Sacramento has been listed as underdogs in nine of their ten games. While the Kings have been a solid team to start out the season, I would not buy into all their hype yet.
Denver Nuggets
One of the top teams in the entire NBA so far this season is the Denver Nuggets. Denver has started out the season with a 9-1 record and has gone 7-3 against the spread this season. The Nuggets have proved themselves in some tough games this season and I believe they are worth the hype.

Bottom Teams

Washington Wizards
The Wizards came into this season with a lot of promise in making it back to the playoffs. So far, Washington has struggled to get anything going. The Wizards have started out the season with a 2-8 record both in the standings and against the spread. Washington has had plenty of chances to get it going, but have failed to do so.
Los Angeles Lakers
The Lakers brought in the biggest free agent in LeBron James and a large supporting cast around him, but Los Angeles has yet to click. The Lakers have gone 4-6 in the standings to start out the season and 3-7 against the spread. I believe that this team could still bounce if the lineup finally clicks at some point, so they are a team to keep an eye on in my opinion.
Detroit Pistons
The Pistons had a real promising start to the season, going 4-0 in the standings. Detroit has now lost five straight games to drop to 4-5. The Pistons have gone 3-6 against the spread to start out the season. Detroit showed a lot of promise early, but I believe that they will struggle to compete with the top teams in the NBA this season.

Misleading Teams Against the Spread

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavaliers have been the worst team in the NBA to start out this season. Cleveland has gone 1-9 to begin this season. Against the spread though, the Cavaliers are 5-5. Since Cleveland has been pretty bad to start out this season, they are pretty big underdogs most games, which give them a lot of opportunities to cover. The Cavaliers are still a team to be cautious around, especially if they start looking to trade players.

Dallas Mavericks

Dallas has started out this season with a record of 3-7, which has not surprised too many people. The Mavericks, however, have managed to go 6-4 against the spread. Like the Cavaliers, Dallas’ young roster has gotten them quite a few large spreads. Overall, the Mavericks have kept most of their games close losing by 20 or more only once this season. The young core seems to keep them competitive in most games.

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls have had a real strong start against the spread, going 7-4. In the standings though, Chicago has gone 3-8. Like the Mavericks, the Bulls young core keeps them in a lot of games, but cannot pull off the win in the end. Chicago has been underdogs in all of their games this season, which has made it easier for them against the spread.

Boston Celtics

The Celtics have gone 6-4 to start out the season, but have not done great against the spread. Boston has gone 4-6 to start out the season against the spread. While this is not super different from their actual record, the Celtics have not been great at covering the games they are favored in to start out the new season.

Rest of the NBA

Below is the list with the rest of the NBA teams.

  • Atlanta Hawks: 4-6
  • Brooklyn Nets: 6-5
  • Charlotte Hornets: 6-5
  • Golden State Warriors: 7-4
  • Houston Rockets: 3-6
  • Indiana Pacers: 5-5-1
  • Los Angeles Clippers: 6-4
  • Memphis Grizzlies: 5-4
  • Miami Heat: 4-5
  • Milwaukee Bucks: 6-4
  • Minnesota Timberwolves: 4-7
  • New Orleans Pelicans: 4-6
  • New York Knicks: 6-4-1
  • Oklahoma City Thunder: 5-4
  • Orlando Magic: 4-6
  • Philadelphia 76ers: 4-7
  • Phoenix Suns: 4-6
  • San Antonio Spurs: 5-4
  • Toronto Raptors: 6-5
  • Utah Jazz: 4-6