How NHL Teams Look After 10 Games: NHL Teams Vs Moneylines

NHL - Teams vs Moneylines - Part 1

The 2018-19 NHL season is in full swing. After every ten or so games this season, I will be writing about how every NHL team would be doing if you bet $100 against the money line. This shows if the bettors are getting values on each team not based on how much they are winning in total. The data is collected using BetOnline money lines before each game.

After all the games on Tuesday night, every NHL team except the Florida Panthers and New Jersey Devils have played 10 games this season. The Anaheim Ducks, Vancouver Canucks, and Calgary Flames have all played 13 games. The standings are still beginning to take shape as some teams pick up the pace, while others who have looked really good, fall back down to Earth. Here is how the NHL has shaped so far.

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Top Teams

Vancouver Canucks LogoVancouver Canucks
The Canucks have played a league-leading 13 games, but if you bet $100 on each of their games, you would have won $667 to begin the season. Vancouver was expected to be one of the worst NHL teams this season, but their prospects have made them competitive. The Canucks have often found themselves as large underdogs. I would not buy into Vancouver’s success yet, but they are a team to keep an eye on.
New York Islanders LogoNew York Islanders
New York has gone 6-5 through 11 games this season. The Islanders have found themselves in underdogs in 10 of their 11 games this season. New York would have won you $446 if you had bet $100 on all of their games this season. I believe the Islanders are another team to be careful of. While they have been successful against some of their big underdog games this season, they are a team that could plummet in the standings as the season goes along.
Nashville Predators LogoNashville Predators
The Nashville Predators have started out the season with an NHL leading 9-3 record. The Predators constantly find themselves as favorites, but their successful record puts them near the top of the league. If you bet $100 on all of Nashville’s games, you would have won $319.91.

Bottom Teams

Los Angeles Kings LogoLos Angeles Kings
The Kings have struggled to get anything going this season. While Los Angeles made some moves in the offseason to try and improve, the Kings have started out the season with a 3-7-1 record. If you bet $100 on every Kings game, you would have lost $569.71.
Florida Panthers LogoFlorida Panthers
The Panthers are another surprising team at the bottom of this list. Florida has gone 2-4-3 to begin this season, which is tied with the Kings for the worst in the NHL. You would have lost $474.96 if you had bet $100 on every Panthers game.
St. Louis Blues LogoSt. Louis Blues
The third worst team in terms of betting on the money line this season is the Blues. St. Louis has gone 3-4-3 to begin the season. The Blues made a lot of moves in the offseason, but they do not seem to have payed off yet. If you bet $100 on every Blues game, you would have lost $408.56.

Biggest Surprises

Edmonton Oilers LogoEdmonton Oilers

After failing to make the playoffs last season, the Oilers seem to be picking up the pace this season. Edmonton has gone 6-4-1 to begin the season, which is on pace to have them competing for a playoff spot. If you bet $100 on every Oilers game, you would have won $261.96. With Connor McDavid on the roster, I believe the Oilers could keep up the success.

Montreal Canadiens LogoMontreal Canadiens

The Canadiens are another team that failed to compete for a playoff spot last season. Montreal made a lot of moves that made people believe they were going into a rebuild this season. Instead, the Canadiens have started out with a 6-3-2 record. Montreal would have won you $259.74 if you bet $100 on every one of their games. I would keep an eye on the Canadiens for a little bit longer before buying into the hype.

Vegas Golden Knights LogoVegas Golden Knights

After being one of the biggest surprises in the NHL last season, the Golden Knights have not been great in terms of betting this season. Vegas has started out the season with a 5-6-1 record. On top of that, the Golden Knights have been favored to win most of their games. The Golden Knights would have lost you $338.27 if you bet $100 on every one of their games.

Washington Capitals LogoWashington Capitals

The Washington Capitals have seemed to be on a little bit of a Stanley Cup hangover. After winning the Stanley Cup last season, Washington has started out this season 5-3-2. The Capitals have been favored in a lot of their games because of last season’s success, which has made their betting numbers less than impressive. If you bet $100 on every Capitals game, you would have lost $143.11.

Rest of the NHL

Here is how the rest of the NHL is doing if you bet $100 on each of their games.
BOLD means that team has a negative value.

  • Anaheim Ducks $320.45
  • Arizona Coyotes $123.26
  • Boston Bruins $39.10
  • Buffalo Sabres $89.92
  • Calgary Flames $106.84
  • Carolina Hurricanes $68.12
  • Chicago Blackhawks $16.72
  • Colorado Avalanche $196.17
  • Columbus Blue Jackets $14.54
  • Dallas Stars $58.46
  • Detroit Red Wings $392
  • Minnesota Wild $113.54
  • New Jersey Devils $33.12
  • New York Rangers $215
  • Ottawa Senators $76
  • Philadelphia Flyers $200.71
  • Pittsburgh Penguins $79.22
  • San Jose Sharks $142.47
  • Tampa Bay Lightning $233.38
  • Toronto Maple Leafs $242.73
  • Winnipeg Jets $69.08