How NHL Teams Look After 20 Games: NHL Teams Vs Moneylines

NHL Teams vs Moneylines - Sabres vs Flyers

The NHL is beginning to pick up pace as most teams have reach the 20 game mark of the season. Now that the NHL reaches the quarter mark of the season, it is time to look back and see which teams have been the best and worst to bet on at this point in the season. I keep track of how each team would have fared if you bet $100 on each of their games. You can find the previous versions of this report card in the blog section of TSG.

After November 19’s matchups, most teams have played at least 20 games. The Florida Panthers have only played 18 games, while the Winnipeg Jets, New York Islanders, Arizona Coyotes, New Jersey Devils, Pittsburgh Penguins, and St. Louis Blues have all played 19 games. The rest of the NHL has passed the 20 game mark, which means they are about a quarter of the way through the season.

Top Teams

Buffalo Sabres LogoBuffalo Sabres
The Sabres have been red hot recently and it has vaulted them to the top of the betting list. Buffalo has gone 13-6-2 and has won six in a row. If you had bet $100 on the Sabres up until this point of the season, you would have won $741.16. Buffalo has looked like a playoff team recently, so I believe they are a team that could keep this up.
Toronto Maple Leafs LogoToronto Maple Leafs
Toronto has been off to a quick start this season. The Maple Leafs have gone 15-6, which has them in second place of the NHL. Toronto has been missing Auston Matthews, but have still found ways to win. As he gets healthy this will be a dangerous team. You would have won $676.44 if you bet $100 on each of the Maple Leafs games.
Nashville Predators LogoNashville Predators
The Predators have jumped out to the NHL’s best record. Nashville has gone 15-5-1 to begin the new season. The Predators were dangerous last season and I would not be surprised if it continues throughout this season. Nashville would have won you $472.63 if you bet $100 on every one of their games.

Bottom Teams

Pittsburgh Penguins LogoPittsburgh Penguins
The Penguins have struggled to get anything going this season. Pittsburgh has gone 7-8-4 this season, which has them as the third worst team in the NHL. If you bet $100 on every Penguins game, you would have lost $669.76. Pittsburgh has been favored throughout most of their wins, which has made their money line pretty poor.
Vegas Golden Knights LogoVegas Golden Knights
Vegas has gone 9-12-1 since their run to the Stanley Cup last season. The Golden Knights have been pretty inconsistent this season, which makes them a team to be careful with when betting on them. The Golden Knights would have lost you $652.09 if you bet $100 on each of their games.
Los Angeles Kings LogoLos Angeles Kings
The Kings are in last place of the NHL with a 7-12-1 record. On top of that, Los Angeles is without their top two goalies. The Kings are a team to avoid betting on most of the time in my opinion. Los Angeles would have lost you $618.60 if you bet $100 on them in every game.

Biggest Changes

Chicago Blackhawks LogoChicago Blackhawks

The Blackhawks were on the edge of having an even money line after the first ten games, but have fallen in the standings since. Chicago would have won you $16.72 if you bet $100 on them after the first article. Now the Blackhawks would have lost you $512.99 if you bet $100 on each of their games.

Detroit Red Wings LogoDetroit Red Wings

Detroit was the last team in the NHL to win a game. After the first article, the Red Wings would have lost you $392 if you bet $100 on each of their game. Detroit now would have won you $174.83 if you bet $100 on each of their games. Detroit is now up to an even record of 9-9-2, but they have a lot of come from behind wins. I would still be careful betting on the Red Wings.

Edmonton Oilers LogoEdmonton Oilers

The Oilers have struggled in their recent play. Edmonton fired their head coach Todd McLellan in hopes of turning it around. The Oilers would have lost you $138.64 if you bet $100 on them up to this point in the season. Edmonton would have won you $261.96 after the first article. The Oilers have a new head coach, but I believe they will continue to struggle due to their lack of depth.

New York Rangers LogoNew York Rangers

The Rangers have been able to move up in their play against the money line. New York would have lost you $215 if you bet $100 after the first article. Now the Rangers would have won you $152.57. New York is another inconsistent team, which makes them another team to be careful with when betting on them.

Rest of the NHL

Here is how the rest of the NHL is doing if you bet $100 on each of their games.
BOLD represents teams with negative values.

  • Anaheim Ducks- ($576.70)
  • Arizona Coyotes- $21.26
  • Boston Bruins- ($163.06)
  • Calgary Flames- $213.10
  • Carolina Hurricanes- ($358.12)
  • Colorado Avalanche- ($1.68)
  • Columbus Blue Jackets- $209.94
  • Dallas Stars- $199.13
  • Florida Panthers- ($309.08)
  • Minnesota Wild- $158.59
  • Montreal Canadiens- $301.04
  • New Jersey Devils- ($272.88)
  • New York Islanders- $421.23
  • Ottawa Senators- $142.33
  • Philadelphia Flyers- ($217.64)
  • San Jose Sharks- ($240.23)
  • St. Louis Blues- ($468.60)
  • Tampa Bay Lightning- $273.34
  • Vancouver Canucks- $429
  • Washington Capitals- ($100.55)
  • Winnipeg Jets- $30.3