How NHL Teams Look After 30 Games: NHL Teams Vs Moneylines

NHL After 30 Games - Tampa Bay Lightning vs New York Rangers

As the NHL season continues to get deeper, I will write about how each NHL team is doing against the money line if you were to bet $100 in each of their games. This helps bettors understand which teams are worth betting on more often and which teams are worth avoiding. I collect the money line before each on BetOnline to keep track of each team.

After Wednesday night’s games, most teams have reached the 30 point mark of the season. Only the Carolina Hurricanes, Arizona Coyotes, Philadelphia Flyers, Florida Panthers, St. Louis Blues and New Jersey Days have not reached the 30 game mark this season. This season the standings are still really close, with a lot of teams still competing for playoff spots. This could lead to a real exciting stretch to finish out the season.

Top Teams

Tampa Bay Lightning LogoTampa Bay Lightning
The Tampa Bay Lightning have been the best team to bet on this season. Tampa Bay has started out the season with a 24-7-1 record. The Lightning have won seven games in a row and it has helped a lot in their money line. The Lightning have a lot of talent and I believe they will keep this up throughout the season.

  • $100 Bet on every Tampa Bay game = +$786.46
Toronto Maple Leafs LogoToronto Maple Leafs
Toronto is another team that has had an extremely strong start to the season. The Maple Leafs have gone 21-9-1 to start out this season. Toronto has had some injury problems, but now have a healthy Auston Matthews and William Nylander on a new contract. I expect the Maple Leafs to continue to be strong this season.

  • $100 Bet on every Maple Leafs games = +$725.67.
Buffalo Sabres LogoBuffalo Sabres
The Sabres have started this season out with a record of 18-9-4. Buffalo went on an extremely solid 10 game winning streak, which has helped them reach the point they are at today. Since their winning streak ended, Buffalo has gone 1-3-2. I believe the Sabres are good, but I think they are not quite as good as their start says they have been.

  • $100 Bet on every Sabres games = +$700.97.

Bottom Teams

Chicago Blackhawks LogoChicago Blackhawks
Chicago seems to have finally hit a wall to end the reign of their dynasty. After missing the playoffs last season, the Blackhawks have gone 10-18-5 to start out this season. Chicago has been in multiple long losing streaks after having a promising start to the season.

  • $100 Bet on every Chicago game = -$1222.99
Los Angeles Kings LogoLos Angeles Kings
The Kings are another team that have fallen from the spotlight. Los Angeles has a record of 11-19-2 this season, which puts them in last place of the NHL. Los Angeles is definitely a team to avoid this season.

  • $100 Bet on every Los Angeles game = -$962.51
New Jersey Devils LogoNew Jersey Devils
After making a surprise playoff appearance last season, the Devils have fallen back to earth with a rough start to this season. New Jersey has gone 10-13-6 to begin this season. The Devils still have time to turn it around this season, but it is not looking good. I would steer clear of the Devils unless they make a surprise push.

  • $100 Bet on every New Jersey game = -$913.73

Biggest Changes

Anaheim Ducks LogoAnaheim Ducks

The Ducks have been riding a hot streak recently and it has really shown in their betting numbers. Anaheim has gone 17-11-5 to this point in the season. If you had bet $100 on the Ducks in the last article, you would have lost $567.70. Now Anaheim would have won you $335.83 up to this point in the season. The Ducks have been underdogs a lot recently due to their abundance of injuries, but they continue to play well.

Edmonton Oilers LogoEdmonton Oilers

Edmonton is another Pacific Division team that has stepped up their play as of late. The Oilers have 8-2-1 since hiring Ken Hitchcock as their new coach. Edmonton would have lost you $138.64 if you bet $100 on them in the last article. Now the Oilers would have own you $338.25. Edmonton has been getting some extra help for Connor McDavid, which could lead to a promising end to the season.

New York Rangers LogoNew York Rangers

The Rangers have been going in the opposite direction in comparison to the last two teams. New York has 14-13-3 record to this point in the season. The Rangers would have won you $152.57 if you bet $100 on each of their games last season. Now if you bet $100 on all of their games, New York would have lost you $121.85.

Montreal Canadiens LogoMontreal Canadiens

The Canadiens had a surprisingly strong start to the season, but have fallen off a bit as of recently. Montreal 4-5-1 in their last ten games, which is not helping their push for a playoff spot. The Canadiens would have lost you $1.47 if you bet $100 on each of their games to this point of the season. Last article, Montreal would have won you $301.04. The Canadiens are a team to be careful with for now, but I would keep a careful eye on their trends.

Rest of the NHL

Here is how the rest of the NHL would have done if you bet $100 on each of their games to this point in the season.
BOLD represents teams with negative values.

  • Arizona Coyotes- ($11.44)
  • Boston Bruins- ($176.71)
  • Calgary Flames- $541.10
  • Carolina Hurricanes- ($517.35)
  • Colorado Avalanche- $243.37
  • Columbus Blue Jackets- $32.55
  • Dallas Stars- $218.92
  • Detroit Red Wings- $220.33
  • Florida Panthers- ($885.12)
  • Minnesota Wild- ($84.66)
  • Nashville Predators- $216.60
  • New York Islanders- $203.47
  • Ottawa Senators- $35.29
  • Philadelphia Flyers- ($480.71)
  • Pittsburgh Penguins- ($714.67)
  • San Jose Sharks- ($521.09)
  • St. Louis Blues- ($537.85)
  • Vancouver Canucks- $476
  • Vegas Golden Knights- ($191.49)
  • Washington Capitals- $305.02
  • Winnipeg Jets- $83.55