How to Become a Pro Sports Bettor

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For avid sports betting fans, turning their most beloved pastime into a full-time profession seems like a great deal. You may have spent hours daydreaming and wondering if the dream could ever become a reality.

I want you to know that dream is absolutely a possibility.

But first, you must dedicate yourself to the craft entirely. Becoming a pro sports bettor takes more work than you can imagine, but the rewards are immense.

So, let’s look at how to become a pro sports bettor so you can start winning at online sportsbooks.

It’s No Walk in the Park

The life of a pro sports bettor isn’t a reprieve from your 40-hour workweek. But it will most certainly shake up the monotony of everyday life.

To be transparent, not everyone is cut out to be a pro sports bettor. For gamblers willing to make the sacrifices to succeed, it can be gratifying.

The top pro sports bettors rely heavily on analytics and the ability to decipher data to ensure a positive return.

No pro sports bettor comes close to even a 75% winning percentage. That would be insane.

They lose plenty, but if they win close to 54%, they make a decent profit. They earn enough that the wins outweigh the losses, and they can stay afloat.

Why Be a Pro Sports Bettor?

Becoming a pro sports bettor is such an appealing career choice because there are so many distinct advantages.

To begin with, being 100% in command of your daily grind is incredibly attractive. Total control over your workweek is what I’m talking about here.

Most of the work you put in as a pro sports bettor can be done when it’s most convenient.

Sports Betting On Couch

As with most anything, there are exceptions to the rule. Generally, life as a pro sports bettor will put you in charge of your schedule.

The freedom to make your own schedule is priceless. Take it from somebody who enjoys this perk. It’s the best feeling in the world to be where you want to be when you want to be there. Of course, my wife sometimes has other ideas.

In addition to deciding when you work, you’ll benefit from choosing how much or little you work. In the beginning, you will likely still be working another job to ease into the transition. Whenever you decide to cut the cord and go full bore, you should expect to put in tireless hours as you get started.

Once you have established yourself into a routine and are comfortable in your new career, you can choose to work more often or less often. This will depend mainly on your own goals and outside commitments.

The flexibility doesn’t end there either. You’ll also have the luxury of choosing where to work. Thanks to smartphones, tablets, and laptops, you aren’t spending long hours at the sportsbook.

Please Note:
You’re not even stuck in a home office. If you prefer the great outdoors, grab a seat by the pool, and there’s your office for the day. You may even travel while you work. Probably my favorite part of being able to work wherever my computer will go to is the ability to travel.

Here are some other reasons to become a pro sports bettor—the dress code, earning potential, and the pure adrenaline rush.

Characteristics of a Pro Sports Bettor

There are no prerequisites to becoming a pro sports bettor. Any gambler with the necessary determination can succeed in this field.

There are, however, personality traits that lend themselves to improving your chances of success. If you plan to be a pro sports bettor and find yourself lacking in any of the following areas, you may want to work on these.

Perhaps the most apparent trait you’ll want is a genuine interest and knowledge of sports.

You don’t necessarily need to be a die-hard sports fanatic. You never want your emotions to interfere with making the best picks.

Being interested in sports will hedge against things getting stale. As we’ve all learned at some point in other work lines, the promise of money won’t always be the draw needed to keep you on the hook.

I already mentioned the importance of knowledge. The critical aspect is to continue learning about your craft, strategies, the sports, leagues, and teams you are betting on. Do your research.

Sports Betting Research

There isn’t a professional gambler on the planet that has maintained long term success because of luck.

Having a proclivity for numbers is as vital to your success as knowledge for a pro sports bettor. You don’t need a PhD in mathematics to carry the load. Most of the sports betting math is relatively basic and easy to comprehend. Pro sports bettors will need to understand things like probabilities and odds well.

Pro sports bettors should have the ability to keep their emotions in check. Allowing a string of losses or a bad week to go on tilt can bankrupt a sports bettor.

Sports betting can be rewarding and is as exciting as it sounds. Just remember to always take the good with the bad.

Be realistic. You won’t win every sports bet. In fact, just breaking even is a great start. That is going to take winning about 52% of your bets. This is a marathon, not a sprint, so don’t expect to make a million in your first month.

Set Goals

You’ll want to keep tabs on your progress and have an eye on your spending. To help with this, you need specific goals to work toward.

Don’t go down the road of many hopefuls and set goals that are simply too big too early. Set a realistic goal for your first year’s earnings and steadily work towards that number.

Please Note:
It may behoove you to set a specific goal for each sport you are betting on and put the most significant portion of your income on the sport your most comfortable betting on.

Some sports bettors will set monthly goals. Don’t fall into this habit. Because of the unpredictability of sports betting, a bad week can sidetrack an entire month.

Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Keep Detailed Records of Your Wins and Losses

You will be more successful at fine-tuning your approach when you have an accurate record of your best and, as importantly, your worst bets.

Look for patterns that have emerged in your wins and losses.

Ask Yourself:
Do you tend to do better when betting on the underdog opposed to betting on the favorite?

You should know that and leverage your strengths into more profits. Always analyze your strengths and weaknesses. You can’t stay away from weak points in your betting game if you don’t know what they are. You don’t want to arrogantly assume you don’t have any.

Manage Your Bankroll Effectively

All gamblers need to stick to a firm staking plan. This is even more important if you want to become a pro sports bettor.

For Example:
If you plan on bringing in $8k per month off your bets, you’ll need to be putting enough cash into action to support this.

Pro sports bettors do not have the luxury of taking enormous risks.

Your income depends on every bet you make. Bankroll management will make you or break you as a pro sports bettor.

Even the most analytical mind on the planet is wasted if you can’t manage your money correctly.

Check Your Emotions at the Door

Sports bettors that bet on a team because they want the team to win are doomed to failure. Always bet based on your best analysis of the matchups. Anything less than that is going to be a genuinely tragic and unnecessary setback.

It can be easy to get carried away while on a long winning streak. Suddenly, you have this incredible burst of confidence and energy. You may start placing bets that you haven’t put the required amount of effort into.

This can spell disaster for some pro sports bettors. You eventually will take a string of losses. That feeling of euphoria from winning beckons you to double down and get it all back in one fail swoop. Avoid this mentality like the plague.

Become a Master of Your Discipline

Self-control and discipline are paramount to your success. It will be easy to get carried away sometimes. This is why it’s imperative that you set firm guidelines and stick to them.

Please Note:
This is just as vital to your schedule as it is with your bankroll. I discussed how great it is to make your hours. It’s also essential that you set a schedule for your research and betting. It can be alluring to hit a quick 18 holes with the guys before lunch, but you need to handle your business. Take your days off and don’t stay hunched over a computer 18 hours a day.

A work schedule for a pro sports bettor may look different for everyone. I suggest going hard to begin, but not so hard that you burn out. After you have spent a few months as a pro sports bettor, you will then have a much better idea of how to maximize your time efficiently.

Know Your Worth

Sports betting can be anything but predictable. There are going to be times where your winning percentage will be far below what is needed.

More specifically, it will fall below what you know you can achieve.

Don’t let your confidence waver. Sports bettors can fall into the trap of making small safe bets when this happens. Stay focused on finding value and know that bad days are just that and not the end of the world.


The life of a pro sports bettor is sure to be as exciting as it is unpredictable. Taking the proper steps and putting in the research ahead of launching into your new profession will continue to pay dividends far down the road.

Rex Hoffman / Author

Rex Hoffman is a passionate sports writer, with over five years of experience covering sports journalism in line with the Vegas betting landscape. His favorite subjects include football, basketball, and baseball. As a Las Vegas resident, he enjoys finding an edge against the local sportsbooks and aims to share his extensive knowledge with both beginners and experienced bettors. Rex also dabbles in horse racing wagering and enjoys typical casino fare like blackjack and poker in his spare time.