How To Bet On March Madness With Crypto

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March Madness represents one of the most exciting times of the year for sports fans, as the NCAA Basketball Tournament takes place and brackets are busted. Betting on the tourney is as popular a pastime as watching it.

Now you can find out how March Madness crypto betting works as we take a look at the process for using the digital coins at top gambling sites. When it comes to unique American sporting events, March Madness, the unofficial name for all of the college basketball tournament action taking place during the month, is certainly near the top of the list.

The frenzy of all that action creates an incredible rush, with important games going on seemingly all hours of the day early in the month. By the end of it all, one team each will be left standing on the men’s and women’s side because they beat all comers.

In terms of betting on the action, that’s become a much easier prospect since online sports gambling has become pretty much legitimate in recent years. You can simply log into your site or app and get all the action you want. You can make your bets before or during the games and then tune in and watch it all unfold in front of you.

Many people might not realize how much cryptocurrency smooths out this process for you. Digital coins such as Bitcoin are tailor-made for gambling online or many reasons, including those tied to cost, efficiency, speed and privacy. When you’re going to be making a lot of wagers, crypto March Madness betting can be the ideal way to go.

But first, you have to learn how to bet on March Madness with crypto. We’ll talk about the best March Madness crypto betting sites, how to sign up for them, and why it’s such a good idea to use crypto for your March Madness bets. And we’ll also get into the betting side of it, including types of bets, odds, and strategies for winning.

The Best March Madness Crypto Betting Sites

Perhaps the best place to start when it comes to March Madness crypto and the process behind it is to find the right betting site. Without that, everything else won’t really matter, because you could be headed for a bad experience.

You also might have to deal with sites that don’t pay you back when you win or, even worse, try to scam you out of your money.

The good news is that we’ve done all the research for you in terms of what sites you should be choosing. That means checking out all the possible avenues for betting on March Madness with crypto and weeding out the ones that didn’t live up to our expectations. Here are the sites that we believe are the best:

Betting Site
Bonus Bet Now
1Bovada Logo Bovada Logo

50% up to $1,000 Go to Site
2 BetUS Logo

125% up to $2,500 Go to Site
3 MyBookie Logo

100% up to $1,000 Go to Site
4 Everygame Logo

100% up to $500 Go to Site
5 BetOnline Logo

50% up to $1,000 Go to Site

Want to know a little bit more about these sites so that you can make the most informed choice. Take a look at some of the details:


Crypto Allowed:
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple
Year of Origin:
Sports Betting Welcome Bonus:
50% up to $1,000
US Bettors Allowed:

BetOnline stands as one of the most dependable of all crypto sports betting sites. From top to bottom, there aren’t really any flaws we can pinpoint. And the benefits really are spread to many areas of operation that will come into play as you make your March Madness wagers.

That also goes for the BetOnline app, which gives you access to all the college basketball wagers you could want in a mobile fashion. You’ll also be pleased with the wide range of bonuses that you can get at this site. In fact, you’ll likely find promotions that are tied directly into the NCAA Tournament action.


Crypto Allowed:
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum
Year of Origin:
Sports Betting Welcome Bonus:
125% up to $2,000
US Bettors Allowed:

As we’ll talk about more when we get into the qualities you should be looking for in your crypto March Madness betting, a reputation built over a long period of time is high up on the list. And BetUS, which has been around practically since the internet began, is hard to top in that department. They provide a stability to which few other sites can aspire.

BetUS gives you a fantastic range of betting markets for March Madness. That includes one of the top live betting menus in the industry. For those who don’t want the wagering action on the games to stop after tipoff, this site is particularly useful.

Crypto Allowed:
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Chainlink, Dogecoin, Solana, Stellar, Tether, USD Coin
Year of Origin:
Sports Betting Welcome Bonus:
50% up to $1,000
US Bettors Allowed::

You’ll note above that stands out with the options you have for cryptocurrency payments. If you’ve moved beyond Bitcoin and are a cryptocurrency aficionado who likes to diversify, this site is ideal. The flexibility that you’ll receive will help you keep your profit margin high and your time between request for withdrawal and payment low. also ranks very high in terms of the customer service you’ll receive when you sign up with them. They do a great job of both responding to your questions or concerns quickly and then doing what they can to rectify them. You can feel confident betting with them that things that go wrong will be made right.


Crypto Allowed:
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin
Year of Origin:
Sports Betting Welcome Bonus:
50% up to $500
US Bettors Allowed:

Very few March Madness betting sites can claim the kind of reputation among sports bettors as the one that has been cultivated by Bovada. The name is often mentioned by those talking about March Madness odds. That’s because those odds are generally considered to be as accurate as any out there.

You’ll also find that Bovada is an easy site to use, even for those who might never have gambled online before. There shouldn’t be any difficulty for you finding the bets you want to make and executing them. For that and many other reasons, it’s been one of the most popular legitimate March Madness sites in the industry.


Crypto Allowed:
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum
Year of Origin:
Sports Betting Welcome Bonus:
100% up to $1,000
US Bettors Allowed:

Of all the crypto March Madness betting sites listed here, MyBookie has been in existence for the shortest time. And yet it has made its way to the top of the heap because of the excellence it displays in our areas. It helped that the people who put the site together were already veterans of the online sports gambling industry and knew exactly what fans wanted.

Chief among those qualities desired by bettors is the ability to partake of many different markets. At MyBookie, you’ll find several different angles (at least) to approach just about any March Madness game you can imagine. Having that variety will help you find the best value plays on the board.

Qualities Of The Best March Madness Crypto Betting Sites

We’ve given you an idea of the best sites on the market for betting on March Madness with cryptocurrency coins. But how can you pick out those sites on your own if you wanted to do some persona research?

Look for these important characteristics:
  • Long history: Be wary of sites that have just popped up out of nowhere. They might not have the technical ability or the capital to handle a ton of March Madness wagers. Established sites that have been around the bend will have the experience to handle anything that comes their way.
  • Reputation among bettors: Who else would you trust to tell you what these crypto betting sites for March Madness are all about? Those who have wagered for real money on the event in the past know what sites have their best interests at heart. Make sure that you’re getting the skinny from actual bettors.
  • Many betting markets: If you can do more than just bet on the winner of a March Madness game, you’ll have a better chance of finding a market that suits your risk tolerance level. You’ll also be able to find more bets that pay back very well if you win. Look for the sites that will give you access to many different March Madness markets.
  • Banking variety: You’re reading this because of your interest in betting on the March Madness action with cryptocurrency. A site that allows you to use crypto is already showing you their variety in terms of their banking methods. When you add in other more traditional methods, such as credit cards or e-wallets, you get the chance to use whatever choice for payment that makes the most sense for you.
  • Easy interface: It’s important that you’re able to find the areas you need without too much hassle when you’re using a crypto betting site. The best sites make this process so intuitive that it’s almost like you’re gliding from page to page without thinking. In this way, you can get to your March Madness bets in a hurry.
  • Good mobile options: Betting on the go is a must with March Madness because of how many games are going on all the time. The top crypto sites for college hoops will provide either apps or mobile versions of their main sites. These mobile options will have all of the bets and other details found on the sites themselves, but you can use them on phones or other portable devices.
  • Bonuses galore: Bonuses are a key to any online gambling experience, and that’s especially true with March Madness wagering. You can come away with percentage deposits on your bets, odds boosts, free bets and many other perks that can add to your betting bottom line. The best crypto March Madness sites include these bonuses with minimal strings attached.
  • Fast payback: If you’re using crypto, you’re already ahead of the game when it comes to getting payback quickly. But the sites themselves also have to cooperate by processing your requests in a timely fashion. You don’t want to get stuck waiting for your winnings for what seems like forever.
  • Customer service reliability: Who knows if problems are going to come up when you’re making your March Madness bets? Or you might just have some questions about the process that need clarification. If there is good customer service in place, all of that will be handled for you.
  • Safe gambling: We saved this for last because we want you to make sure to remember it. Don’t sign up with a site that seems even the least bit sketchy or unsafe. If you stick with our recommendations for crypto March Madness betting sites, you won’t have to worry at all about that.

Signing Up for March Madness Crypto Wagering Sites

Some of you might be new to the world of online sports wagering and how the process works. Or you might also be someone who is learning about cryptocurrency for the very first time.

In either case, we have you covered.

We’ll walk you through the process of betting on March Madness with cryptocurrency, assuming that you either don’t already have crypto or haven’t already signed up with a site.

Step 1: Purchase your Cryptocurrency

This process is easier than you might think, especially now that cryptocurrency has become more mainstream. You just have to go to one of the many coin exchanges that are available online.

These exchanges are like a marketplace for crypto, offering you the chance to buy and, in some cases, sell the digital coins. All you have to do is make sure that the crypto you want to buy is available at the site you’re using.

You can then use traditional money that you have in a bank account or credit card account to make the purchase. The exchange will then transfer the access to your coins to you.

Step 2: Find a Crypto Wallet

A wallet is where you’re store your crypto. You can use downloaded wallets of even the wallet provided by certain coin exchanges.

But for the safest experience, you should consider a physical wallet, which would keep anyone from possibly having access to it but you. Once you have a wallet, all of your crypto will end up there. It will also provide you with an “address.”

This will be the code that you’ll use whenever you want to request or transfer money, as will be the case with your March Madness betting.

Step 3: Sign up with your Selected Site

Once you’ve chosen the March Madness crypto betting site that you’re going to use, you just have to find the link for the sign-up process. You’ll see something like “Sign Up” or “Join” on the main page of the site. Click on that link and fill out the information.

That information will be pretty basic.

You might have to confirm your account through e-mail or with a text message. And you’ll also enter a user name and password, which will help you with easy access once you’re all signed up.

Step 4: Transfer your Crypto Funds

At this point, you’ll have to decide how much money you want to put into your betting account so you can wager on March Madness and whatever else you might desire. That means choosing which crypto coin you’re going to use out of those offered by the site.

At that point:
You’ll have to request an address from the site to transfer to their crypto wallet. Once you have that, you can go about the process of transferring those funds.

Keep in mind the site might have a minimum and maximum limit set on deposits. With crypto, your funds should show up shortly in your account once you’ve set the process in motion.

Step 5: Cash in your Bonuses

As we mentioned earlier, bonuses will be very important in your efforts to maximize the results of your March Madness crypto bets. The best thing about using crypto for March Madness is there is often a kind of double whammy of bonuses.

You might get a special incentive just to use crypto, and there might be special promotions tied into the NCAA Basketball Tournament. In any case, you’ll see on your account dashboard which bonuses you can utilize.

You’ll simply have to opt in for some bonuses, while others might require you to type in a promo code. Keep in mind that there will likely be limits to the maximum and minimum amount you can deposit with these specific bonuses.

Step 6: Make your Bets

We’ll talk a little bit more about the process of betting on March Madness in a section below. But for now, just know that you’ll need to following information for your wagers:

  • What game you’re going to be betting
  • What type of bet you’re going to make
  • Which option within the bet you’re going to choose
  • How much money you’re going to wager

Simply go to the college basketball betting section of the site and you’ll find all of the available March Madness wagers displayed. At the completion of you entering all the pertinent information, you’ll receive a digital betting slip. Make sure that all the information is correct on that slip.

Step 7: Collect your Winnings

You don’t have to immediately collect any winnings you have associated with your March Madness betting. It’s an option to keep the funds in your betting account and use them in for other bets in the future. But if you do want to get your money, just follow the withdrawal process as listed by the site.

Please Note:
Since you’ll be using crypto, you’ll have to copy and paste the address to your wallet for them to send the funds.

If you’re trying to collect the winnings you’ve earned from a bonus, make sure that you’ve fulfilled all the betting requirements first. Most sites install these restrictions on bonuses so that bettors actually wager with the perks.

Types of Crypto You Can Use for March Madness Bets

Cryptocurrency is a rapidly expanding field. It seems like every day you can more new coins entering the market.

But that doesn’t mean that you’ll immediately be able to bet on college basketball games with those new coins.

Instead, most of the top betting sites stick to the most tried and true forms of cryptocurrency when it comes to their banking offerings.

Five coins most likely to be found at March Madness sites:
  • Bitcoin: This coin is so well-known that those who don’t know much about cryptocurrency often think that it is the only type. It is certainly the most valuable type, as it was first on the market and built a reputation that has all other coins playing catchup. Keep in mind that Bitcoin is far more expensive than other coins.
  • Ethereum: if there were a Vice President of coins in the crypto world, it would certainly be Ethereum. These coins can be used to power many different applications. But they can also be used primarily for monetary transactions as well.
  • Bitcoin Cash: During the time Bitcoin has been around, several offshoots have come up. Many of these were developed by those who liked the concept of Bitcoin but disagreed about some aspects of it. Bitcoin Cash is one of the most popular of those offshoots.
  • Litecoin: As you can tell by the name, this is another slightly different take on the Bitcoin concept. It also provides you an opportunity to get involved with crypto at a much lower cost than Bitcoin. Litecoin is generally an option at most top crypto March Madness betting sites.
  • Ripple: Ripple is relatively unique in that is was developed by a company instead of independent programmers. That helps to stabilize its value somewhat. Of those coins that do have such an infrastructure behind them, Ripple is certainly the tops.

It’s not out of the question that some sites might go a little deeper with the coins that they use. But for your March Madness betting purposes, your best chance at using crypto is if you purchase one or more of these types of coins. Bitcoin is the safest bet in that regard.


Advantages of Betting on March Madness with Crypto

Why use cryptocurrency for March Madness betting? Well, as you’ll see, it just has an edge over traditional banking methods in many areas that come into play with sports betting online.

Here are just a few:
  • Lower fees: Many people instinctively use credit cards for their online gambling. But they’re often saddled with big interest charges that can really hurt if you don’t pay everything off month by month. The processing fee for crypto transfers are much lower, which means you keep more of your winnings.
  • Bonuses attached: As we mentioned, there will be likely be bonuses that you’ll find at March Madness betting sites that incentivize you to use crypto. You’ll usually find that your deposit bonus goes a little bit further when you do it crypto. That’s another way to boost your bonus by using the digital coins.
  • Limited financial exposure: When you use a credit card or bank card at a gambling site, you have to give your data to transfer funds. That means that the site has access to your entire account, which can be an issue if you end up at a site that is less than reputable. By using crypto, you only expose the money that you want to bet.
  • Faster settlement times: Not all cryptocurrencies are quite the same in terms of how quickly deposits and withdrawals will actually go through. But they are all generally faster than if you were using traditional methods. In some cases, we’re talking a difference of hours (with crypto) to days or even weeks (with other traditional banking methods.)
  • Privacy: When you use crypto for March Madness sites you don’t have to get a third party involved, like a bank or credit card company. You can instead transact directly with the site in question. That gives you an extra layer of privacy, which many people appreciate when it comes to real money gambling.

Disadvantages of Betting on March Madness with Crypto

We like to be honest in our assessments so that bettors can make the best-informed choice. There are some issues with using crypto coins for March Madness that you should learn. This way, you can decide if they’ll be dealbreakers or whether the advantages make up for them.

  • Fluctuating value: When you use traditional currency, you can be relatively assured its value won’t change much in the short term. But cryptocurrencies are a little bit more volatile. That means the money that you win with your bets could lose significant value after the fact (although it could also gain value as well.)
  • Access issues: Many betting sites don’t have the capability to pay or be paid in crypto. This isn’t a problem if you stick with the sports betting sites we’ve recommended, which all accept multiple forms of crypto. But if you find another site you want to use when searching, you might not be able to find Bitcoin and the rest among their banking options.
  • Technology concern: There are people who are set in their ways about how they transact money and they just have a hard time understanding how crypto works. Although we feel crypto is overall beneficial to the March Madness betting process, we understand if you might be skeptical. Technology can sometimes worry people, especially when it comes to dealing with money.

How to Wager on March Madness

Now that we’ve shown you how the crypto side of things work, it’s time to give you a primer on betting March Madness. That means explaining the odds, the types of bets you can make, and the best tips for consistent winning. You might already know some of this, but if you’re a newbie to the betting process, this should give you a solid foundation to wager on all the college hoops coming up this month.

How March Madness Odds Work at Top Crypto Gambling Sites

There are many different types of bets that you can make during the college basketball tournaments coming up. But if you’re using a crypto March Madness betting site, you’ll see that all of those bets use the same basic system of odds to tell you how much you get paid back for how much you bet.

And this system is known as the moneyline.

The moneyline is used by oddsmakers to try and ensure a roughly equal amount is bet on all possible options in a particular wager. In that way, the site protects against getting burned by a single outcome. Think of the moneyline in terms of the number 100:

  • If there is a minus sign before the moneyline, it means you must bet that amount to win $100
  • If there is a plus sign before the moneyline, it means you must bet $100 to win that amount

The best way to understand this might be an example. Let’s look at a hypothetical college basketball line to see how the moneyline works. Imagine you saw the odds looked like this to pick a winner for a game between Gonzaga and Duke:


In this case, you would need to bet $150 on Gonzaga (the favorite) to win $100 in profit. On the other hand, you would need to bet $100 on Duke to win $200 in profit. But just because 100 is sort of the foundation for the moneyline, it doesn’t mean all your bets have to be based on that number.

Think of it instead as a ratio and divide everything by 100. You’ll end up with the following in this example:

  • Every $1.50 bet on Gonzaga brings $1 in return
  • Every $1 bet on Duke brings $2 in return

Once you know that, you’ll know what you can expect in return for any sized wager. The moneyline might seem like a difficult concept when you first see it. But once you’ve studied it for a bit, you’ll be able to determine your odds for every bet when you see it.

Types of March Madness Bets You Can Make with Crypto

You might not realize how many different types of bets (also known as betting markets) you can make on college basketball and March Madness in particular.

It goes way beyond picking a winner of a single game on the moneyline (although you can certainly do that as well.)

Here are some wagers that are very popular when it comes to all the March Madness action unfolding.

Point Spread

With a point spread, one team in a college basketball game is “given” points while another “gets” points. This is an attempt by an oddsmakers to even out two teams of differing abilities. For example, you might see something like this:

-6 ½ (-110)
+6 ½ (-110)

In this example, those who bet on UCLA giving the points need them not only to win the game, but to do it by at least 7 points. As for those who bet on Illinois, they win the wager if Illinois wins the game or loses but does so by 6 points or less. Note that there is still a moneyline in place to tell you how much you receive based on how much you bet.


With an over/under wager, you’re not really concerned how one college basketball team will do in relation to its opponent in a March Madness game. Instead, you’ll be focused on how many points are scored by each team combined at the end of the game. The oddsmaker at a March Madness crypto betting site will set a line such as this:

Over 121 ½:
Under 121 ½:

You then have to decide if you think more points will scored than that during the game (over) or less (under.) Over/under bets require you to know a little about the styles of plays of the two teams and both their defensive and offensive abilities. That will help you project a final score and see if it’s separate from what the oddsmaker believes.


The bets we’ve talked about so far relating to March Madness all had to do with a single game of action. But there are some wagers which look at the bigger picture of the NCAA Tournament and other aspects of March Madness.

Futures are one of the most popular because they give you a chance to win a little bit more than you could on a single game. The idea behind a futures bet is that you make it far enough in advance of the event it is highlighting that it boosts your odds.

For example, picking the winner of the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament is much harder at the start of the tournament, when 68 teams are involved, than by the time you reach the championship game, where are only two teams left. As a result, you can win more for a futures bet because of the increased risk.

Some examples of March Madness futures bets include the following:
  • Who will win the NCAA Tournament?
  • Who will make it to the Final Four?
  • Who will win a specific region of the Tournament?

These bets will feature moneylines on all of the teams involved. If you want to win a lot of money with a small wager, March Madness futures bets are a good way to do it. Just realize that the risk of loss is much greater than it would be than in a single tournament game with just two teams ivolved.


Prop bets can be attached to a single March Madness game or can be involved with the while tournament. They’re basically bets that come at the games through different angles. They can be tied to statistics or to outcomes within the game that have nothing to do with who wins or loses.

Possible prop bets you might find for March Madness include:
  • Which player will win the NCAA Tournament MVP?
  • Will player X score over or under 20 points in the Championship Game?
  • Will a coach get ejected from an NCAA Tournament Game?
  • Will a player foul out of the NCAA Championship Game?
  • What conference will produce the National Champions?
  • Will a 10-seed or higher reach the Final Four?

Oddsmakers at the best sports gambling sites will get creative with the options that they give you? The fact that March Madness is such a popular event means that you are going to find more prop bets attached to it than you would for most other sports. Prop bets can be fun, but they can also be lucrative if you know how to find the right opportunities.

Live Betting

People who are new to online betting but may have wagered with bookies in the past might be surprised at the concept of live betting.

In the past:
You were shut out of wagers on March Madness and other sporting events once the game began. But with live betting at crypto betting sites, you can keep making wagers all game long. The idea behind is that oddsmakers will keep adjusting the odds based on what’s happening in the game. For example, a favorite on the moneyline might become an underdog if the other team jumps out to a 10-0 lead to start the game. You then have the chance to bet right there at those odds.

With other bets, lines may be moved. A 10-poiint favorite might become a 20-point favorite if that team is up by 15 at halftime. Types of bets included in live betting include:

Moneyline (win/loss)
Point Spread
Props (individual and team)

Conceivably, you could bet on one team at one point of the game and change your mind and go the other direction if the odds make sense. Or you could use your live bets to sort of “double down” on a wager that you really love. Watch the game as it progresses and see if you can spot wagers where you’re one step ahead of the oddsmakers.

Tips for Crypto March Madness Betting

Because March Madness is such a broad term that can refer to both men’s and women’s tournaments, as well as conference tournaments and the so-called “Big Dance” events that determine the National Champions.

It’s hard to pin down any one strategy.

But there are several foundational ideas that can help you out in coming out on top with your college basketball bets in this crazy month. Here are some of the most effective of those.

Bet Based on your Goals

By this we mean that you should try and identify what exactly you’re hoping to achieve out of your college basketball betting in March. Are you trying to win a major amount without putting a lot at stake? If so, you should probably gravitate to futures and prop bets which give you long odds.

Please Note:
But if you’re more intent in giving yourself the best change of a profit, it’s probably wiser to bet on a game-by-game basis on evenly-matched wagers like point spread of over/under.

These wagers will generally pay back even money and they’re usually about a 50/50 proposition to win or lose. Stack enough of those bets together and you can grind out a substantial profit while minimizing your risk.

Keep your Budget in Mind

It is very easy to get carried away during March Madness because there are so many opportunities for wagers all stacked up all month long. On top of that, live betting the games can really add to those chances.

But if you lose a large percentage of those wagers, you could be dealing with a substantial financial hit. For that reason, we suggest that you go into your March Madness crypto betting activity with a firm budget.

Tell yourself that you’re willing to lose “x” amount, and that once you hit that number you’re going to stop. Otherwise, the excitement of all the action could quickly turn sour with major consequences.

Do the Research

There are many ways to look into March Madness games from a betting perspective. Here are some idea that can help:

  • Form a statistical comparison between two teams that are playing
  • Watch as many games as possible leading up to March Madness so you can form grounded opinions on the teams
  • Use betting trends to help you find value
  • Follow what has happened in past NCAA tournaments as an indicator of what might happen this time around (for example, #5 seeds are often vulnerable to upsets from #12 seeds in the NCAA Tourney)
  • Use coaches as deciding factors, as certain coaches tend to have success in March on a regular basis

What you should be trying to do is to find tips that work for you. Once you do, use them on a consistent basis. Stick with them even if you suffer a few losses, because, if you’ve chosen a sound strategy, it’s bound to pay off in the long run.


You should know how to bet on March Madness with crypto. As you get deeper into it, you’ll discover your own tips and shorthand to make the process go even smoother. The 2022 NCAA Tournament is shaping up to be a doozy, and top crypto sports betting sites will make the wagering experience that much more satisfying as a whole.

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