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On the night of Wrestlemania 30, the wrestling world was taken aback. The Undertaker, a legend in the industry, walked into the event with 21 wins and not a single loss. As he walked away from the event, Brock Lesnar had famously, or infamously, become the 1 in 21 and 1. Many people thought it would never happen, that The Undertaker would continue to win ad nauseum.

Disappointment, shock, and awe ran rampant through the online wrestling community. One redditor mused on his mixed feelings after the event. Vegas odds set the match at 21:1, perhaps unsurprisingly, and he had put his money on Lesnar assuming it was lost. He ended the night up almost two thousand dollars.

I know what you’re saying (at least some of you):

“Professional wrestling isn’t real. Professional wrestling is not a sport. Professional wrestling has predetermined outcomes. By no means should it you be able to bet on it.”

However, as the esports betting community knows, you can place bets on anything.

Vegas takes odds on several big wrestling events, and many esports betting websites do as well. In fact, has devoted their existence to it. This means many opportunities – at least one a month – for big earnings. So, how can you get in on it?

In this article, we’re going to go over how to bet on professional wrestling from the lowest level of thinking about it, to the highest.

How To Bet On Professional Wrestling, Literally

Like esports betting, betting on professional wrestling occurs mostly online. You can find odds on professional wrestling events at most online books. The legality of betting on professional wrestling sits in an awkward space, especially online, so make sure to check on the legality of betting on professional wrestling before you make the attempt.

The odds are set on professional wrestling the same way they would be on any sport. Typically, you will be betting on who will win a match. There are also nearly limitless handicaps on wrestling matches. Will the match end in a disqualification? Who will be eliminated first in a multiman match? Will someone run in?

This very much rewards enfranchised fans. If you have never watched an episode of Monday Night Raw before, you will be at a significant disadvantage. However, you can absolutely bet favorably if you have never been a fan – it will simple require more work.

Additionally, many of the enfranchised fans will be disappointed to learn that many places only have WWE on the radar. Much like esports betting websites tend to emphasize the big four esports, professional wrestling bets often aren’t profitable when being placed on smaller events. Unfortunately, the books can’t be ready for every single match. Going even beyond this, you aren’t likely to see bets being placed on Smackdown or Raw, or even every pay-per-view. You are certain to see them placed on the big four pay-per-views (Wrestlemania, the Royal Rumble, Survivor Series and SummerSlam) and on most matches that have had significant build up.

If you are looking for a place to bet on professional wrestling, I recommend you begin by referencing our list of the best esports betting websites.

How To Bet On Professional Wrestling, Strategically

As we’ve discussed previously with esports, the back bone of next level betting is to get in the heads of the players. If I ask you to do the same with professional wrestling, it’s highly likely you’ll be shouting about prayers and vitamins, and that won’t do much to help you.

Instead, when you are betting on professional wrestling, you have to think like a writer. Referring back to the idea that professional wrestling isn’t real, we aren’t betting on the outcome of a competition. We are betting on the outcome of a TV show. These are decisions that are made with purpose, and the role of the better is to see that purpose.

Consider The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar match. Why was it decided that Lesnar would win? Could we, as fans, have seen the warning signs? Here are the facts:

Undertaker was aging. While he would continue to wrestle until early 2017, Undertaker looked in very rough shape by the end of his match at Wrestlemania 30.

Brock Lesnar is an animal. Having proven himself in the UFC, Lesnar brings with him to the ring a primal aura. He is something that the company can build its foundation on, because he will hopefully continue his streak of ruthlessness. As Paul Heyman puts it, Brock Lesnar isn’t “must see,” he is “can’t miss.”

With this combination of knowledge, at least in retrospect, it is easy to see why Brock Lesnar won. The prestige and hype around The Undertaker’s streak couldn’t continue on forever, and if one person could carry on that legacy, it was certainly Brock Lesnar. Even at 21:1 odds, Lesnar may have been a safe bet.

One thing to look out for is odds that seem off. Not too long ago, there was some controversy when people on reddit thought that someone with WWE insider knowledge was working on “smart odds,” or informing the book for profit. Of course, not all betting websites are susceptible to this.

Another strategic move is to bet on the handicaps. Whether the odds are fixed on the outcome or otherwise, they can often be predictable. Who will win between Finn Balor, who is currently undefeated, or AJ Styles, who is an emergency repair? If the answer is obvious to you, it’s probably obvious to the people making the odds. However, the handicaps may be less predictable. This makes the bets slightly riskier, but also allows for a higher volume and lesser expense of betting.

Betting on professional wrestling has many nuances that we will certainly cover in more detail in the future, and is a great way to get involved for the older wrestling fans out there. Whether you are doing it online or simply with your friends while huddled around WWE Network, betting on professional wrestling is a great way to make profits and merry.

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