How to Win Real Money by Betting on Esports Online in 2022

Esports Betting Money Background

How to win real money by betting on esports? It’s a question that doesn’t really have one straightforward answer. There’s no magical recipe to start winning real money with esports betting.

Such a thing doesn’t exist.
If someone tells you it does, they’re a liar. But, there are certain methods you can use to increase your chances of winning. There are certain methods that can help you win more consistently. Some of them are related to the way you do pre-match betting research, some of them revolve around bookies’ profit margins, and some are presented as general tricks to help you find your footing in this hobby.

Remember, real money esports betting can be fun even without winning… but it’s definitely a lot more fun when you cash out some green!

Best Tips for Winning Real Money Esports Betting

Real money esports betting, just like real money betting on any other online category, is filled with ups and downs. If you want to be successful, you need to broaden the ups and minimize the downs.

It sounds plain and simple, right?

In reality, though, it’s much more complex. Lots of variations are in play here, but you can pull the odds in your favor by exploiting the following:

Find Optimal Betting Odds

  • What does this mean?
  • How can one find optimal betting odds?
  • What are they, to begin with?
Well, finding optimal betting odds means finding the bookmaker with the lowest profit margins on your desired esports market. Odds (and profit margins) vary from bookmaker to bookmaker.

Never settle with subpar odds! The simplest way to check this is to head on over to other esports bookmakers and compare their odds and lines to the ones featured by your bookie. If your bookie has consistently lower odds, that means it has high-profit margins. It also means you should start looking for a new real money esports betting site too!

Concentrate on Your Own Research

Lots of esports betting information can be found online. Stats should be your primary concern, though. You’ll have no trouble finding statistics no matter which esports franchise you’re interested in. As long as you put in long hours on research, you’ll have a better picture of the upcoming contests.

However, some folks tend to half-bake their bets.
Some folks tend to visit one or two sites, see what the self-proclaimed betting experts think, place their bets and call it a day. Don’t be like this! This will get you to splurge through your bankroll without any notable wins. It’s a dead-end!

It’s always best to concentrate on your own research! Even if you fail, you’ll know what went wrong and won’t do the same mistakes over and over again.

Don’t Be Overly Aggressive with your Bets

Betting too much money, especially during a big losing streak, is bound to get you in trouble. If you want to be successful with this whole real money esports betting thing, you have to learn how to be patient. Being overly aggressive with your bets and not knowing when to stop and take a short break will end up costing you a lot more than your betting bankroll.

Take things one step at a time and don’t start chasing losses just for the sake of breaking even.

You’re not here to break even by all means. You’re here to have fun and you’re here to win some money. Going with aggressive bets with the hopes of just breaking even sounds a lot like chasing losses… and trust me, you don’t want to go down that route.

Understand the Importance of Game Setups

Not every CSGO match/event is the same. There are big differences in game setups, revolving around the number of maps and the type of tournament gameplay. The latter has two types, LAN and online. LAN events are held in massive venues and often in front of a live audience.

They are played without any online server connection (which means no input lag), everything goes through the good old LAN interface. Online events are different, with input lag playing a big factor and players typically playing from their own apartments or their teams’ training facilities.

Maps-wise, we typically have best-of-ones, best-of-threes, and best-of-fives.

Please Note:
A best-of-five means the team who wins three maps is the winner; a best-of-three means the team who wins two maps is the winner. Map pool depth bears importance across the board, especially in bo5s where even the slightest team cohesion issues mean a lot.

If you like math, here’s an interesting Reddit post that’ll give you more information on different best-of setups.

Most Common Betting Mistakes

Winning real money esports betting slips is more than simply knowing what to do. You see, a fair bit comes down to knowing what NOT to do. Here are some perfect examples of the most common betting mistakes newcomers tend to make:

Trusting “Inside” Betting Tips

Let’s make one thing clear right off the bat – there’s no such thing as inside esports betting tips.

If a website claims it has inside information on outcomes of certain matches, it’s 100% a scam! The efforts of ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission) have put a stop to match-fixing across esports.

True, every now and then we do hear about a scandal, but even if they do happen, you won’t just casually stumble upon such information online.

That said, if you see a site offering inside tips, run away.

Some even go to the extent of selling “premium” memberships for extra inside tips. I pity the people who’ve fallen victim to this, I really do…

Chasing Losses

We’ve already mentioned the term “chasing losses” earlier, so it’s time to give a detailed elaboration. Chasing losses is exactly what it sounds like – it’s when a bettor tries to chase down his/her losses by placing more bets. The goal, of course, is to break even as fast as possible and often involves half-baked bets placed in a rush.

Why is it bad?
Well, chasing losses often ends up in straight-up bankruptcy. Placing half-baked bets, rushing with research or doing no research at all are all present with this esports betting phenomenon. Don’t get me wrong, chasing losses is present with sports betting enthusiasts too.

If you notice you’re in a losing streak, just call it a day and move on. If you try and chase your losses, every further loss will hook you in even further. It’s a slippery slope, one you don’t want to be on the receiving end of.

Trusting your Guts

Last but not least – trusting your guys! I’m not quite sure what’s worse, trusting your guts or trusting “inside” betting tips. Both are equally silly and are equally likely to get you to splurge through your betting bankroll.

What should you trust then?
It’s simple, trust the stats; trust your own research! The only way to consistently get positive results is to thoroughly research your bets. Results will come, sooner or later.

No matter how complex esports betting might seem, it all comes down to the hard work and experience you gather along the way. You won’t get rich overnight. But, with time, a series of small wins coupled with good enough consistency will help you monetize your favorite pastime.


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