How Do Valorant Maps and Characters Affect Betting on Valorant

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Today, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to talk about whether or not maps affect Valorant betting! Yep, it sounds pretty absurd at first, but it’s actually a pretty hot topic that goes much deeper than most people think.

Maps in Valorant, just like maps in CS:GO, offer a variety of different approaches, each bringing forth a unique setting, and requiring different tactics and agents. The specific agent compositions are a thing of the meta, while maps play a constant role that greatly affects how each match pans out.

By taking a closer look at each of the three currently available maps, you will get a better perspective on things to expect from certain teams and specific matchups.

Of course, you can’t know the exact agent pools of professional teams and their players, but it’s good to at least know the map basics prior to the start of the first Valorant esports events. Real ones – ones that will have an online betting presence!

Talking about online betting on Valorant, let that be our first introductory segment before moving onto maps and their importance for the grand scheme of things, betting-wise.

Valorant Betting 101

Betting on Valorant isn’t available just yet! But despite that, there’s still a ton of hype surrounding Riot Games’ highly anticipated esports title. Why is that so?

Well, for starters, the game itself has been surrounded by hype ever since its Project A days. After all, we’re talking about a project that was meant to conquer the esports stage, so it’s no surprising esports enthusiasts have been all over it since day one.

Additionally, even though the game is still in closed beta, it already feels well-polished and quite balanced.

Yes, it had its fair share of teething issues, but Riot Games fixed a ton of stuff during the closed beta and the game, quite frankly, looks to be set for release.

Don’t get it twisted – as soon as the game is released, within the first few weeks we’ll get a taste of the real competitive action. Major esports event organizers will do their best to charm Riot Games, but knowing the makers of League of Legends and its closed-off franchised systems, I wouldn’t be surprised if they shut Valorant’s esports scene down (the third-party portion of it) and rule over a closed-off system with an iron fist.

And, quite honestly, I wouldn’t have anything against that. Riot Games has had plenty of success with League of Legends and if there’s a dev team that knows what they’re doing esports-wise, then it’s definitely them!

How to Start Betting on Valorant

If you’d like to start betting on Valorant right away, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. You see, even though numerous gamers have access to the closed beta, and there are already events popping up, esports betting sites are unlikely to start offering Valorant wagers up until the first real events start.

And by that, we’re referring to post-release Valorant events most likely organized by Riot Games.

Once these events kick off, esports bookies are bound to have Valorant markets available in a matter of days, which means you shouldn’t have any issues with placing Valorant bets. If you do, you can always refer to our esports betting guide that covers the basics of online betting on all sorts of esports.

Valorant Map Guide

Now let’s venture into the fun side of things! From now on, we’ll be focusing solely on the three available maps, their unique aspects and different tactics that can be utilized on them. It’s going to be a fun ride so let’s start right away!

Valorant Split Guide

Split is a pretty unique map. It’s pretty big, features two spike sites, a delicate midsection that requires constant attention, and several zip ropes that add vertical depth to the map. Yep, you’ve read that right – zip ropes.

They’re halfway between ziplines and regular ropes, mind you.

Comedy aside, these ropes bring an extra bit of depth to the map, but they don’t affect the gameplay as drastically as Riot Games had thought. That said, I expect to see changes to the way players interact with the zip ropes or positioning alterations.

Best Agents for Split

As for the agents, I’d say Omen is the best feller you can go with on Split. His signature ability, dark cover, works great on mid, no matter if you’re on the defensive or offensive end.

It’s also quite easy to land Paranoia because of the map’s straight angles and clean edges. Omen’s ultimate works wonders on all maps, so it doesn’t need extra emphasis here.

Valorant Haven Guide

If you don’t think maps affect Valorant betting, then wait till you hear about Haven and what sort of complications certain agents and their abilities can do! Haven seems to be everyone’s favorite map at the moment.

Why is that so?

Well, perhaps it’s because of the sheer number of possibilities it offers. For those of you who haven’t had the chance to test Valorant out yet, Haven features not two but three spike sites. Yep – that’s a whole bunch of opportunities right there…

Best Agents for Haven

Sage is already considered as the most useful agent in Valorant, but its prowess on Haven definitely stands out. On the defensive end, Sage can effectively block off and slow down pushes on B site all on her own. She can also singlehandedly defend double doors with great fragging potential thanks to her slow and barrier orbs.

Jett is a marvelous addition to any team on Haven. Thanks to her Q and E, she’s capable of swinging past enemies on both sites, wreaking havoc among their ranks, breaking down their composure and letting the rest of her team deal with them.

Cypher is a great pick too! Haven is a flank-friendly map and Cypher can get rid of that on the attacking end. Omen shouldn’t be forgotten either – with his site-smoking potential that allows his team instantaneous spike plants against overly defensive opponents.

Valorant Bind Guide

Bind is the last of the three Valorant maps available in closed beta. It doesn’t have zip ropes nor an extra site. Nope! Bind has none of that… But it does have two teleporters that drastically alter the gameplay. We’re talking about one-way teleporters here!

Ones that make loud noises so the entire map can hear your rotation…

One is placed right in the middle of the map, connecting A short with mid and allowing quick rotations and pushes with an added level of surprise. The second one is on B long, connecting it to A long and giving defenders a much faster (but also louder) rotation.

Best Agents for Bind

Sova is hands-down the best agent to use on Bind, at least for the moment. His ultimate ability does wonders here, enabling quick “rotations” on the defensive end and preventing flanks on the attacking end. The vision Sova provides his team with is invaluable on Bind, no matter which site you’re aiming for.

In addition to Sova, we have to point Phoenix out too. His flashing abilities do wonders on Bind’s attacking end due to the “weird” angle positioning on both sites. Combine that with plenty of closing out opportunities with his Blaze and you’ll understand why Phoenix is great on both defensive and attacking ends of Bind!

Keep in mind that these Valorant map guides might become outdated as new updates get released. Riot Games ought to push the balancing around until they level it out perfectly.

Valorant Map Betting | Can Maps Affect Valorant Wagers

Let’s repeat the obvious – maps affect Valorant betting! It’s as simple as that! They affect the general consensus regarding agent pools, viable team compositions and strategical approaches. At the moment, the game only has three maps available, but that number ought to go up by the time it’s fully released.

Even with just three entries onboard, it’s quite clear that maps affect Valorant betting.

But, at the moment, there’s not much you can do about it. We don’t know what will Valorant’s banning phase look like… or will it exist at all. If the game’s going to feature five maps in total, then I reckon we’ll see very narrow gaps between viable tactics and different map selections. Metagame is going to be of crucial importance, that we can already say with certainty!

Different Team Compositions

Team compositions represent the composition of different agents on a single team. At the moment, there are ten agents in the game which somewhat limits the versatility. However, the game is set to have at least two more agents by the time of its release, alongside an extra map that ought to further affect the gameplay.

Why do team compositions matter and how exactly do they affect Valorant gameplay?

As mentioned above, each agent has a unique set of abilities. Some work better on some maps, while some work better on others. It mostly depends on the map’s angles and how well agents’ “entrance” abilities stack up. For instance, Omen (at least at the moment) has a ton more opportunities on Split than on Haven and Bind. Omen can successfully control mid with Dark Cover (both offensively and defensively), and serve as a great initiator on either A main or B tower.

Omen is just one example – Sova on Bind is one of many, too. While the current meta might not last forever, it’s definitely a good base that perfectly depicts just how much agents and maps will affect Valorant gameplay.


Let’s say a couple of closing words and wrap our Valorant map guide up!

Each of them offers a unique experience, brings forth different sets of opportunities, and values certain agents more than others.

Maps affect Valorant betting on several levels, which is why you need to understand their complexity if you are to become a successful Valorant bettor.

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