IEM Global Challenge Event Overview and Betting Predictions

IEM Global Challenge CSGO

This is it, ladies and gentlemen! This is the final CSGO event of 2020! The final notable event, to be more precise! What was supposed to be the big LAN event to end the drought of 2020 is now another online event. But, worry not, IEM Global Challenge is not just another online CSGO event. Not only is it the final piece of the 2020 CSGO esports puzzle, but it’s also one of the most lucrative events this year, one that will definitely set the tone for 2021, and attract plenty of CSGO betting enthusiasts! The latter comes as no surprise seeing as IEM Global Challenge betting options are already widely available.

Back to the event – there’s $500,000 in prize money, with eight teams competing for the biggest share of the cake. The spectacle starts on Tuesday, December 15th and lasts through Sunday, December 20th. The broadcast talent is as packed as it’s ever been. Machine, SPUNJ, YNk, stunna, and Frankie are just some of the many talents in charge of keeping the entertainment factor at an admirable level.

Here’s a quick look at the group stage:

Vitality Heroic
Complexity FURIA
Astralis NaVi
BIG Liquid

Where to Bet on IEM XV Global Challenge?

No worries – IEM Global Challenge betting opportunities are readily available on most online bookmakers. But, that doesn’t mean you should jump and register at the first bookmaker that pops up. Take your time, explore your options – what’s the rush?

If you’d rather take the easy road, checking out our best CSGO bookmakers guide is all you need to do. Well, technically, you’ll still need to do some comparisons, but at least you’ll have a nice little shortlist to work with! If that’s not a good enough reason, our guide also offers a ton of handy CSGO betting tips – that ought to make you skim through it, at the very least!

IEM Global Challenge Betting Preview | Team Overviews

Welcome to the central portion of our IEM Global Challenge betting preview! As always, we’re here to talk about the participants! If you’re going to bet on an event, it is of utmost importance to know what kind of luggage each team is bringing onto the server. Without that crucial info, your wagers won’t stand a chance!

So, buckle up, grab yourself a coffee and let’s see which teams are worth betting on!


As you’d expect, we’re starting off with Astralis. Yep, the Danish boys are back… and boy oh boy do they mean business! Just last week, Device and the rest of the Great Danes were triumphant against Mousesports in the grand finals of DH Masters Winter. They’re still alive in BLAST Premier Fall Finals, although they have no more room for errors seeing as they’re in the lower bracket.

No matter how far they go in that event, there’s no doubt Astralis is the favorite in group A! Team Vitality and BIG are in a distant runner-up spot, and rightly so, if I may add. Not because they’re bad, but because Astralis has been good in recent weeks. Basically, ever since they got gla1ve and xyp9x back, to be more precise.

What could be even more important is the fact that gla1ve is back at the IGLing role. This boy is a natural in-game leader and I reckon he’s going to mix things up and make Astralis great again! He’s on the right path, though Magisk hasn’t been doing bad either.

Please Note:
For everyone thinking of betting on IEM XV Global Challenge, keep your eyes on Astralis. Even though they’re the main favorites in group A, there’s going to be plenty of value in their matches. Make sure you use it to your advantage!


Vitality are enjoying their form! They’ve aced the regular season of BLAST Premier Fall, they’ve won IEM XV Beijing shortly after, and now they’re just a match away from BLAST Premier Fall season finals. They’re set to play against BIG in what’s going to be a chaotic match through and through.

However, we’re not here to talk about that match. We’re here to discuss Vitality’s form, expectations, and realistic chances of going through to the playoffs. In short, we’re here to see whether or not you should bet on them.

Right off the bat, I can tell you the Frenchmen are not the favorites in group A…

Well unless they win BLAST Premier Fall by defeating Astralis in the grand finals. In fact, they might not even be the second-best team in the group if they happen to lose against BIG tomorrow.

In my books, ZywOo and the company won’t see the playoffs on this one. I know their form is spectacular, I know their players are very capable… but the fact they’re relying on ZywOo far too much is going to be their downfall… mark my words!

Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere are through to the lower bracket round three, set to play against Astralis and potentially take a double whammy over them. Remember, NaVi is the team that crushed Astralis in the opening round and shoved them into the lower bracket. If that wasn’t enough, S1mple and the boys now have a chance to eliminate them from the competition and clear the path to glory. Can they succeed?

Well, if S1mple keeps on playing as he has in recent weeks (heck, months… or even years), NaVI will be a tough team to beat. Astralis just can’t wrap their heads around the best CIS side… which could lead to problems coming into their upcoming match.

What about your IEM Global Challenge betting endeavors? Well, NaVi is the favorite in group B and I think they’ll ace it and clinch the playoffs no matter how they square off against Astralis tomorrow. Even if they fail to eliminate the Great Danes, they’ll come into this event with guns blazing on all fronts. They’ll want to finish 2020 the same way they started it – by winning a proper event!


Heroic failed to clinch BLAST Premier Fall Finals after losing against Mousesports on the Showdown. Plus, their DreamHack Masters Winter performance wasn’t particularly good either. Heck, they lost against GODSENT which must’ve dealt a massive blow to the team’s morale.

Considering those results, is it safe to say Heroic no longer belongs among Europe’s finest? I mean, sure, they’ve been spectacular earlier this year, having won four events (although two of them weren’t that big)… but their form has dipped and they’re showing mere glimpses of their old selves…

Much of Heroic’s performance on IEM XV Global Challenge depends on their opening-round match against Liquid. That’s going to be quite the match, with both sides fancying their chances. If Heroic players step up for the occasion, they’ll put up a proper fight against the Americans, that’s for sure!

Stavn and TeSeS are still in great form, with cadiaN trying to find his pace. These three form Heroic’s base… and when they’re not playing well, it’s basically game over for the Danish side. They need to work on broadening their map pool otherwise teams like Liquid will be able to beat them before even setting foot onto the server.


Unfortunately, FURIA just got eliminated from BLAST Premier Fall Finals. Truth be told, they got what they deserved. Natus Vincere showed them what they’re all about; a clean 2:0 sweep on Inferno and Mirage, courtesy of S1mple with 43 kills. Yep, I guess it’s back to scrims for the Brazilians. They have just one more event to play on before going back home… I honestly hope they’ll make it count otherwise this whole European expedition will prove to be a proper disappointment.

FURIA has just one win in their last four encounters – just two days ago against OG. And that one was a proper nail-biter too, meaning FURIA might be in for a shocker here too. They’ve been one of the best NA teams this year, but it all changed once they set foot on European soil. Tougher teams, tougher events, more demanding competition – FURIA didn’t stand a chance, and I’m afraid the same can be said about Evil Geniuses too.

Yuurih, HEN1 and KSCERATO will have to keep delivering such outstanding contributions if they are to push FURIA out of the group stage. They’re set to play NaVi once again, having just lost 2:0 against them. It is going to be a proper time for vengeance? I guess we’ll find out soon enough!


The Germans are going strong on BLAST Premier Fall Finals! They’re set to face off against Vitality in the upper bracket finals. Heck, they basically have two chances of clinching the grand finals… though the easier road is to take down Vitality because the lower bracket will get them either NaVi or Astralis, and that’s definitely not the best path.

Roster-wise, SyrsoN is still the most important player for BIG. The AWPing maestro has been showing off superb form lately. XANTARES and tabseN haven’t been slacking either – heck, this trio was the reason behind BIG’s summer of dreams!

As for your IEM Global Challenge betting adventures, betting on BIG might not be that bad. They’re set to face Vitality in the opening round. If I were you, I wouldn’t bet on that match until we see how they square off on BLAST Premier Finals. As far as their playoff tickets are concerned, I actually fancy their chances. It’ll be tough, but I reckon their discipline will help them prevail!


Complexity just can’t get a break! After having to find a quick replacement following oBo’s departure earlier this year, the NA org will have to go through the same process once again. Poizon had to undergo surgery two days ago with another one scheduled next week. He’s going to miss the IEM XV Global Challenge which will ruin Complexity’s chances of surviving the group stage.

They are in group A with Vitality, Astralis, and BIG. It’s a tough group, no doubt about that, but I was going to give Complexity the benefit of the doubt. But, since we don’t even know who’s going to be replacing poison next week, I doubt they’ll reach a noteworthy result here.


There’s just one more team we need to talk about here and it’s Team Liquid. We haven’t seen them do anything noteworthy this year, come to think of it. Yes, they did win ESL Pro League S11 NA, but that’s it as far as their 2020 titles go. A couple of grand final finishes here and there, that about wraps up a disastrous season… unless the boys in blue can make one last budge on IEM XV Global Challenge…

I mean, it’s not impossible! Their DreamHack Masters Winter exhibition was a proper heartbreak, but we have to hand it to Liquid – the luck of the draw messed up their plans before the tournament had even started. Mousesports and Astralis were tough contestants, too tough for them to handle.

But, a team like Liquid always has a wicked upset potential.

They are not to be taken for granted, especially if eliGE finally gets his old form back. He’s known for outright breathtaking displays when he gets off on the right foot… but he’s struggling to find his pace.

Unfortunately, I don’t think you should include Liquid in your IEM Global Challenge betting slips. They’re in group B with Heroic, FURIA, and NaVi… and I honestly think they’ll end up dead last.

Available Betting Options for IEM Global Challenge

Match-winners is what you’ll bet on most of the time. However, if you’re already way past teething issues, you might want to start exploring other CSGO betting options. We’re talking specials, live bets, and futures. IEM Global Challenge betting opportunities are plentiful, so you’re bound to find a lot of variety.

Here’s what you can expect:

Special Bets

Long story short, special bets represent all sorts of other bets that don’t revolve around the outcome of a given match. Here are the most popular CSGO specials that should be available for your IEM Global Challenge betting campaign:

  • Correct Score: You think betting on the match outcome is too easy? You want more risk to your wagers? Well then, correct score is the special you should opt for. Instead of guessing the outcome, you have to guess the exact score at the end of the match. Keep in mind that these bets are only available for Bo3 and Bo5 matches.
  • Per-map Betting: These bets are also only available for Bo3s and Bo5s. They allow you to bet on the outcome of individual maps rather than the whole match. It’s an interesting wager, but very risky. Not something you should heavily invest in.
  • Total maps Over/Under: This is one of my personal favorites; they also only available for Bo3 and Bo5 encounters. What they do is allow you to bet on the number of maps played in a given match. In a Bo3, you’ll bet either over or under 2.5 maps. It’s a pretty straightforward wager, one you can profit from if you know your way around teams’ map pool depths.
  • Player vs. Player Kills: Here, bookies give you two or three players and you’re supposed to guess which of them will have the highest kill count. These CSGO special bets are pretty rare, only available during the biggest CSGO events, which IEM Global Challenge definitely is.
  • Team to Win both Pistol Rounds: This one is pretty straightforward – if you think one of the teams will win both pistol rounds, this is what you bet on. It’s risky, but if you know how certain teams play on certain maps, on both CT and T sides, you might make something out of this one.
  • Overtime Betting: This one allows you to bet on whether or not there will be overtime. Of course, the only option you can pick is yes, and the odds are typically pretty high.

Live IEM Global Challenge Betting

In addition to special esports bets listed above, IEM Global Challenge betting sites will offer live betting too. Live betting allows you to bet on an ongoing match – it can yield massive value, if you successfully predict a momentum change, that is.

Betting on IEM Global Challenge | Outright Winner Predictions

Even though they’ve been out of the equation for a solid portion of 2020, outright winner betting options are back! Outright winner betting options AKA futures allow you to bet on the winner of the entire event rather than just one match.

Before we go any further, here’s a look at the odds, courtesy of BetWay. You can check out our BetWay review

Astralis +235
Vitality +255
Natus Vincere +375
Heroic +450
FURIA +800
BIG +1000
Complexity +1000
Liquid +2000

Which way is this tournament going to go? Can we give some concrete IEM Global Challenge betting predictions right off the bat? Well, given how BLAST Premier Fall is in full flow and some of the teams still have matches to go, there’s no point trying to predict the outright winner here.

Obviously, Astralis and Vitality ought to remain as the main favorites considering how well they’ve been playing on BLAST. But, as we’ve stated earlier, it’s just too early to be giving any concrete tips.

Until next time,

Donnie out…

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