In-Depth Overviews of Most Notable 2021/2022 Champions League Teams

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The new 21/22 Champions League season has already kicked off. Well, the qualifying phases, at least. The group stage draw is scheduled for August 26th, just a day after the playoffs’ second legs. Mid-September is the group stage kickoff, so make sure you get your futures in by then.

We’re here for bold Champions League predictions, as the title implies. Stick around for a closer look at the top contestants as well as an individual wager that might possess excellent value, if the remaining transfer window doesn’t mess things up.

Bold Champions League Predictions

We’re well aware of the fact that things could change at any given moment. The transfer window is still up and running across all big European leagues. It won’t close for another few weeks, so we can expect one or two surprising moves.
But, there is no reason to wait any longer – here are our bold 2021/22 Champions League predictions:

Manchester City to Win at +300

The first team on our team sheet here – Manchester City! All bookies see them as the favorites to win this season of the Champions League. And while they do have excellent chances following a triumphant Premier League season, they aren’t the top favorites in my books. But, more on that later. For now, let’s focus on Pep Guardiola’s City.

Let’s address the elephant in the room first!

Yep, Sergio Aguero is no longer playing for City! Pep is still looking for a replacement. Not saying he doesn’t have any options that are already in his team, but the fact of the matter is – if City are to tackle both EPL and CL, they need another striker. A world-class one, for that matter.

Harry Kane is the likeliest candidate, though the rumors have settled down lately. Erling Haaland is being linked with all top-tier European clubs, Manchester City being one of them. Vardy could be a proper addition too, especially with Jack Grealish transfer rumors being a hot topic today.

PSG to Win at +550

According to online sportsbooks, PSG are the second favorites to win the Champions League this year. If you ask me, they should be at the top, above Pep’s City. How come? Well, they already made the summer transfer window count by bringing in a horde of world-class players. Donnarumma, Hakimi, Wijnaldum, and Ramos are just the tip of the iceberg.

Combine these players with world-class talents PSG already has and you’ll understand why they’re the favorites in my books! They now pack a team full of superstars, there’s no other way to say it. Mbappe, Neymar, Icardi, Draxler, Kimbepbe, just to name a few more.

Not only that – PSG also has massive squad depth.

They’re able to fight for trophies across more than two fronts. Domestic league ought to be a priority given the last season’s results, alongside with Champions League, of course. Domestic cups come in as secondary; that’s where PSG’s squad depth will come into play.

Bayern Munich to Win at +600

Moving on with our 2021/22 Champions League predictions, let’s talk about the best Bundesliga team! What can Bayern Munich do this year? The German national team couldn’t handle the heat against England on the EURO. Plus, their domestic league has fallen down to a one-team show with Borussia failing to get enough consistency even with a world-class talent in Erling Haaland.

But, that doesn’t take away from the fact that Bayern Munich are a great team! Yes, Alaba and Boateng are out of the equation, but Bayern have already brought in a stellar replacement in Dayot Upamecano. The brilliant French center-back is often labeled as one of the best youngsters in his position, and a price of €42.5 million definitely reflects that.

And while Bayern is a good team and I can definitely see them reaching far into the playoffs, I feel like they don’t have that extra something to win the title. Let’s put it this way – United at +900 and Liverpool at +800 have much more value than Bayern’s +650. There, enough said!

Liverpool to Win at +650

Liverpool’s 2020/21 season was plagued by injuries. Everyone knows that. Klopp just couldn’t get a lucky break; his key players were falling down like flies. However, things calmed down near the end of the season and Liverpool managed to clinch the CL in the last few fixtures.

Injuries-wise, Liverpool is looking good! VVD will be back in action; the Dutchman skipped EURO 2020 to focus on getting back to 100% and being available for another ePL run. It’s no impossible for the Merseyside team to have a proper title run this season… especially if City don’t sign a replacement for Sergio Aguero.

Mohamed Salah had a great season last year. The Egyptian King is the key reason behind Liverpool’s Champions League football in 21/22. Coupled with Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino, Salah is often an untamable beast.

With VVD back in the mix, Klopp’s defensive line is stronger than ever! TAA, Robertson, VVD, and several top-tier players in the fourth-man rotation will surely contend for the least goals conceded… unless injuries plague them once again, that is.

Chelsea to Win at +800

Next up, 20/21 Champions League winners, Chelsea! Tuchel did an amazing job revitalizing Chelsea’s gameplay, leading them to a sleek domestic finish and an even better international campaign. As you probably know, Chelsea took down Manchester City at Estadio do Dragao in Porto. Prior to that, they eliminated Atletico Madrid in ro16, Porto in ro8, and Real Madrid in the semifinals.

But, can Chelsea string together two successful Champions League campaigns?

Well, considering they haven’t made a single notable move on the transfer market this summer, I don’t think so. At +900, they might seem like a good dark horse, but I just can’t see it… Unless they sign Erling Haaland. That completely changes the complexity behind Tuchel’s team!

Erling Haaland is Tuchel’s wet dream, pardon the expression. The talented Norwegian striker is currently valued at €130 million, and Chelsea are desperate to sign him. While that’s still an unlikely scenario considering recent news, it’s far from impossible. One thing is for sure; Haaland’s arrival would knock the odds on Chelsea CL winner to +700, at the very least

Manchester United to Win at +1200

Last but not least, Manchester United! There’s a reason Manchester United is among the six favorites to win the Champions League this season. It might come as a bit of a surprise since their last few campaigns weren’t that good, but everything else works in their favor.

Not only did they have a solid Europa League campaign last time out (ruined by De Gea in the grand finals), but they also brought in two major additions to their squad. Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane are the players I am referring to, of course. Jesse Lindgard is back in the mix too, with Luke Shaw in the best form of his life.

Sancho and Rashford might start the season fazed by the EURO 2020 drama. However, both are true professionals and I doubt it will last too long, if it even happens.

Remember, United is on a four-season titleless streak – everyone expects Sancho and Rashford to step up and stop it from extending to five.

Pogba is still a mystery. The Frenchman still hasn’t extended his contract and if he doesn’t sign it till January, he’s free to make a deal with a club outside of the Premier League. United will try to prevent that from happening by forcing the deal this summer, either through contract extension or a transfer.

All things considered, United to win the Champions League at +1200 seems like a fair bet. If Pogba stays, the value will definitely be there!

Place Your Bets Now!

Bonus: Bayern Munich, PSG and Manchester City - UEFA Champions League LogoHaaland Top Scorer

Now that we’ve gone through the most important outright winner Champions League predictions, let’s see if there are any lines for the event’s top goalscorer!

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, no bookies offered such lines. However, there’s still plenty of time before the group stage starts, meaning we’re likely to see the odds after the group stage draw.

But, that won’t stop us from continuing with our bold, and way too premature, Champions League predictions. Erling Haaland to be this season’s CL top goalscorer isn’t impossible. Should he move to Chelsea, he might even be among the top 5 favorites. If he stays with Borussia, the odds could be higher meaning excellent value at our disposal.

Either way, Haaland was the first player in CL history to score six goals in his first three games. If that doesn’t tell you enough about his clinical touch in front of goal, I don’t know what’s your problem…

Haaland doesn’t need too many games to get his goals in. No matter which club he plays for this CL season, he’s bound to leave his mark on the tournament. He’s strong, he’s smart, he’s great on the ball, and he’s freaking lethal! The boy is a goalscoring machine and once Champions League top goalscorer odds are released, betting on him will make perfect sense. The odds should be pretty good too, so don’t let the size of the return surprise you!

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