Betting Odds and Predictions for KSI vs Logan Paul 2

Logan Paul and KSI 2 - Boxing Fight

KSI vs Logan Paul? 2? Never heard of these two? I hadn’t either until their first boxing match.

The two men are headlining a fight card with 2 different world title fights on the undercard! This will be the first professional boxing match for each man and they stand to make a gang of money.

It’s not like either man really needs it. They have roughly 20 million Youtube subscribers…each. Both of them have their own unique sense of humor and charisma and seem to fit perfectly between the ears of Generation Z followers.

It was rumored that the rematch was set to take place in Dubai but cooler weather prevailed and the famed Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles will be standing room only for what looks to be another great fight.

Before I can even begin to breakdown and give our predictions on the rematch between these two highly successful Youtube personalities, we have to reflect on the first fight and give those of you who aren’t familiar with either man some background of each.

Who is Logan Paul?

Born on April Fools Day 1995 in sleepy Westlake, Ohio, Logan Paul has since relocated to LA to further his burgeoning acting career.

He is the epitome of the internet generation. The kid was making videos on Youtube beginning at age 10! He later went on to conquer the Vine app only to hastily return to the ranks of Youtube when the six-second video app was shut down.

The now 6’2” 190-pounder didn’t spend all of his youth on the internet. Paul was a linebacker in the heart of high school football country and even placed 5th at the state tournament for wrestling. He’s an athlete for sure.

Paul should have a strength and power advantage once again in the rematch but it’s his endurance that I’m worried about. More on that in a minute.

Let’s get to know his opponent, KSI.

Who is KSI?

Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji is 26, two years older than his American rival.

KSI first become known on the internet from his commentary on FIFA soccer video games. Great series, by the way. You want to make 7 hours disappear? Call a friend, order a pizza, break out the PS4 and play some FIFA ’20.

Logan was not JJ’s first “white collar” boxing match. KSI already had a TKO win under his belt over fellow British Youtuber Joe Weller.

KSI will have an unusual attribute advantage with both better speed and endurance. They are literally opposites when we’re talking peak performance but some boxers have been able to pull it off.

Floyd Money Mayweather is the first name that comes to mind. KSI actually put in some work out in Chinatown Las Vegas at The Mayweather Boxing Club.

I watched an interview, though, given by Jeff Mayweather and Floyd Sr said he didn’t even remember training the Englishman. Mayweather Sr has a timeless sense of humor, though, so that could have been sarcasm.

JJ definitely needs to upgrade his technique. He is very green as a technician but his heart is not a question at all.

Logan Paul vs KSI 1

Okay, the first fight between these two millionaire 20-somethings was a real cracker. I’m not kidding.

I can’t lie. When I first tuned in, I thought I was going to witness a Toughman contest. Each man had headgear on and what appeared to be 16-ounce sparring gloves.

16’s are pretty much what all the pros use for their sparring and then, depending on their weight, they will use either an 8 or a 10-ounce glove in competition.

The rematch will be the first pro bout for Paul and KSI so the headgear will be off and punches will be heavier when they strap on the 10s.

In the first round of the first fight back in August of 2018, Logan Paul got off to a tremendous start landing heavy 1-2 combinations and even countering effectively with the check left hook as his opponent was lunging at him.

While it seemed like Paul was going to dominate this fight and likely drop KSI, it just didn’t happen. Many believe that if they would not have been wearing the sparring gloves, JJ would have gone down hard.

You have to give the kid credit, though. He weathered the storm of the larger, stronger, much more powerful boxer. I believe Logan was a little more emotional due to his entrance, in fight taunting, and just being a very young man on that big of a stage.

After a highly successful first 6-7 minutes, Logan Paul hit a wall. His inactivity allowed his opponent to settle into his own game and become light-years more composed and even technical in the second half of the fight than he was in the beginning.

KSI established a nice jab and managed to control his own chaos long enough to land a few haymakers over the top on the taller Paul.

Then the unthinkable happened. The fight was declared a draw.

If I had not seen the fight and just read the headline of the result, I would have wrongfully assumed it was WWE trickery going on. It really was a draw, though, if I ever saw one.

It was just a 6-round fight and the 3rd was the only round in question as Logan had slowed his output dramatically but KSI hadn’t yet gained any offensive rhythm.

The rematch was actually in the original contract so this works out perfectly.

Funny how that happens sometimes but I can’t call any conspiracy if I wanted to because both men were throwing HEAT at each other’s heads with neither fighter really taking many steps backward.

The online sportsbook BetOnline has the lines for us.

Let’s get to the betting odds and predictions for KSI vs Logan Paul 2.

The Rematch: Logan Paul vs KSI 2


Okay, this line was a dead even pick em when it was released. Fans and bettors definitely remember what happened in the first fight… Or do they?

The argument can be made that it just took JJ the first couple of rounds to lose his jitters and once he found his timing, he was all over his opponent even cracking him hard at the final bell.

He has the speed and the endurance. His technique, though…

Where’s Sir Charles at?


The young man is a good athlete and has a puncher’s chance in this one to go along with the ability to take his foe into the deep waters of rounds 5 and 6.

Minutes 12 to 18 don’t sound very deep to you? Fighting is one of the most tiring things you’ll ever do, except for burpees. Burpees are always harder.

Both men fought incredibly aggressive in the first bout and I expect the same again.

It’s only been a year so I think KSI will throw less wild hook-hook combos and try to win, at least initially, with a speedy jab along with some fast feet.

Jabbing the body will likely keep Logan’s big right hand at bay and if he drops his left, then JJ should come over the top with the overhand on the taller fighter.

For Paul to Win:

he needs to be in better shape. I don’t believe he needs to be in phenomenal shape but let’s say a sub 22 minute 5k as opposed to what appeared to be the conditioning of a man who runs 3.1 miles in 25 or more minutes.

Logan could have been hurting a bit psychologically when he hit the smaller fighter with his best shots and the dude was still in his face.

Neither man quit, though. I hope both men have shored up the glaring weak spots in their respective boxing games because the athleticism, heart, and will we know is already there.

The boxing betting sites are expecting a finish this time as the odds for the fight to end before the 18-minute mark is (-155). I like that bet but I’m not in love with it.

If KSI takes more of a measured approach, which I think he should against the more powerful puncher, we might see this one go to the judges once more. JJ took some serious shots in their first meeting but did not seem phased or wobbled by even one.

Trying to fish for better odds on Paul by decision or finish is foolish as well.

We don’t know where his conditioning is at. In late July, Logan put on the Challenger Games-celebrities competing in a set of various competitive athletic events. Come time for the 100-yard dash and the host pulls his hamstring, bad.

It looked like Urijah Faber’s lead leg after 5 rounds with Jose Aldo. Completely purple on the backside.

I’m guessing he got in his cardio on the airdyne bike where the hammys don’t have to come into play.

I definitely don’t think he’s been running and even something like the rowing machine will stretch the muscle. Leg injury, cardio issues vs smaller man who is technically and powerfully inferior.

This one is not easy but I have truly been impressed with the technique of Logan Paul. Even with the major injury at the beginning of fight camp, I believe if he hits KSI with the same straight punches he did in their first fight, the Brit will fall.

An automatic 10-8 round due to a knockdown will be hard to come back from in a 6 round fight.

The Bet

In Conclusion

Saturday night, guys!

The main card kicks off at 8:30 PM Pacific.

Believe it or not, on a card where the main event fighters have a combined zero professional bouts, the undercard has not one but two world title fights.

If you’re wondering about those, there are betting odds available for one of the fights and the favorite is (-10000). Did someone say value? Pundits can complain all they want and say this is a disgrace and blah blah blah.

Both men not only showed some skills in the boxing ring but more importantly, displayed their hearts. Ask any fight coach. Heart is the only prerequisite for fighting. It’s not long arms, fast feet, big hands, or a granite jaw.

Do they have that dog in them?

Not unlike the recent UFC BMF Title fight this past weekend with Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal, the will to win will be on full display this Saturday from the Staples Center.

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