Logan Paul vs. KSI Odds and Prediction

KSI vs Logan Paul

The much-hyped celebrity boxing match between Logan Paul and KSI is rounding the corner. The two YouTube sensations will touch gloves on August 25th after signing on the dotted line:

As crazy (or awesome?) as one fight between these two guys is, their contract sets up a second. This, undoubtedly, is to give the loser a rebuttal, set for February of 2019.

While the second matchup between Paul and KSI will garner hype, it will be tough to match the first showdown, which is now officially just one month away.

YouTube fans and trolls alike are getting amped up, with some hoping the seemingly arrogant Logan Paul gets knocked out and others hoping he takes KSI down a notch or two.

Both would be fair, seeing as Paul has a controversial persona in the eye of the media and KSI has already won a celebrity boxing match.

In fact, this fight stems from his January 2018 beatdown of Joe Weller, where he immediately called out anyone in the Paul family to go toe-to-toe with him in the ring.

After much debate, Logan Paul took it upon himself to shut KSI up and in precisely one month, everyone will get to see him try.

Logan Paul vs. KSI Betting

As crazy as this is, the best part is you can win money off of it.

That’s right, the top novelty betting sites wasted no time with the theatrics of YouTube boxing, as they quickly pushed out Logan Paul vs. KSI odds months ago.

Considering these amateur boxing matches have begun to gain serious traction both in the entertainment and betting world, there’s plenty of reason to get up for them.

Nothing tops the potential to win cash off of another dude getting some sweet chin music, though.

For the moment, top entertainment betting sites like 5Dimes are grading KSI out as the solid favorite.

Here are the latest KSI vs. Logan Paul odds:

  • KSI to win (-195)
  • Logan Paul to win (+155)

I can’t argue with the logic here. For one, even if you’re with 5Dimes and you think KSI is the best bet, the odds really aren’t obscene. You can still profit mildly betting in his direction, while there’s solid value with Paul as well.

The big question, of course, isn’t who offers the most betting value. It’s who is actually going to win this thing?

On paper, it’s tough to deny KSI. Not only did he take out Joe Weller last year, but he’s eyeing a potential jump to professional fighting if this next match goes the way he thinks it should.

I’m not sure why, as it’s clear he can garner plenty of attention (and money) simply by challenging fellow celebrities.

Either way, he has more experience and quite a bit of confidence, so it’s easy to see why Vegas and others would view him as the odds on favorite.

Should they, though?

I’m not entirely sure. Logan Paul is not a skinny, weak, frightened punk. He appears to be taller, has a thicker build, is athletic and seems pretty confident he can win this bout.

I don’t see any reason not to chase the upside here. KSI is coming in almost too confident. He took down Joe Weller convincing enough, but if you watch that fight, Weller didn’t seem overly imposing.

KSI’s fighting style wasn’t very controlled, either.

Unless that changes, I think he leaves himself open to some nasty licks and a seemingly stronger, more powerful fighter like Paul could deliver some damage from the start.

For me, the biggest edge for Logan Paul is the comeback narrative.

He’s had a really negative image ever since mocking the dead in a Japanese suicide forest and getting a big win here would at least further distance himself from that conversation.

Will beating someone to a pulp improve his image? Not necessarily, but it will at least help make him famous for something else.

Should You Care?

From a practical standpoint, this is undeniably stupid and a huge waste of everyone’s time.

Sometimes you just want to watch idiots bash each other, though, and if you can make some money in the process, why not?

These two dudes are most certainly idiots and there will definitely be some bashing.

Just look at them do their best (worst?) Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. press conference impression:

There is nothing to like about these guys and if at all possible, I’d love to see a simultaneous knockout.

Who Wins This Thing?

If you want a guy with experience, ambition and history on his side, KSI is the easy call. He clearly wants to make money doing this, but he also seems to want to make a name for himself.

Taking out public (YouTube) enemy number one would go a long way in doing that.

These guys are both already insanely popular, though. They also aren’t wanting for cash or media opportunities.

That being said, if you want betting value and the guy that probably packs a more explosive punch and might be tougher to knock out, I’m thinking Paul is the superior wager.

I don’t even like the guy. Nothing about him makes you want to cheer for him, but from a sheer matchup perspective, I think he’s the more physically imposing fighter.

You don’t know that for sure yet, though, and that’s why you get value with him. I’d prefer a fatter line, but at +155, Logan Paul makes for a pretty fun bet.

After all, these guys are not professional boxers, so really anything can happen. I also doubt Paul would agree to this fight if he wasn’t fairly confident he’d have a shot at winning.

I’m mostly following the upside here, but for reasons mentioned, I actually think Paul may prove to be the superior fighter.

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