Marvel Betting Odds – Bet on These Characters Appearing in ‘Secret Invasion’ on Disney+

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Of all the upcoming Disney+ series in production for Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Secret Invasion is the most exciting. The six-episode miniseries is based on a comic book storyline by the same name, one of Marvel’s most popular crossover events.

According to Kevin Feige, Secret Invasion will feature more characters than Avengers: Endgame – which featured just about everyone.

If you think making Secret Invasion — the first “Avengers level event” delivered as a series — is ambitious, remember, it’s not even the only Marvel show slated for release in 2022-23.

Bovada is offering betting odds for five different MCU shows coming to Disney+ in the near future: Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Ironheart, and Secret Invasion.

Betting Odds for Upcoming Marvel Shows on Disney+:

Thanks to Disney’s plethora of MCU projects and Star Wars series, there’s more action in entertainment betting than ever before.

Bovada has odds posted for eight different shows for just those two franchises. Not to mention their futures markets for various awards shows, reality TV, and series on other platforms such as the new Game of Thrones: House of Dragons, and Wheel of Time.

At the rate these Disney+ shows are being produced; entertainment betting can nearly keep a handicapper as busy as traditional sports wagering! If another streaming service like Apple TV or Amazon Prime manages to find a franchise or two as beloved as Marvel or Star Wars, we might see the top entertainment betting sites cranking out new futures lines every week!

In the meantime, Secret Invasion will provide plenty to think about. Like other Marvel specials, the betting odds we’re discussing on this page deal with the characters that may appear on the show.

The Secret Invasion Storyline

Of all the Disney+ shows featured in Bovada’s entertainment section; Secret Invasion has the most markets from which to choose. There are 16 characters, ranging from established Avengers to mutants and superheroes who’ve yet to appear in the MCU.

It makes sense that Secret Invasion would offer the widest range of possibilities when it comes to character cameos.

The storyline is about alien shapeshifters called the Skrull infiltrating every major institution, from the highest ranks of government to SHIELD, and even the Avengers. Shapeshifting allows creators to introduce any character without disrupting the logic or timelines of the extended Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • The Skrulls were first introduced to the MCU in Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers spends much of the film in pursuit of the shapeshifters on behalf of the Kree Empire. However, her allegiances change as she learns more about her past and how the Kree have manipulated her into their weapon. The Skrulls on Earth turn out to be refugees in search of a new home world, not alien invaders.
  • It’s since been revealed that Skrull commander Talos and his wife Soren are posing as Nick Fury and Maria Hill on Earth. Fury is aboard a Skrull spaceship on an undisclosed mission.
  • The only other Skrull we’ve seen appeared in the Disney+ series WandaVision. She approaches Monica Rambeau and informs the SWORD agent that an “old friend” of her mother wants to meet her.

What’s this mean for Secret Invasion?

To date, the only Skrulls we’ve seen have been good guys. That is not the case in comic books. The MCU series will likely center around an antagonistic Skrull cell infiltrating the planet, at odds with Talos’s group who’ve proven to be Earth’s allies.

Kevin Feige said in an interview that Secret Invasion will focus on the political paranoia aspect of the original storyline, with its tagline “Who do you trust?” Nobody within the Disney+ series or watching from home will know for certain which characters are secretly Skrulls. Viewers can expect multiple surprise revelations.

Marvel pundits believe at least one longtime Avenger will be outed as a Skrull, along with numerous secondary characters like Happy Hogan, Jimmy Woo, or Darcy Lewis. Many MCU regulars in supporting roles — like SHIELD agents and government or military officials — will be infiltrators.

This show will be fertile ground for fan of entertainment betting markets.

Secret Invasion is a series that’s being treated as a significant crossover event like Infinity War or Endgame. The reason it’s not a movie is because the complex plot – involving an enormous roster of MCU characters — demands more time to unfold than a 2–3-hour film can offer. Because Marvel is approaching the Disney+ show as a spectacular crossover event in Phase Four, we can count on seeing lots of unexpected faces.

The higher the volume of superheroes in the series, the more chances to win our bets.

Then there’s the shapeshifting element that opens the door for characters that we might expect to be busy elsewhere in the MCU. For example, Scarlet Witch, who plays a critical role in Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Dead heroes are even a possibility.

Of note:

Every one of the characters with betting odds at Bovada were featured in the Secret Invasion comic book series.

Will These Characters Appear in Secret Invasion on Disney+?

Character Odds Character Odds
Captain Marvel +150 Spider-Woman +1800
Electra +300 Hawkeye +2000
Kate Bishop +500 Luke Cage +2200
Echo +650 Quake +2200
Patriot +1400 Doctor Doom 2500
Venom +1500 Wonder Man +2500
Spider-Man +1600 Wolverine +2800
Namor +1800 Scarlet Witch +3300

One of the best things about wagering on these Marvel entertainment specials is how multiple selections can win. Bovada isn’t asking for the first character who appears in Secret Invasion, just whether they’ll appear at all. In a series of this magnitude, the prospect of cashing in on multiple winning bets is well within the realm of possibility.

Something else bettors should keep in mind is that Secret Invasion probably won’t be released until late 2022 or early 2023. In the meantime, other titles with potential to dramatically alter the landscape of the Marvel universe are scheduled to come out.

Perhaps the most glaring example is Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which is expected to introduce mutants into the MCU.

  • Might that improve Wolverine’s odds of appearing? What other characters will be merged into the main Marvel timeline during Strange’s adventure through parallel realities?

She-Hulk will also feature Daredevil in a significant role – his first in the MCU.

  • We could see associates and rivals of Matt Murdock introduced with him. So, someone like Electra, who we’ve never seen, might not make sense now, but that’ll change closer to Secret Invasion’s release date. The same goes for Luke Cage, a member of Netflix’s Defenders with Daredevil. Marvel is rumored to be assembling the original team in the MCU.

Below, I’ll share a few thoughts about some of the betting lines that caught my attention.

If any of them sound like a winner, or you think you see a better pick on the board, follow any of the links at the bottom of each section to place your bets with Bovada.

Captain Marvel +150

As I mentioned before, Captain Marvel’s first film introduced Skrulls to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She has the most experience dealing with them from her years with the Kree, so it’s fitting that Brie Larson’s character has the best odds of participating in Secret Invasion. In the comics, Carol Danvers was called Ms. Marvel and fought in war versus the Skrulls as part of The Mighty Avengers.

Captain Marvel hasn’t appeared on screen since Avengers: Endgame. However, she was seemingly referenced in the end-credits scene of the WandaVision season finale, when a Skrull approached Monica Rambeau about meeting an “old friend” of her mother’s.

Rambeau’s never traveled through Outerspace, so I assume Danvers would come to Earth for that reunion. That should give Captain Marvel an excuse to come back to her home planet, conveniently in time for the events of Secret Invasion.

On the other hand, there’s always the possibility that the Skrull who delivered the message will take Monica to Carol Danvers on a Skrull ship – much like Nick Fury. Fortunately, even if that is the case, their introduction will likely happen during the Secret Invasion series.

There are also some juicy conflicts for the writers to explore between Danvers and the shapeshifters. Captain Marvel hunted them down for years as a Kree before learning she’d been manipulated into killing fleeing refuges. To now be confronted by pockets of evil Skrulls threatening Earth would be quite confusing. She might find it challenging to revisit the tactics instilled in her by the Kree.

At +150, I love this bet.

You’re getting a better-than-even payout for the character most closely associated with Skrulls in the MCU – to appear in a show all about Skrulls!

The Bet
Captain Marvel

Elektra +300

Elektra is a highly trained assassin most closely associated with Daredevil. She’s most commonly portrayed as Matt Murdock’s love interest. We know that Daredevil will be heavily involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after making his debut in Spider-Man: No Way Home; we just don’t know all the shows and films in which he’ll appear.

We do know he’s in She-Hulk and might be one of Jennifer Waters’ love interests. According to leaks for the comedic series, Murdock is in multiple episodes and essential to the plot; he will not appear in a quick cameo. The show could introduce any number of characters linked to Daredevil during that time.

Well, if you’re talking about Matt Murdock and romantic partners, Elektra’s usually not far behind. Maybe she’ll have an issue with his and She-Hulk’s fling. (I know Elektra died in the Netflix series, but many believe the MCU Daredevil is a variant, despite being played by the same actor.)

Elektra could also make her debut in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness or Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever. The latter seems like the better fit for a powerful female assassin antagonist, especially with Okoye poised to become the Black Panther.

In other comic books, Elektra Natchios is recruited to the Thunderbolts, the group gradually being assembled across MCU titles.

An agent named Val has appeared in Falcon and the Winter Soldier and the post-credit scene of Black Widow, to recruit John Walker/US Agent and Yelena Belova, respectively. She’s rumored to return in She-Hulk to help Abomination out of a legal matter, so he’ll join the team as well.

Maybe she’ll add Elektra around the same time.

In the Secret Invasion comic books, Elektra is one of the first characters to be revealed as a Skrull. Could the same be true for the Disney+ series?

The Bet

Spider-Man +1600

I don’t have much evidence for why I think Spider-Man might appear in Secret Invasion; it’s just a feeling. For the show to be an “Avengers level event,” it needs “Avengers level” stars – even if they only make brief cameos.

Tom Holland’s contract with the MCU has ended. If he makes another trilogy as planned, it’ll be in Sony’s Marvel universe. The deal between Marvel and Sony is complicated but they’ve managed to share and trade intellectual property up to this point. After Spider-Man: No Way Home, a Sony executive was quoted as saying he owes Kevin Feige and company one more Tom Holland appearance.

Maybe Spider-Man will play a part in Secret Invasion.

Nobody will know his real identity anymore, which could add to the paranoia of trying to determine who’s a Skrull and who’s not. I can’t predict how he might be used in-storyline.

My primary thought process is that this show is being billed as a first of its kind – a Disney+ series with significant implications across the entire MCU. The shocking reveals and surprise appearances are going to be a major selling point.

I can’t think of a better cameo than the one character everyone expects to be gone for a while. Plus, Kevin Feige could have shot Spider-Man’s scenes during No Way Home, so there’s no worry of leakers seeing him on the Secret Invasion set and spoiling the surprise.

I’m going with my Spidey-senses here, even though it seems a bit too soon for Tom Holland’s return to the MCU.

At +1600, it’s a chance worth taking.

The Bet

Patriot +1400

On paper, Patriot is precisely the kind of character you’d expect to see in Secret Invasion.

Elijah Bradley made a series of brief appearances in Falcon and the Winter Soldier as the grandson of forgotten super-soldier Isaiah Bradley. Eli had several verbal exchanges with Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes but not much development beyond showing that he’s protective of his grandfather.

Both Bradley men were watching as Wilson gave a speech about taking up the mantle of Captain America and what it meant to him. He was also present when Sam unveiled the memorial honoring Isaiah’s contributions to the super-soldier program.

In the comics, Eli Bradley becomes a superhero named Patriot and joins the Young Avengers. That second part is what I’m excited about.

Kevin Feige has already begun assembling the Young Avengers in the MCU.

  • Kate Bishop was introduced in Hawkeye.
  • Ironheart is a Disney+ series scheduled for early 2023.
  • Kang the Conqueror debuted in Loki; in the comics, his variant, Nathaniel Richards, travels to the past and forms the Young Avengers.

Patriot will be doubly important to the storyline if the rumored leaks about Secret Invasion are true.

  • Someone claiming to be a disgruntled special effects worker dropped some spoilers on 4chan regarding two Skrull Avengers. According to them, Falcon/Captain America and Ant-Man are both infiltrators.

Scott Lang being a Skrull is hard to believe because Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantomania is scheduled to come out in July 2023. But sometimes Marvel mixes in false scenes to throw off leakers.

Of course, the same could be said for Sam Wilson too. Nevertheless, I’m optimistic about Patriot.

The Avengers who fought in the Infinity War Saga are starting to wind down and name their predecessors. With Young Avengers on the horizon, it’s time for characters like Eli Bradley to start getting some screen time.

I love this bet at +1400.

If the leaks are true, Marvel will want to have Captain America’s successor on deck to pick up the mantle. That’s Patriot.

The Bet

Wolverine +2800

I recognize that Wolverine appearing in Secret Invasion is the longest of long shots, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. The show won’t be released to Disney+ until after Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Based on the comic book series upon which that film is inspired, many Marvel experts online believe Scarlet Witch – expected to be the movie’s antagonist — will be responsible for bringing mutants into the MCU.

Fans have been waiting for mutants to arrive ever since Disney acquired 21st Century Fox, which owned the rights to X-Men. However, there was the issue of how to debut the mutants.

Where were these people with extraordinary abilities when New York was attacked or the Avengers were fighting Thanos?

Now that Feige is playing around with quantum physics and parallel universes, there are ways to introduce those older X-Men properties without creating massive plot holes. It can be done in much the same way Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield were written into Spider-Man: No Way Home.

So, at some point during the Doctor Strange sequel, Scarlet Witch – now a powerful Nexus being – will summon mutants to the MCU, probably in hopes of bringing variants of her two children back into her original universe.

Once mutants are possible in the Marvel universe, people will want to see them. If Feige wanted to add a little fan service to Secret Invasion, he could introduce Wolverine – maybe as a quick cameo.

It’s not very likely but that’s why it pays out at +2800 odds.

The Bet
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