Most Important CSGO Events You Can Bet on in May 2021

CSGO Events May

Another month is (almost) behind us. Geez, 2021 just keeps flying past us… It’s already time for a new entry in our esports betting monthly series. This time around, we’re focusing on everyone’s favorite first-person shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Right off the bat, I’m confident you guys will love all available options for CSGO betting in May!

How come?

CSGO Betting in May | Most Important Events

Well, first of all, there are three massive events that ought to captivate your full attention. On top of that, they’re all pretty well-distributed across the whole month. The action has already started with the first round of DreamHack Masters Spring.

However, we don’t have to wait too long for Flashpoint and CS_Summit 8 to start… and we all know just how packed they’re going to be!

DreamHack Masters Spring

DreamHack Masters Spring kickstarted yesterday. We’ve already seen all opening-round matches as well as a couple of second-round ones. The surprises are strong with this one, but all things considered, they were kind of expected, if we’re being totally honest.

How long can you bet on DH Masters Spring?

The event lasts all the way to May 9th, meaning you have roughly ten days packed with top-notch CSGO contests.

Yessir, DreamHack Masters Spring events are always big; they always feature the very best teams in the world… and that’s the case with the 2021 iteration as well. $250,000 is the main prize, a sum that’s not to be taken for granted.

On top of that, the winning team gets 1000 ESL Pro Tour points which could be of great importance at the end of the season.

Long story short – If you’re on the lookout for CSGO betting in May 2021, then DreamHack Masters Spring ought to be the first event on your bucket list!

Flashpoint Season 3

What’s our special treat this month? What’s the event that we’re all going to be betting on following the end of DreamHack Masters Spring? Well, just a day later, the third season of Flashpoint takes place, and it’s already promising a brilliant CSGO festival!

However, don’t expect lucrativeness of the first two seasons. The ongoing world health crisis as well as the overall state of affairs in the CSGO esports scene have taken a toll on Flashpoint. The third season is here to serve as an official RMR event for the EU region. The competition starts on May 10th and runs through May 30th.

During those three weeks, Flashpoint will feature a ton of awesome CSGO matches, packing sixteen competitive teams in what ought to be an intense double-elimination bracket.

All matches are bo3, including the opening round and the grand finals.

As for the prize pool, we don’t have any concrete information just yet. However, we do know the RMR points distribution. Here’s a closer look at the top four spots. You can check out the full RMR distribution here:


  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd
  • 4th

  • 1600
  • 1500
  • 1400
  • 1300

CS_Summit 8

Last but not least, the eighth iteration of the highly popular CS_Summit 8!  Yep, the famous NA-based event organized by Beyond the Summit is back! The show starts on May 20th and lasts through May 30th.

The event is going to feature eight North American teams that will be fighting for the biggest share of the $50,000 in prize money.

We already know four contestants according to the current RMR NA standings; the remaining will be decided via the closed qualifier. Here’s the list:

  • EG
  • Team Liquid

Who the F are EXTREMUM, you might wonder? It’s the org that picked up free agents following 100T’s and Gen.G’s disbands. AZR, jkaem, Liazz, Gratisfaction and BnTeT, as well as kassad on the coaching position.  Yep, this is a pretty decent roster here, one that could start making even bigger waves in the struggling NA scene.

That’s right, I’ve said it – the NA scene is struggling.

It’s now the third-best region in the world, falling down the pecking order with impressive results coming from CIS teams. But, NA still has plenty of potential… though it will take some time for the best teams to properly resurface on the highest international level.

Where to Bet on CSGO in May 2021?

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Stay Tuned for More

As expected, CSGO betting in May brings forth plenty of awesome betting opportunities. DreamHack Masters Spring, Flashpoint S3, and CS_Summit 8 are the main attractions, though there are lots of smaller CSGO events too. Let’s not forget about other esports titles too.

May is typically a month of esports extravaganza, and 2021 May isn’t going to be any different!

As for June, we’re bound to see another outstanding selection of events. CSGO fans – you better start preparing for IEM XVI Summer and BLAST Premier Spring Finals. Those two will be our entertainment next month!

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