A Quick Look at the Most Important CSGO Future Bets in Late 2020

Counter Strike Global Offensive Futures Betting Sights

I feel like we don’t talk about CSGO future bets often enough… but then again, most esports bookmakers stopped featuring them due to the absolute chaos brought forward by online events, meaning we couldn’t have talked about them even if we wanted to.

The lack of CSGO future bets was one of the weirdest CSGO betting trends this year, to be frank.

Luckily, things are returning back to normal! Bookies are finally giving in to the increasing demand and bringing forth plenty of futures to discuss. Not all bookies are this responsive, though, so make sure you read the following section before moving on to the list!

  • Bookies are reopening their CSGO Futures’ markets.
  • Plenty of upcoming CSGO events to bet on.
  • HLTV Player of the Year Award is just around the corner.

Where to Find Odds on CSGO Future Bets

During the last few months, finding CSGO futures was outright impossible. The situation has improved since then, but you’ll still have to spend some time tracking the best specimens. Right off the bat, I can confidently point BetOnline out as an excellent choice for CSGO future bets.

They were the quickest of the bunch to add outright winner odds on upcoming CSGO events.

Additionally, BetOnline also features HLTV Player of the Year Award wagers, which is always a fun thing to invest in. On top of all that, BetOnline works for US residents and their profit margins are solid across the board. If you don’t like BetOnline for some reason, I’m sure you’ll find a few more bookies which support CSGO futures.

Most important CSGO Future Bets

There are three CSGO future bets we’d like to point out. Two of them are based on upcoming events, and the third one revolves around HLTV’s POTY award. Let’s take a closer look:

To Qualify via BLAST Premier Fall Showdown

BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2020 starts next Tuesday. Sixteen teams are set to fight for the two remaining Season Finale tickets. BetOnline allows you to bet on the winners of each group separately. FURIA is the favorite in group A, while EG and Complexity are running the show in group B.

Here’s a quick look at odds for CSGO future bets on BLAST Fall Finals qualification:

To Qualify from Group A

Team Odds
FURIA +250
Virtus.pro +350
Team Liquid +350
Faze Clan +500
MIBR +600
MAD Lions +700
Spirit +1500
Isurus +5000

As you can see FURIA is the heaviest favorite here, with Team Liquid and Virtus.pro eyeing the trophy from the shadows. NiKo-less Faze Clan at +500 just doesn’t sound right… but they have the upset potential needed for this sort of competition. It’s going to be a fiery contest, this one!

To Qualify from Group B

Team Odds
Evil Geniuses +250
Complexity +250
Mousesports +350
NiP +400
Sprout +1000
Cloud9 +1300
Endpoint +3000

Evil Geniuses and Complexity are topping the charts in group B. However, Mousesports poses as a tough contestant. Cloud9 could be a dangerous dark horse too. Group B is much more complicated than it seems as first.

To Win DreamHack Masters Winter

Even though DreamHack Masters Winter starts in ten days, we already have group stage matchups to talk about. Here’s a closer look at both NA and EU events:

EU Event

Astralis, Heroic and G2 are the toughest contenders in Europe. However, I’d say this one is going to be abll about Astralis and G2. Heroic’s run of form ought to end soon; I doubt they’ll manage to keep playing at such a high level for much longer.

Astralis at +300 or G2 at +400 – that’s the real question.

In my books, both sets of odds are fine. I guess it’s all up to you to decide which team you’re going to trust here…

NA Event

I’m really sorry to see what’s happening with NA CSGO scene at the moment. As most of you know by now, all top-tier NA teams traveled to Europe to compete on more lucrative online events, leaving the likes of Chaos, Team One and Triumph to battle between each other in North America. As far as predictions go, I’m not really confident in any of the participating teams. Let’s face it, we’re talking about tier-B teams, and that’s an outright chaotic territory.

To Win HLTV Top 20 Players of the Year

Here comes the fun part – HLTV Top 20 Players of the Year 2020. Last time out, ZywOo won the title in a dead race against S1mple. Could a new face appear this time around? If we’re to trust bookmakers, the race is still exclusive to S1mple and ZywOo.  The Ukrainian beast is at -167, with the French prodigy just behind at -143.

We’re talking about nuances here; the difference between these two CSGO legends is as narrow as they come, meaning the next few events are likely to decide the outcome. Here’s a quick look at the most important odds:

Name Odds
S1mple -167
ZywOo -143
Device +200
NiKo +400
Electronic +1300
syrsoN +1400

S1mple and ZywOo are the obvious favorites, but could NiKo or device somehow steal the show? Well, technically – they could. There’s still a month and a half of competitive CSGO to be played; anything could happen, really.


However, take everything you’ve read above with a pinch of salt and place this wager at your own risk. S1mple or ZywOo are the likeliest champs, but the likes of Device and NiKo still have theoretical chances. It all comes down to the final CSGO events of 2020, I’m afraid…

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