NBA Teams vs Spread Report Card: Halfway Point of the Season

NBA Teams vs Spread - San Antonio Spurs vs Memphis Grizzlies

After Thursday night’s matchups, most NBA teams have reached the halfway point in the season. As the season goes along, I keep track of how each NBA team does when you bet on them against the spread. This allows for the bettors to know which teams are doing the best against the spread and which teams are the best to avoid. I collect each spread off of BetOnline before each game and compare their record against the spread to their actual record. You can find previous versions of this series in the blog section of The Sports Geek.

Most teams are at the 41 game mark of the NBA season after Thursday night’s games. Only the Charlotte Hornets, Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons, Miami Heat, Houston Rockets and Milwaukee Bucks have not hit the 41 game mark. All of those teams have played 40 games this season. As we begin the second half of the season, some teams are beginning to separate themselves at the top, but there is still time for teams to make a push to get in or higher up in the standings.

Top Teams

San Antonio Spurs LogoSan Antonio Spurs
The San Antonio Spurs have been the best team against the spread this season. San Antonio has a record of 25-18, which has them in sixth place of the Western Conference. Against the spread though, the Spurs have put up a record of 28-14. When San Antonio does find themselves as underdogs, the Spurs have done a great job keeping the game close, which allows them to cover. San Antonio has been a hot team in the recent part of the season, which makes me think they are a safe team to bet on.
Dallas Mavericks LogoDallas Mavericks
Dallas has been off to a surprising start this season. The Mavericks have a record of 19-22, which has them three and a half games out of the final playoff spot as of right now. Dallas has been doing really well at covering as underdogs in their games. The Mavericks have gone 24-15-2 against the spread this season. Dallas has been an up and down team, but they do a good job at staying in games.
Sacramento Kings LogoSacramento Kings
The Kings have a record of 21-21 this season, which has them tied with the Utah Jazz for the ninth seed in the Western Conference. Sacramento is another team, like the Mavericks, that has been doing well due to their younger talent. The Kings find themselves as underdogs in a lot of games and they have done a good job keeping the games close to help them cover. Sacramento has gone 24-18 against the spread this season. I believe the Kings are a good team to look at betting on as an underdog.

Bottom Teams

Washington Wizards LogoWashington Wizards
Washington has been off to a tough start this season. The Wizards have a record of 17-25 this season. Against the spread, Washington has put up a record of 16-25-1. The Wizards have hit a surprising wall this season and they do not seem to be looking to be on the rise anytime soon. Washington is without their starting Point Guard John Wall for the rest of the season, which will hurt them as they try to get back into the playoff picture.
Golden State Warriors LogoGolden State Warriors
The Warriors have once again been off to a fast start this season, but against the spread they have not been great. Golden State is sitting in second place of the Western Conference with a record of 27-14. The Warriors have been large favorites in a lot of their games, which they have difficulty covering. Golden State’s record against the spread is 17-24.
Phoenix Suns LogoPhoenix Suns
Phoenix once again has not been competitive this season. The Suns have been near the bottom of the league for the last few seasons and this season is no exception. Phoenix is in last place of the Western Conference with a record of 10-33. Against the spread, the Suns have put up a record of 18-24-1. Phoenix has been able to cover a decent amount of their spreads, but it has not been enough to make up for their poor record.

Misleading Teams Against the Spread

Toronto Raptors LogoToronto Raptors

The Raptors have been the best team in NBA this season. Toronto has a record of 31-12 this season. The Raptors, despite their very strong record, have not been great against the spread. Toronto, like the Warriors, are commonly large favorites, which they have not been great at covering. The Raptors have gone 19-24 against the spread this season.

Cleveland Cavaliers LogoCleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland has been opposite of Toronto this season. The Cavaliers have the league’s worst record, with a record of 8-34 this season. Cleveland has been doing decently well against the spread though. The Cavaliers have 19-23 against the spread this season. Cleveland are big underdogs in most games, which allows for them to cover a lot of those large spreads. I still would be careful when you are looking to bet on the Cavaliers.

Philadelphia 76ers LogoPhiladelphia 76ers

The 76ers were off to a bit of a slower start this season, but have picked up the pace. Philadelphia has a record of 27-15 this season, which has them in fourth place of the Western Conference. The 76ers have not been quite as good against the spread though. Philadelphia has gone 20-22 against the spread this season. While the 76ers have not been terrible against the spread, they are a team to be cautious with when betting on them against large spreads.

Indiana PacersIndiana Pacers

Indiana is right above Philadelphia in the standings with a record of 27-14 this season. The Pacers are also in a similar boat as the 76ers though in the fact that they have not been great against the spread. Indiana has put up a 20-20-1 record against the spread this season. The Pacers have been underdogs in quite a few games as they are still not thought of as an elite team in the Eastern Conference, so I would say those games are the best to bet on for Indiana.

Rest of the NBA

Here is how the rest of the teams in the NBA have gone against the spread this season.

  • Atlanta Hawks: 18-22-1
  • Boston Celtics: 22-19
  • Brooklyn Nets: 23-20
  • Charlotte Hornets: 19-21
  • Chicago Hawks: 19-22
  • Denver Nuggets: 23-17
  • Detroit Pistons: 18-22
  • Houston Rockets 20-20
  • Los Angeles Clippers: 22-17-2
  • Los Angeles Lakers: 18-24
  • Memphis Grizzlies: 18-23
  • Miami Heat: 23-17
  • Milwaukee Bucks: 23-17
  • Minnesota Timberwolves: 22-19
  • New Orleans Pelicans: 19-23
  • New York Knicks: 19-21-1
  • Oklahoma City Thunder: 22-19
  • Orlando Magic: 20-20-1
  • Portland Trail Blazers: 21-21
  • Utah Jazz: 21-21
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