NFL Divisional Rankings and Ratings – Week 10

NFL Los Angeles Rams vs New Orleans Saints

After nine weeks of regular season action, it’s starting to become clear which divisions may go down to the wire. We can say that with confidence about at least half of the divisions in the NFL, and potentially as many as six of them.

That being the case, we have a number of legitimate divisional contenders that we can probe for value on a weekly basis before the herd gets thinned out. As always, the month of November shapes up to be incredibly telling, but there remains plenty of opportunities for us to hitch our wagons to contenders that may be currently undervalued by the betting market as a whole.

Let’s take a look at where all eight divisions stack up from both a standings and an odds perspective as we get ready for NFL Week 10.

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Teams W-L PF PA Odds LW Odds
New England Patriots 7-2 270 202 -5000 -2500
Miami Dolphins 5-4 187 225 +1400 +1400
New York Jets 3-6 198 213 +10000 +3300
Buffalo Bills 2-7 96 241 +20000 +15000
  • Barring a massive collapse, the Patriots appear locked into another AFC East crown. The race for the top seed in the conference looks to be pretty tight at this juncture, so we’ll see if another first-round bye is in the offing to boot.
  • The Dolphins could be a Wild Card contender if all breaks right, but the squad needs to demonstrate something resembling consistency for that to be anything more than wishful thinking. Two tough road tilts are up next, so we’ll know soon.
  • Growing pains were to be expected from rookie Sam Darnold, but his proclivity for turning the ball over is becoming concerning. A few weeks on the bench to work the kinks out might not be the worst decision in the world.
  • Nine games in and the Bills have yet to break the 100 mark in total points scored. Exactly why did they feel the need to part ways with A.J. McCarron and roll with Nathan Peterman as the primary backup to a rookie signal caller?


Teams W-L PF PA Odds LW Odds
Pittsburgh Steelers 5-2-1 227 188 -200 +100
Cincinnati Bengals 5-3 221 237 +300 +225
Baltimore Ravens 4-5 213 160 +450 +250
Cleveland Browns 2-6-1 190 247 +10000 +6600
  • The Steelers have quickly turned things around after some early season troubles. A path to another AFC North crown looks clear, but both the Bengals and Ravens have enough talent to make things interesting.
  • Speaking of the Bengals, they have a daunting task ahead with the Saints coming to town. That game looks to even tougher on news that A.J. Green could miss some time.
  • A few weeks back, the Ravens were in the conversation of darkhorse AFC contenders. Fast forward to today, and there’s a ton of head scratching going on in the city of Baltimore.
  • Firing the head coach and offensive coordinator wasn’t enough to spark a win for the Browns. It’s shaping up to be another long season for Browns faithful, but they can take solace in the fact that the head coaching gig will be a coveted one in the offseason.


Teams W-L PF PA Odds LW Odds
Houston Texans 6-3 216 184 -250 -200
Tennessee Titans 4-4 134 141 +400 +550
Jacksonville Jaguars 3-5 134 170 +850 +550
Indianapolis Colts 3-5 231 213 +800 +650
  • It’s hard to believe the Texans opened up the season on an 0-3 run. Since that point, they have played like one of the top teams in the league. The AFC South is theirs for the taking.
  • The Titans deserve a ton of credit for heading into a tough environment in Dallas on Monday Night Football and walking out with a convincing victory. While shade can be thrown on the Cowboys for their game plan, the bottom line is that Tennessee capitalized.
  • Perhaps a much-needed bye week was enough for the Jaguars to right the ship. We’ll find out on Sunday when they face off with a Colts squad that’s getting better as the season moves along.
  • The Colts won two in a row heading into their own bye week, and the improvement on both sides of the ball has been notable. An intriguing tilt with the Jags will tell us which squad may actually be a factor in the second half of the season.


Teams W-L PF PA Odds LW Odds
Kansas City Chiefs 8-1 327 226 -550 -800
Los Angeles Chargers 8-1 327 226 -550 -800
Denver Broncos 3-6 205 213 +25000 +5000
Oakland Raiders 1-7 141 252 +50000 +50000
  • The Chiefs have won another three in a row since falling to the Patriots, and they have a great shot at running the streak to four with a date with the Cardinals on tap. The team’s margin of victory of +101 on the year is tops in the league.
  • If the Chiefs happen to stumble, the Chargers are in a position to pounce. Regardless, they are poised to become this year’s playoff team that no one wants to face, especially when Joey Bosa is back to form.
  • The Broncos have dropped six of seven, and the lone victory came over the Cardinals. A tough three-game stretch against the Chargers, Steelers, and Bengals looms as a massive test for a coach who is already on the hot seat.
  • Just when you think the Raiders season can’t get any worse, they get completely obliterated by a one-win team that is being led by a practice squad quarterback. Ladies and gentlemen, the 2018 Oakland Raiders.


Teams W-L PF PA Odds LW Odds
Washington Redskins 5-3 160 172 +150 +110
Philadelphia Eagles 4-4 178 156 -130 +150
Dallas Cowboys 3-5 154 151 +650 +350
New York Giants 1-7 150 205 +15000 +10000
  • The Redskins were taken to the woodshed by the Falcons on Sunday, but they lost much more as several key players went down to injury. The NFC East is there for the taking, but it’s unclear if the squad is up to the task.
  • The defending Super Bowl champions come out of their bye week to face off with the division rival Cowboys. Will the Eagles finally take control of the NFC East or will they breathe new life into a rival?
  • Losing in convincing fashion at home on Monday Night Football after allegedly picking up a missing piece to the puzzle is not a good look. Despite the denials of Jerry Jones, it would be unfathomable if Jason Garrett’s seat isn’t getting warm.
  • The Giants return to action on Monday Night Football to take on the 49ers. If another poor effort comes out of the team’s bye week, a long and painful season will quickly become excruciating.


Teams W-L PF PA Odds LW Odds
Chicago Bears 5-3 235 153 +175 +220
Minnesota Vikings 5-3-1 221 204 -110 +125
Green Bay Packers 3-4-1 192 204 +550 +350
Detroit Lions 3-5 180 210 +1600 +700
  • Halfway through the 2018 season, the Bears are one of the more pleasant surprises in the league. That may not materialize into a playoff berth, but the future looks very bright in the Windy City.
  • The Vikings go into their bye week on a high note after laying the smackdown on the Lions. The squad returns to action on November 18 for a big road tilt with the Bears.
  • It was another tough loss for the Packers versus the Patriots this past week. The schedule looks more amenable in the second half of the year, but the club desperately needs to start stringing some wins together.
  • The Lions have lost two in a row, and the schedule is not getting any easier. Over the next four, Detroit faces the Bears twice, as well as the Panthers and Rams. Things could get ugly for rookie head coach Matt Patricia.


Teams W-L PF PA Odds LW Odds
New Orleans Saints 7-1 279 218 -400 -300
Carolina Panthers 6-2 220 180 +300 +250
Atlanta Falcons 4-4 228 226 +2000 +1600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-5 229 275 +10000 +5000
  • The Saints let the Rams know in no uncertain terms that they will have a lot to say about how the NFC shakes out. The team has to watch out for a letdown in a tricky road game versus the Bengals on Sunday.
  • The Panthers are one of the hottest teams in the league, and they look every bit the part of a solid playoff team. The team has a quick turnaround for a tough Thursday Night affair with the Steelers.
  • On Sunday, the Falcons took their act in the road and proceeded to deliver their most impressive victory of the season over the Redskins. The team has an outside chance at a Wild Card, but everything would have to break just so.
  • The Buccaneers have dropped five of six, and the team’s 2-0 start is nothing but a faint memory at this point. It’s looking like the rest of the season will be challenging for Tampa Bay, so that points to the possibility of a volatile offseason.


Teams W-L PF PA Odds LW Odds
Los Angeles Rams 8-1 299 200 -4000 -5000
Seattle Seahawks 4-4 188 156 +1400 +1600
Arizona Cardinals 2-6 110 199 +25000 +25000
San Francisco 49ers 2-7 207 239 +25000 +50000
  • On the bright side, the Rams won’t have to answer any questions about going undefeated moving forward. Getting a loss out of the way may not be the end of the world, especially if the squad responds in big league fashion.
  • The Seahawks have scratched and clawed their way to .500 in what was supposed to be a rebuilding year. That said, they laid an egg at home on Sunday in a game in which they were actually favored over the Chargers.
  • Sam Bradford is no longer a member of the Cardinals, and that naturally opens up questions about why the team gave him a boatload of money in the offseason to begin with. It’s a real head scratcher, especially when you consider the other holes on the roster.
  • Nick Mullens was the unexpected starter last Thursday Night versus the Raiders, and he proceeded to deliver one of the more memorable quarterback debuts in recent times. It was a much-needed bright spot for what has been a challenging season for the 49ers.


  • W-L: Win – loss record
  • PF: Total points for
  • PA: Total points allowed
  • Odds: Current odds to win division
  • LW Odds: Last week’s odds to win division
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