NFL Divisional Rankings and Ratings – Week 14

NFL Divisional Rankings - New England Patriots Week 14

One division is in the books as the Los Angeles Rams are the 2018 NFC West champions. A few more races are close to wrapping up, while the others remain open for debate. That sets up an incredibly interesting final month of the regular season, and it also provides plenty of opportunities for futures bettors to boot.

Let’s take a look at where all eight divisions stack up from both a standings and an odds perspective as we get ready for Week 14.

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Teams W-L PF PA Streak Odds LW Odds
New England Patriots 9-3 331 259 W2 -5000 -5000
Miami Dolphins 6-6 244 300 W1 +2000 +2000
Buffalo Bills 4-8 178 293 L1 +15000 +15000
New York Jets 3-9 243 307 L6 +100000 +25000
  • The Patriots are one of the squads on the cusp of a division crown. Let’s just say we like their chances to make that a reality quickly.
  • While a division crown is a complete longshot for the Dolphins, the club remains in the wild card mix. How long that will be the case remains to be seen.
  • The Bills continue to fight and rookie QB Josh Allen is developing well. The future could be bright in Buffalo as a result, but the club’s offseason will be telling.
  • There’s a real solid chance that the Jets will be coach shopping after the season comes to a close. The club is slated to have a boatload of cap space in the offseason, so a quick reload possible.


Teams W-L PF PA Streak Odds LW Odds
Pittsburgh Steelers 7-4-1 346 282 L2 -350 -500
Baltimore Ravens 7-5 297 214 W3 +260 +400
Cincinnati Bengals 5-7 286 371 L4 +3300 +2500
Cleveland Browns 4-7-1 266 312 L1 +10000 +5000
  • The Steelers looked to be cruising to a division crown just a couple of weeks ago, but two straight losses makes the race for the AFC North one to watch.
  • The divisional race is all the more interesting because the Ravens are heating up as the Steelers have cooled off, so this one could go down to the wire.
  • Injuries continue to mount for the Bengals, as A.J. Green has now also been lost for the season. The team’s sieve-like defense also shows no signs it will be improving before the year is through.
  • The Browns were riding a two-game winning streak heading into their tilt with the Houston Texans, but they quickly learned they have a long way to go to compete with the big boys.


Teams W-L PF PA Streak Odds LW Odds
Houston Texans 9-3 302 235 W9 -1250 -400
Indianapolis Colts 6-6 325 279 L1 +700 +300
Tennessee Titans 6-6 221 245 W1 +3300 +2000
Jacksonville Jaguars 4-8 203 243 W1 +25000 +25000
  • The Texans are the hottest team in football, and the AFC South is theirs to lose as a result. The club also has a solid shot at a first-round bye if they remain hot.
  • The Colts were also one of the hottest teams heading into Sunday’s action, but the Jacksonville Jaguars showed up to play this week. They remain in the mix for the final wild-card spot.
  • We can include the Titans on the list of AFC wild card contenders, but the club has to show more consistency. They had to scratch and claw for a comeback win over the lowly Jets on Sunday.
  • It appears that someone woke up the Jaguars. If the team remains among the living, they will make life awfully difficult for opponents over the final month.


Teams W-L PF PA Streak Odds LW Odds
Kansas City Chiefs 10-2 444 327 W1 -600 -1000
Los Angeles Chargers 9-3 340 249 W2 +400 +700
Denver Broncos 6-6 278 262 W3 +25000 +5000
Oakland Raiders 2-10 220 367 L2 +100000 +100000
  • The Chiefs weren’t supposed to have to work so hard for a victory over the Oakland Raiders, but the game actually went down to the wire. That could be a kick in the pants for the team to kick it into overdrive for the stretch run.
  • The Chargers had their own kick-start a few weeks ago, thanks to the Denver Broncos. The club has ripped off two straight since that point while looking every bit the part of contenders.
  • After three straight wins, the Broncos are officially back in the playoff race. Whether they can remain there or not remains to be seen, but it has still been an impressive turnaround.
  • While it was a positive sign that the Raiders actually showed up to play on Sunday, that doesn’t take away from the unmitigated disaster which has been the team’s 2018 season.


Teams W-L PF PA Streak Odds LW Odds
Dallas Cowboys 7-5 247 223 W4 -275 -160
Philadelphia Eagles 6-6 258 266 W2 +250 +225
Washington Redskins 6-6 233 257 L3 +1200 +500
New York Giants 4-8 267 315 W1 +10000 +10000
  • Last Thursday night, the Cowboys rolled the clock back for a national audience and won a game against a high-powered offense by playing smash mouth football. We’ll assume the rest of the league took some notes.
  • The Eagles have pulled back to the .500 mark after two straight wins. It remains unclear if the squad will stay in the mix or remain on its inconsistent post-Super Bowl trajectory.
  • It’s hard not to feel for the Redskins. Losing one QB is bad enough, but losing the new starter for the rest of the year has to really knock the wind out of you.
  • While the Giants are out of the playoff mix, the club has been coming to play on a weekly basis. They were able to grab a win over the Bears this week, and those with the Giants on the docket in December had better be prepared for a tough tilt.


Teams W-L PF PA Streak Odds LW Odds
Chicago Bears 8-4 344 241 L1 -600 -350
Minnesota Vikings 6-5-1 275 270 L1 +400 +250
Green Bay Packers 4-7-1 281 287 L2 +10000 +2500
Detroit Lions 4-8 254 316 L2 +50000 +25000
  • The Bears ran into a speed bump in the form of the Giants, but the club remains in control of the NFC North. The team is in the rarified air of being a team on the rise while also being a playoff contender in its current campaign.
  • While the Vikings may be able to get it together enough to snag a playoff spot, anything outside of a lengthy run will make this a very disappointing season in Minnesota.
  • The powers that be in Green Bay have had their fill of disappointment, as head coach Mike McCarthy was let go after Sunday’s home debacle versus the Cardinals. We’ll have to wait and see if that results in sparks of life from the Packers.
  • The Lions are the clear also-rans in the division, and that comes in a down year for the Packers. The club should be awfully busy this offseason to close the gap, but we shall see.


Teams W-L PF PA Streak Odds LW Odds
New Orleans Saints 10-2 419 269 L1 -10000 -10000
Carolina Panthers 6-6 304 306 L4 +3300 +3300
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-7 318 355 W2 +100000 +100000
Atlanta Falcons 4-8 296 333 L4 +100000 +100000
  • The Saints got a late-season shot in the arm from the Cowboys, and that may not be the worst thing in the world. Despite the setback, the club remains in excellent position in the race for home-field advantage.
  • Once upon a time, the Panthers looked like contenders. Then the bottom fell out and the team lost four straight. Assistant coaches have already been scapegoated, but it’s unclear if that will spark a turnaround.
  • While the Buccaneers are clearly a troubled team, they deserve credit for two consecutive wins. If they can close out the season strong, there may actually be something to look forward to in 2019.
  • The 2018 season has not turned out anywhere near like the Falcons envisioned. Injuries have been a big factor, but the bigger issue is that the club has seemed out of sorts over its four-game losing streak.


Teams W-L PF PA Streak Odds LW Odds
Z – Los Angeles Rams 11-1 419 298 W3 NA -25000
Seattle Seahawks 7-5 319 259 W3 NA +5000
Arizona Cardinals 3-9 175 310 W1 NA +100000
San Francisco 49ers 2-10 255 336 L3 NA +100000
  • The Rams are the first team to take down a division crown in 2018, and they remain in the driver’s seat for a first-round bye. The Saints have the edge for home field due to a head-to-head win over them, but the Rams can solve that by winning out.
  • Three straight wins makes the Seahawks a favorite for a wild card spot. They will be an incredibly tough postseason out if they reach the tournament.
  • Despite the struggles of the Packers, Lambeau Field remains a tough place to snag a win. The Cardinals deserve major props for getting the job done in what has been a lost season for them.
  • The snakebit 49ers were hammered by the Seahawks on Sunday. The team is still bringing effort to the table, but they are simply overmatched at this stage of the game. An unthinkable 14 wins is a real possibility.


  • W-L: Win – loss record
  • PF: Total points for
  • PA: Total points allowed
  • Odds: Current odds to win division
  • LW Odds: Last week’s odds to win division
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