NFL Divisional Rankings and Ratings – Week 2

NFL Divisional Rankings and Ratings - Week 2

One week down, 16 more to go in the NFL regular season. While there is still plenty of time for divisional races to take shape, we can still gauge the temperature of where things stand on a weekly basis.

One way to do that is by taking a look at current odds to win the division. While that helps us quickly get a handle on the perceived class of the division in relation to the supposed also rans, it also brings the added benefit of potentially providing us with some solid wagering opportunities as the year moves along.

Let’s take a look at where the divisions stand after the first week of games that matter.

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AFC East W-L PF PA Odds
New England Patriots 1-0 27 20 -800
Miami Dolphins 1-0 27 20 +900
New York Jets 1-0 48 17 +900
Buffalo Bills 0-1 3 47 +7500
  • The Patriots remain the clear class of the division. The defending AFC champs easily handled the Houston Texans in a game that wasn’t as close as expected. A stiffer test looms this week with a road date against the Jacksonville Jaguars on tap.
  • The Dolphins battled through two lengthy rain delays to defeat the Tennessee Titans in the opener. Despite the challenging conditions of a marathon game, the club seemed to play with quite a bit of pep in its step.
  • The Jets headed to Motown and proceeded to lay the smack down on the Detroit Lions. Gang Green dominated all facets of the game, and an interesting matchup with the rival Dolphins is up next.
  • It looks like it’s going to be a very long season for the Bills. After being manhandled by the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, head coach Sean McDermott has officially handed the keys to rookie Josh Allen for this week’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers.


AFC North W-L PF PA Odds
Baltimore Ravens 1-0 47 3 +200
Cincinnati Bengals 1-0 34 23 +550
Cleveland Browns 0-0-1 21 21 +800
Pittsburgh Steelers 0-0-1 21 21 +100
  • The Steelers remain favored to take down the division in spite of a disappointing tie with the Cleveland Browns. Weather impacted the game, and Ben Roethlisberger was out of sync as a result. The Le’Veon Bell situation shows no signs of being resolved anytime soon.
  • The Ravens delivered one of the more impressive performance of Week 1 as they completely dominated the Bills. We’ll have to wait and see if that’s a sign of how good the Ravens are or just further confirmation that the Bills are in for a rough year.
  • The Bengals took down the Indianapolis Colts in an error-filled game. The club has more talent on both sides of the ball than most observers give them credit for. A quick turnaround for a Thursday night date with the Ravens will provide an interesting early season test.
  • While Week 1 was on the disappointing side for the Steelers, The Browns can hold their heads high after a hard-fought tie. That’s especially true with howe they fought back after being down by 14 points in the fourth quarter. A potential track meet with the New Orleans Saints is up next.


AFC South W-L PF PA Odds
Jacksonville Jaguars 1-0 20 15 -110
Indianapolis Colts 0-1 23 34 +700
Houston Texans 0-1 20 27 +220
Tennessee Titans 0-1 20 27 +600
  • The Jaguars went north and handled business against the New York Giants in the opener. There was nothing spectacular about the effort on either side of the ball for the Jaguars, but it was a solid workmanlike win. The team will gladly take it as it looks towards broader ambitions of a conference title.
  • Deshaun Watson was back at the helm after last year’s season-ending victory, and early returns suggest he needs more time to get his legs back underneath him. The Texans offense looked out of sync, but we can chalk at least part of that up to Bill Belichick having an entire offseason to prepare for Week 1.
  • It was a rough first week for the Titans, as TE Delanie Walker has been lost for the season to injury. QB Marcus Mariota was banged up as well, but early indications point to him being ready for Week 2. A division battle with the Texans is up next.
  • Andrew Luck is back behind center, but the Colts offense still looks out of sorts. Early impressions suggest it may take a few weeks to right the ship. A wild card isn’t out of the question if that’s all it takes, but anything longer than that will point to a long season for the Colts.


AFC West W-L PF PA Odds
Kansas City Chiefs 1-0 38 28 +150
Denver Broncos 1-0 27/td> 24 +250
Los Angeles Chargers 0-1 28 38 +175
Oakland Raiders 0-1 13 33 +1400
  • There were concerns about how Chiefs rookie QB Patrick Mahomes would fare in his first start against a tough opponent on the road. It took less than a quarter to determine that he’ll be just fine. It’s only one game, but the Chiefs offense looked awfully explosive against the Los Angeles Chargers.
  • Speaking of the Chargers, perhaps those whispers of the team having a legitimate chance at an AFC crown were overstated. However, the Chargers are notorious for starting slow and kicking it into gear as the season moves along. It looks like DE Joey Bosa could miss additional time. That’s bad news for a unit that clearly missed him on Sunday.
  • It was a mixed bag for the Broncos on Sunday. The club was victorious in its home opener, but there was nothing to write home about in terms of performance. Nonetheless, it was certainly a solid building block win for a team that can easily challenge for the division crown.
  • One week in, and the Raiders are looking like the also rans of the division. Questionable personnel decisions seem to have carried over into performance on the field, as the team delivered a disappointing effort for its home opener on Monday night.


NFC East W-L PF PA Odds
Washington Redskins 1-0 24 6 +500
Philadelphia Eagles 1-0 18 12 -200
Dallas Cowboys 0-1 8 16 +550
New York Giants 0-1 15 20 +800
  • The Eagles offense didn’t look all that great in the preseason, and that has carried over to the regular season. However, the defense did plenty to preserve a victory over the Atlanta Falcons in Week 1. Nick Foles will be back at the helm for this week’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • Don’t look now, but the Washington Redskins look like the best team in the division not named the Eagles. Free agent signee Ales Smith looked as if he had been operating the offense for years against the Arizona Cardinals, while the defense completely stifled Sma bradford and company for a convincing win.
  • The Dallas Cowboys have problems on the offensive line, and that’s going to hamper them all year if they don’t get it fixed. The offense could get nothing going against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. A Sunday night affair with the rival New York Giants is up next.
  • It was a challenging Week 1 for the Giants against the tough defense of the Jaguars. Flashes were shown from both Odell Beckham Jr. and rookie Saquon Barkley, but things looked disjointed on an overall basis. The game with the rival Cowboys will be an interesting early season report card for both squads.


NFC North W-L PF PA Odds
Green Bay Packers 1-0 24 23 +175
Minnesota Vikings 1-0 24 16 +100
Chicago Bears 0-1 23 24 +500
Detroit Lions 0-1 17 48 +1200
  • Newly minted QB Kirk Cousins looked right at home behind center for the Vikings. The offense delivered an efficient performance, while the defense made it clear that it will be a force in 2018. An early season showdown with the Green Bay Packers will set the tone for the division.
  • The Packers dodged a rather large bullet when Aaron Rodgers avoided serious injury against the Chicago Bears. Rodgers also delivered a comeback for the ages as he stole a victory in the fourth quarter. The offensive line had better show improvement with the ferocious Vikings defense coming to town.
  • The Bears delivered an inspired performance on the road against the Packers before ultimately coming up short. New acquisition Khalil Mack quickly demonstrated that he’s well worth the investment. Things are looking up for the Bears under the leadership of Matt Nagy, as it looks like he knows how to get the most out of the offense.
  • Matt Patricia’s debut as Lions head coach could not have gone any worse. The visiting Jets dominated all facets of the game, and the Lions were lucky to get QB Matthew Stafford through the game without suffering a major injury. A trip to the West Coast to take on the San Francisco 49ers is up next.


NFC South W-L PF PA Odds
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-0 48 40 +575
Carolina Panthers 1-0 16 8 +240
New Orleans Saints 0-1 40 48 +200
Atlanta Falcons 0-1 12 18 +200
  • The New Orleans Saints were both a trendy Super Bowl pick and the largest favorite of the week heading into the opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The club walked out 0-1, and there’s a lot of head scratching going on across the Big Easy. If the Saints needed a humbling loss to further motivate them, then we can safely cross that off of the list.
  • The Falcons came close to knocking off the defending Super Bowl champion Eagles, but the offense just couldn’t get it done. Injuries to key defensive players added to the bad news. A date with the rival Panthers is up next.
  • The Panthers defense looked solid against the Cowboys, but that may have been more of a case of problems along the visitors offensive line. As for the offense, it looks to be a work in progress. Questions abound for both the Panthers and Falcons, so this week’s result will be telling.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick played lights out football in the Superdome on Sunday, but we should temper our enthusiasm just a bit. Not to take anything away from the Buccaneers performance, but the Saints seemed to be caught off guard and playing on their heels as a result. If the Buccaneers pull the same trick against the Eagles this week, then we will certainly adjust expectations accordingly.


NFC West W-L PF PA Odds
Los Angeles Rams 1-0 33 13 -400
San Francisco 49ers 0-1 16 24 +450
Arizona Cardinals 0-1 6 24 +3300
Seattle Seahawks 0-1 24 27 +1000
  • The Rams were the clear division favorite heading into the season, and Week 1’s thrashing of the Raiders confirmed the club is much more than hype. The team is dangerous on both sides of the ball and a legitimate Super Bowl contender as a result.
  • The 49ers are clearly the second-best team in the division, and they can legitimately challenge for a Wild Card if everything breaks just right. That said, the NFC is incredibly tough, and the 49ers will need continued improvement in all facets to make it happen.
  • The Seahawks were competitive on Sunday, and we can expect the same for as long as Pete Carroll remains in charge. However, the talent just isn’t there any longer for the club to merely will its way to victory.
  • The Cardinals delivered one of the poorer performances of Week 1 as they were embarrassed at home by the Redskins. Calls for Josh Rosen are already growing louder, but the team may want to focus on showing signs of life before throwing him to the wolves.


  • W-L: Win – loss record
  • PF: Total points for
  • PA: Total points allowed
  • Odds: Current odds to win division

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