NHL Teams vs Money Lines Report Card: Halfway Point of the Season

NHL Halfway Point - Tampa Bay Lightning

The NHL has just about hit the halfway point of the regular season. As the season goes along, I write about how each team does against the money line every ten games or so. This helps bettors know which teams are the safest to bet on and which ones are best to keep away from. I also like to show how teams are trending. I calculate this by taking lines from BetOnline before each game. You can find the other articles in this series in the blog section of The Sports Geek.

Just about every team in the NHL has reached the 41 game mark of the season, which is the halfway point. Nine teams have not hit the halfway point of the season yet. The New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers, Florida Panthers, Carolina Hurricanes, Minnesota Wild, New York Islanders, Washington Capitals and Winnipeg Jets are all at the 40 game mark of the season, while the St. Louis Blues have played 39 games. The standings are starting to create a divide between the contenders and the pretenders, but there is still plenty of time for some of the teams to turn it around this NHL season.

Top Teams

Tampa Bay Lightning LogoTampa Bay Lightning
Tampa Bay is sitting in first place of the NHL standings to this point in the season. The Lightning have played 42 games this season and have gone 32-8-2 for 66 points. Tampa Bay has a solid 10 point lead on the second place Maple Leafs. The Lightning has been extremely dominant as of late and they don’t show many signs of slowing down.

  • $100 Bet on every Tampa Bay game = +$1089.51
New York Islanders LogoNew York Islanders
The Islanders have started out the season with a record of 23-13-4 this season. New York is sitting in one of the wild card spots in the Eastern Conference. The Islanders have been hot recently, going 9-1-0 in their last ten games. New York are commonly underdogs, which has helped them jump up in this list.

  • $100 Bet on every Islanders games = +$1085.80
Calgary Flames LogoCalgary Flames
The Flames are tied for the second place spot in the NHL and are in first place of the Western Conference. Calgary has gone 26-13-4 this season. The Flames have been playing really well together and I would not be surprised if they keep it up in the second half of the season.

  • $100 Bet on every Flames games = +$607.50

Bottom Teams

Philadelphia Flyers LogoPhiladelphia Flyers
Philadelphia has hit a rough patch as of recently and it has really shown in their amount against the money line. The Flyers have played 41 games and gone 15-20-6. Philadelphia has lost seven of their last ten games. Philadelphia has desperately tried to stop their free fall in the standings, but I would avoid them until they maintain a string of success.

  • $100 Bet on every Flyers game = -$1123.57
Chicago Blackhawks LogoChicago Blackhawks
For seasons, the Blackhawks were the model of consistency in the NHL, but over the last two seasons, Chicago has been beginning a rebuild. The Blackhawks are sitting with a record of 15-21-7 in 43 games played this season. I would avoid most of Chicago’s games this season.

  • $100 Bet on every Blackhawks game = -$889.99
Florida Panthers LogoFlorida Panthers
Florida has struggled to get things going this season. The Panthers have a record of 17-16-7, which has them not to far out of the Eastern Conference playoff picture. Florida has been favored in a lot of their wins, which has not helped them get out of their hole against the money line.

  • $100 Bet on every Panthers game = -$779.74

Teams with Biggest Changes

Colorado Avalanche LogoColorado Avalanche

The Avalanche jumped out to a real fast start this season, but have hit some struggles recently. Colorado has lost seven of their last ten games and it shows in their money line total this season. Last article, the Avalanche would have won you $243.37 if you bet $100 on each of their games. Now Colorado would have lost you $375.35. I believe the Avalanche will turn around their losing streak sometime soon.

Detroit Red Wings LogoDetroit Red Wings

Detroit has been a very up and down team to this point in the season. The Red Wings have had a lot of injuries on their defensive line. Detroit is also a pretty young team, which leads to some inconsistency. The Red Wings would have won you $220.33 last article. Now if you had bet $100 on every Detroit game, you would have lost $314.67. I believe the Red Wings are a team to be cautious with when betting on them.

Pittsburgh Penguins LogoPittsburgh Penguins

The Penguins were off to a tough start to the season in terms of their total against the money line. Pittsburgh has been really hot recently, winning nine of their last ten games. The Penguins would have lost you $714.67 if you bet $100 on each of their games heading up to the last article. Now Pittsburgh would have only lost you $6.27 if you bet $100 on all of their games.

Edmonton Oilers LogoEdmonton Oilers

Edmonton has been an up and down team all season. Right now, the Oilers are on a down slope. Edmonton has lost eight of their last ten games. The Oilers would have won you $338.25 if you bet $100 on all of their games last article. Now Edmonton would have lost you $277.00 if you bet $100 on all of their games. The Oilers still have a very talented roster offensively, which makes me believe they could catch fire at some point this season.

Rest of the NHL

Here is how the rest of the NHL would have done if you bet $100 on each of their games to this point in the season.
BOLD represents teams with negative values.

  • Anaheim Ducks- ($67.17)
  • Arizona Coyotes- ($536.44)
  • Boston Bruins- ($10.13)
  • Buffalo Sabres- $422.14
  • Carolina Hurricanes- ($559.15)
  • Columbus Blue Jackets- $305.67
  • Dallas Stars- $310.92
  • Los Angeles Kings- ($648.96)
  • Minnesota Wild- ($249.81)
  • Montreal Canadiens- $316.81
  • Nashville Predators- ($102.28)
  • New Jersey Devils- ($758.08)
  • New York Rangers- ($409.92)
  • Ottawa Senators- ($487.71)
  • San Jose Sharks- ($383.49)
  • St. Louis Blues- ($459.54)
  • Toronto Maple Leafs- $544.71
  • Vancouver Canucks- $566.18
  • Vegas Golden Knights- ($129.79)
  • Washington Capitals- $276.30
  • Winnipeg Jets- $189.18