Nick Diaz is the Betting Underdog to Robbie Lawler in His Return Fight at UFC 266!!!

Diaz Vs Lawler 2 Diaz Favored

Nick Diaz opened at more than 2 to 1 underdog betting odds which is absolute lunacy to me!

Nick beat Robbie Lawler the first time the two mixed martial artists met.

Yes, Diaz has been away from the game for a while but he matches up very well with Lawler and I think Nick should be at least a 2 to 1 favorite.

Yea, I know that is a far cry from where his betting odds opened up which would imply that maybe I am the lunatic here and not the online sportsbooks. Well, I have good news and bad news for you.

The betting line of (+205) is no longer available for Nick Diaz.
That got bet down immediately as it should have but not far enough in my opinion. I guess nobody wants to lay juice on a fighter who hasn’t competed in professional mixed martial arts in over 6 years and hasn’t won a fight in nearly a decade.

I get that but I know how much Nick loves his brother and I know he has been putting in a ton of time helping Nate become possibly an even bigger star than Nick ever was. Defeating Conor McGregor the way Nate did was pretty special and he has been a fan darling ever since.

Deservedly so too. Both Nick and Nate are kill or be killed fighters as they like to say and also back up so they deserve the biggest checks they can get anyways because they are out there fighting for every minute of every second of their time spent inside the Octagon.

They don’t choose the path of least resistance.
They love resistance and sometimes it can work against them. This is something we always have to be aware of, and this is true especially if we have a secret desire in our heart to see one of these two take a man to war who doesn’t really want to go.

Robbie Lawler is a beast and these two have history but the UFC knows what they are doing. Robbie Lawler isn’t going to be much of a money making machine any longer. The guy had a great run but let’s see what he has left in the tank.

What tools are still there in the toolbox?

Robbie has lost 4 fights in a row and 5 of his last 6. I don’t think he is trustworthy either and if it weren’t for the Nick Diaz fight coming out, when would we have heard from Robbie Lawler if ever?

I thought he was retired, to be honest with you.
It has been nearly a year since he last fought and Robbie Lawler did NOT look good at all against Neil Magny, a fighter he would completely smoke if he was in his prime.

So, Nick is coming off of a massive layoff but I think he has cleaned up his act over the past few years, and from the looks of his social media, Nick Diaz seems to be in some of the best shape of his life.

I can remember following him about 4 years ago on his IG and it wasn’t pretty. The guy was living at the Las Vegas clubs and I’m sure he was having fun, don’t get me wrong, but some of his best years of fighting potential were wasted.

The dude has money, though, and this extended time off coupled with the rise in popularity of his little brother Nate, Nick is a wanted fighter who has some real leverage at the bargaining table.

There are betting odds released for his UFC 266 fight with Robbie Lawler. Right now, it is just scheduled for 3 rounds which favors Lawler but I still favor Nick overall. But do the online sportsbooks feel the same way I do? BetOnline.AG doesn’t so maybe we have some value. Let’s find out how much!

Robbie Lawler (-144) vs Nick Diaz (+122)

Y’all are wild! Robbie Lawler is the favorite over Nick Diaz?!

I know that Nick hasn’t competed in over 6 years but Robbie has and only has 2 wins to show for his efforts in 7 UFC fights. Lawler has only fought 4 times in the past 4 years and has lost all of those matchups.

No wins in 5 years for this guy…

If Nick Diaz had been fighting, I think he would have some more wins than zero. I think we all know this much. Diaz and Lawler have fought before in one of the more memorable matchups in UFC history.

Robbie was used to hitting guys and making them fall but that just isn’t how life works when you’re fighting a Diaz brother.

Just ask The Notorious Conor McGregor.

Nick hung in there and did what he does. Robbie was left face planted on the mat and contemplating his future. Nah, I don’t know about that last part. He was probably thinking about how soon he could get a rematch with the kid from Stockton.

Well, he only had to wait 17 years but it is finally happening.

Is that a record for the time in between an initial matchup and the rematch?

It has got to be close! Nick is by far the more durable fighter and I think the time off helps him even more here. He hasn’t been getting hit in the head nearly as much as Lawler who is a former UFC World Champion but 20 years…

Yes, 20 full years as a professional mixed martial artist is a special accomplishment but it usually means that you have already been on your way down the mountain for a while and that is exactly the case here with Robbie.

Nick Diaz opened up as a (+205) favorite which is complete and utter lunacy to me. I think this fight is Nick’s to lose all day and the fact that he is still a betting favorite blows my mind.

Bet on Him Now!!

You see, one of Nick’s biggest rivals, Georges St Pierre, and he have something in common. They are both martial artists first and fighters second. This is taking nothing away from the will of either man. The point is that they will always train their disciplines not just to compete against another man in a cage but in an endless competition with themselves.

Here is a great quote from GSP that defines this even better.

“There is a difference between a fighter and a martial artist. A fighter is training for a purpose: He has a fight. I’m a martial artist. I don’t train for a fight. I train for myself. I’m training all the time. My goal is perfection. But I will never reach perfection.”

I know Nick may have taken some time away from training but the guy stays in shape and I think he will be more than ready to defeat the near 40 year old Robbie Lawler at UFC 266.

If you needed any other reassurance, here is an IG post of Nick training with the Gypsy King himself, the champion of the heavyweight boxing world, Tyson Fury.

Nick Diaz as a 2 to 1 underdog was literally a no brainer and it has been bet down so people agree with me.

Does he still hold value with betting odds of (+122)?

Oh, YEAH! Bet him and do it now!

The Bets

In Conclusion

The Nick Diaz Army grows every day and when his little brother tapped out Conor McGregor, both of their lives changed for the better immediately!

Please Note:
This was such a massive win for Nate and if you ever listen to the guy talk, really listen to what he has to say, he is still the younger brother who looks up to big bro and will probably do anything he tells him to do.

Nate probably has more money than big brother at this point and the cool thing about these guys is that I know Nick is completely fine with that and it probably makes him even more happy.

Say what you want about the Stockton Mf’ing and all the middle fingers but when you listen to these guys or have been lucky enough to train with them as I have several times at Syndicate MMA, you realize they are just really nice guys who just so happen to have the ability to kill you if they wanted.

I remember asking Nick for a face off photo and he was like “Nah, man. We’re friends. Let’s just flex.” Okay. That was cool with me too. He still didn’t smile but I was just happy we were rolling and not boxing that day.

Get your plays in on Nick Diaz now. I think he is going to beat Robbie Lawler more often than not and that alone is enough for us to make a play on him as a (+122) underdog.


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