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Prime 5 Oktagon Red MMA Background

Our top Slovakian MMA betting picks have been assembled for Oktagon Prime 5 at the X Bionic Sphere in Slowakia. Oktagon Prime 5 betting odds have been given for ten of the fights on March 26th, 2022, including the main event Kertesz vs Velickovic. Place your bets for 12:00 PM ET and tune in on Youtube for the full card aired in the USA. 
Oktagon Prime 5 predictions focus on the money line, as no props have been released for this fight card. For more international MMA betting, check out the FAME MMA card, scheduled for the same day, March 26th, 2022. 

Oktagon Prime 5 Main Card Betting Picks and Predictions

Each bout is between two pro fighters, primarily from Slovakia, Poland, Brazil, and Canada. 
Our Main Card Oktagon Prime 5 predictions are: 

  • Bojan Velickovic -225
  • Rafael Xavier -220
  • Kaik Brito -300
  • Mate Sanikidze -125


Betting Odds, Stats and Prediction for Velickovic vs Kertesz

Fighter Bojan Velickovic Mate Kertesz
Money Line  -225 +185
Record 20-11-2 11-4, 1 NC
Submissions/TKO   2/6 0/5

Velickovic is a former UFC fighter who switched to PFL with minimal success. For Oktagon and SBC, he’s gone 4-1 over his last five, still with lower levels of competition. He struggled at the UFC and PFL level, winning only three fights across his run in both promotions. 
Kertesz is a tough fighter that needs a better training environment to advance his skill. His three recent losses were all via decision, but Velickovic is easily the best fighter he’s ever faced, win or lose. His win over then undefeated Bruno Carvalho proved he could best fighters with knockout power. 
I expect Bojan to be on full display. He’ll need to bring his A-game to beat Mate. Bet lightly and don’t parlay on our betting pick Bojan Velickovic at -225. 

Bojan didn’t do well at the UFC level, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t competitve. Fighters that do make it to this tier of the game are usually just shy of the ability to stay there. Scouts for the UFC and PFL know what they’re doing.

Betting Odds, Stats and Prediction for Lazarz vs Xavier 

Fighter Marcin Lazarz Rafael Xavier 
Money Line  +150   -220 
Record 13-7, 1 NC 10-6
Submissions/TKO   3/1 3/6

Lazarz is a submission fighter training out of his own BJJ and MMA school. He lost to Paul Craig back in 2015, but has no other notable opponents. A Bj fighter, Lazarz has only been knocked out once due to a grappling style that focuses on defense. However, Xavier shows more than a basic understanding of BJJ. He’s finished opponents with footlocks several times, and clearly has more striking power than Lazarz by a large margin. At Oktagon, Xavier is 3-0 via three knockouts straight. Our betting pick is Rafael Xavier at -220, a fighter with more power and equal levels of BJJ. 

Rafael is a training partner and friend of UFC fighter Johnny Walker. The conditioning and training of both men is ran by the same coaches at SBG.

Betting Odds, Stats and Prediction for Kalasnik vs Brito

Fighter Andrej Kalasnik  Kaik Brito
Money Line  +240 -300
Record 9-2 14-4
Submissions/TKO   1/4 3/10

Brito’s finishing rate stands out as one of the best on the whole Oktagon Prime 5 fight card. His losses have been three decisions and one knockout. His only Oktagon loss, Petr Knize, is a cardio centered grappler on a massive winning streak. 
Kalasnik has good striking but underdeveloped grappling. He lost to Tato Primera due to some rudimentary wrestling, and has only been training four years competitively. 
Our betting pick is Kaik Brito at -300. 

Betting Odds, Stats and Prediction for Sanikidze vs Moon

Fighter Mate Sanikidze David Moon
Money Line  -125 -105
Record 7-2 9-4
Submissions/TKO   1/3 4/2

Sanikidze has the slight favorite status due to his only losses being to quality M-1 Challenge opponents. Moon has dropped flour fights, two of which were TKO losses. Moon is on a four fight winning streak that spans four years, back to 2018. He finished two of those opponents, and went the distance with fighters similar to Sanikidze’s level. 
Sanikidze is yet to finish any fighters with a winning record. He’s stayed fairly active, but seems to crumble against talented fighters. A little digging shows that Moon comes from a traditional martial arts background, I believe the difference in BJJ will be noticeable. Our betting pick is Mate Sanikidze at -125, for what looks to be a significant wrestling advantage. 

Oktagon Prime 5 Prelim Fight Betting Picks and Predictions

Onto the bottom half of the card, the betting picks for five prelim bouts. Many of these fighters are just as competitive as the main card fighters, some of them looking to pad their records in mismatched fights. 
Our Oktagon Prime 5 predictions for the prelim bouts include: 

  • Robert Pukac -130
  • Jakub Tichota -1400
  • Jose Toledo -275
  • Karol Kutyla +185
  • Michal Plesnik -120


Betting Odds, Stats and Prediction for Pukac vs Jungwirth

Fighter Robert Pukac  Christian Jungwirth
Money Line  -130 +100
Record 15-9-1 9-5
Submissions/TKO   NA 1/3

Jungwirth is on a three fight losing streak, fumbling wins over mid level Oktagon fighters. He’s now 1-3 for the promotion. He fights out of a low level German MMA camp, one that hasn’t done well on any major circuits. 
Pukac is a submission specialist, primarily fighting inside the Slovacki MMA community since 2010. He has a number of submission finishes. Recent footage shows both fighters in peak physical condition, but Pukac has built new muscle since his last Oktagon showing. Our betting pick is the slightly better conditioned Robert Pukac at -130. 

Betting Odds, Stats and Prediction for Elonen-Kumala vs Tichota

Fighter Janne Elonen-Kulmala Jakub Tichota
Money Line  +700 -1400
Record 16-9-1 4-0
Submissions/TKO   5/6 1/2

Kulmala is no push over. He’s recently lost a string of fights, stepping up in competition at M-1 Challenge, he’s been submitted multiple times like international fighters including Diego Silva and Davide Baneschi. Tichota’s Oktagon Prime 5 odds are a result of his time as an amateur champion amassing over 15 amy wins before moving into the pro circuit, but he’s not unbeatable. Jakub lost to several Russian fighters, mostly via decision. The trouble for Kulmala is that if he can’t finish against quality fighters, he struggles to take home the win. His last two wins were via split decision, and his last winning streak was 2016. I think Kumala is out of the loop. Our betting pick is the rising star Jakub Tichota, I would consider adding this fight to a two or three bet parlay ticket. 

Betting Odds, Stats and Prediction for Stroumpoulis vs Toledo   

Fighter Panagiotis Stroumpoulis Jose Daniel Toledo
Money Line  +215 -275
Record 14-6 12-10
Submissions/TKO   0/3 1/8

Stroumpoulis has done well in the Greek local circuit, but has gotten smashed on most outings away from it. His ACB and Fight Night Global bouts were brutal beatings. Toledo is a champion from Spain with a similar story, except he has the occasional win in ACB and ACA, having gone 4-4 for the promotions overall. He just lost to 11-1-1 Asylzhan Bakhytzhaunuly, a very good Chechyan fighter lined up for the UFC. 
Toledo is on a losing streak, but Panagiotis isn’t doing much better. Considering that Toledo has defeated any of the ACB/ACA fighters puts him ahead. Our betting pick is Jose Toledo at -275. 

Betting Odds, Stats and Prediction for Kutyla vs Paulus

Fighter Karol Kutyla  Roman Paulus
Money Line  +185 -225
Record 6-2 7-1
Submissions/TKO   0/3 2/2

Kutyla has been active since 2013 in the amatuer ranks. He’s gone from submission fighter to high quality striker in six short years. Paulus has knocked out his fair share of athletes, but Kutyla is one of his toughest tests to date. In fact, Paulus’ only loss is to 6-8 Michal Konrad,, while Kutyla has beaten fighters that are 5-4, 4-4, far better records than the Paulus opponents.
After watching fight tape the holes in the striking of Paulus are clear, and our betting pick is Karol Kutyla at +185.

Betting Odds, Stats and Prediction for Graca vs Plesnik

Fighter Carlos Graca Michal Plesnik
Money Line  -110 -120
Record 2-1 1-2
Submissions/TKO   0/2 0/1

Graca appears to be an older man but I couldn’t confirm his age. He lost his 2021 bout against a 2-0 fighter, and hasn’t only beaten debuting fighters. Plesnik is 2-2 as a professional boxer and has been fighting MMA since 2020. Given that Graca has TKO losses as well, we should see a firefight to the finish. Our betting pick is the slightly younger Michal Plesnik at -120. 

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