Outcome Betting Odds for the NFL Conference Championships and Super Bowl 54

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What’s an outcome bet? Isn’t it just a normal future bet on the “outcome”? These odds are a little different but not entirely.

Of course, we have had betting lines on the winner of the conferences and the super bowl for months now. The predictions I want to make for you today are not only us picking the winners but also the matchup.

For instance, the most likely outcome for the NFC Championship game is the San Francisco 49ers over the Green Bay Packers. The betting line is set at (+200). Conversely, picking the Pack to defeat the Niners pays at 4.5 to 1.

Not bad. I don’t think that’s going to happen though. The least likely scenario in the NFC would be the Seahawks defeating the Minnesota Vikings. That pays (+1600)!

It’s not likely for two teams who played 7 days prior beat a couple of squads that have had 2 weeks to rest, recuperate, and prepare.

It’s not outside the realm of possibility, though, so punting for an improbable payout doesn’t seem to be too ill-advised.

We have betting odds and predictions today, not only the conference championship games but the big game as well. Said odds are brought to us by the kind folks over at the online sportsbook BetOnline.ag.

Let’s get after it!

AFC Championship Game Outcome Betting Odds

  • Ravens over the Chiefs: +150
  • Chiefs over the Ravens: +250
  • Ravens over the Texans: +500
  • Chiefs over the Titans: +800
  • Titans over the Chiefs: +1400
  • Texans over the Ravens: +1600
  • Titans over the Texans: +2500
  • Texans over the Titans: +3300

Okay, whew, those are a lot of possibilities…

At first glance, the Ravens and Chiefs pick is pretty solid here.

You’re only gaining maybe a point or so, though, on this game. If they do play, I assume you will be able to get the Ravens at around a (-150) moneyline.

So, is it really worth it as both of this week’s favorites still have to shut down Deshaun Watson and the Titans’ Derrick Henry respectively.

On the other side, if you pick the Chiefs over the Ravens, you’re getting a little bit more value as KC may be around a (+130) underdog.

Ravens over Texans?

Man, this one is pretty tempting.

You’re gaining about a point and a half of value as Houston is (+350) moneyline to win this weekend and assuming the 1 point favorite Ravens make it to the AFC Title Game, you would get 5-1 on this bet. I’m just not buying it, though.

The Kansas City Chiefs are a tremendous home team and have won 6 straight games. Their secondary is still suspect, though. Watson is a game changer but so is Patrick Mahomes.

I could definitely see the Titans shocking the world this week and upsetting the heavily favored Baltimore Ravens.

Derrick Henry is a force. New England had a top ranked rushing defense just like the Ravens but that didn’t stop the Alabama alum from racking up two bills on the Pats.

If they get through Baltimore, I believe they will have an easier time with the Chiefs. We must remember that Tennessee is the last team to beat KC.

The Bet
Titans over Chiefs

NFC Championship Game Outcome Betting Odds

  • 49ers over the Packers: +200
  • 49ers over the Seahawks: +350
  • Packers over the 49ers: +450
  • Seahawks over the 49ers: +550
  • Packers over the Vikings: +900
  • Vikings over the Packers: +900
  • Vikings over the Seahawks: +1200
  • Seahawks over the Vikings: +1600

This group of betting odds aren’t as top and bottom heavy as the AFC. Things are a bit more wide open.

Currently, the Packers are favored by 4 over the Seahawks when they play at Lambeau Field this weekend.

The Niners are more than a 3 to 1 favorite to beat the Vikings who are getting 7 points as road dogs in NorCal.

Minnesota is playing surprisingly well right now and people have been saying it all year; they may have the best roster top to bottom in the NFL.

They are a dome team, though, and will be playing outside in the wind.

The Niners will be ready. I’m not convinced its their year or even that they will make the Super Bowl but I’m pretty confident.

To me, Green Bay and Seattle is more or less a toss up.

I understand the Pack is rested, more healthy, and at home but the Seattle Seahawks have Russell Wilson, the man who has ripped the NFL a new one all year long.

I like the Seahawks road play this year too. Seattle should have beaten the Niners not just once but twice this season. They have a good chance to do it again.

The Bet
Seahawks over the 49ers

Super Bowl Outcome Betting Odds

There are a lot, guys, but here is my pick.

Ravens over the 49ers

Each team’s biggest challenge before the Super Bowl if they make it that far will likely be in next week’s championship games.

Therefore, if you want to make this bet, as many people do, bet it now before the payout shrinks after the weekend.

Yes, I know I just picked the Titans over the Chiefs but these odds are long enough that we don’t need to win every prediction to make money.

On paper and throughout the season, these two teams have set themselves apart from the rest of the NFL.

The NFL Playoffs are as much about matchups as it is talent and there are some teams still remaining in the postseason that match up very well with each of these squads. While that is true and should be considered when making a wager, we can’t ignore the obvious here.

These are the two best teams. Both are prolific on offense, very well-coached, and each team has a top 5 defense.

If we wait until the Super Bowl for this one, it’ll be maybe (-135) on the moneyline for the Ravens to beat the Niners.

Pick it now and get 4 and a half to 1.

Up to you…

The Bet
Ravens over the 49ers

In Conclusion

Well, there you go.

These betting odds aren’t something we are used to seeing every week but I like them.

There are quite a few on each list that we can logically eliminate and after that we are staring at some very good value.

I wanted to spread the wealth also because we can’t say with overwhelming confidence that we know who will play and who will win.

There is quite a bit of parody in the NFL and it is magnified in the postseason.

We went with the two favorites and #1 seeds to play because it is a more likely occurrence than any other matchup and I explained earlier how complete each football team really is.

In the other two picks, we are doing our best Pat Mcafee and punting long. We just need one, though and we had a nice weekend.

Tune in, turn up, and let’s bet on NFL !

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