Predicting All Four Champions League Quarterfinals Matches

UEFA Champions League

Champions League 2018/2019 is coming to its pinnacle. With only eight teams left in the competitions, this really is the business end of the greatest European club competition. The round of 16 saw several huge upsets, the biggest ones being Real Madrid and PSG eliminations. Let’s not forget about Cristiano Ronaldo’s unearthly night in Torino where he singlehandedly eliminated Diego Simeone’s Juventus. For the fifth time in last six seasons, mind you…

This season of Champions League brings forth a comeback of English soccer. They got four representatives in the eight remaining teams. Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham, and Manchester City. The latter two go head to head meaning at least one English team is guaranteed to go through to the semifinals. This can only mean one thing, lads… EURO 2020, it’s coming home!

Ajax is the team that won all of our hearts after beating Real Madrid in front of more than 77,000 fans at the Santiago Bernabeu. 4-1 was the final score which left Modric and the company heartbroken, but at the same time paved way for the eventual return of Zinedine Zidane as their “new” manager. They will, however, go up against Ronaldo’s Juventus, getting the chance to eliminate both the current and former CR’s club.

All this leads us our main topic for today – Champions League quarterfinals betting predictions. Typically, these matches are With just eight teams remaining in this playoff round, the tensions must be sky high for all of them. Experience will be of crucial importance here, but so will the manager’s team talks and tactical approaches. Once again, we’re talking about a single-elimination bracket with 2-leg home and away matches. That said, there’s plenty of things to go through so let’s stop wasting time and check out the best Champions League betting sites!

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Champions League Round of 16 Results

Before we venture deeper into the Champions League quarterfinals betting predictions, let’s assess the Ro16 results, both legs.

1st Leg

  • Manchester United vs PSG 0:2
  • AS Roma vs Porto 2:1
  • Tottenham vs Borussia Dortmund 3:0
  • Ajax vs Real Madrid 1:2
  • Lyon vs Barcelona 0:0
  • Liverpool vs Bayern 0:0
  • Schalke vs Manchester City 2:3
  • Atletico Madrid vs Juventus 2:0

2nd Leg

  • PSG vs Manchester United 1:3
  • Porto vs AS Roma 3:1 (2:1)
  • Borussia Dortmund vs Tottenham 0:1
  • Real Madrid vs Ajax 1:4
  • Barcelona vs Lyon 5:1
  • Bayern vs Liverpool 1:3
  • Manchester City vs Schalke 7:0
  • Juventus vs Atletico Madrid 3:0

No More Easy Opponents

Even though most people label the likes of Ajax and Porto as the underdogs here, I’d like to argue otherwise. Yes, both of these teams are nowhere near the likes of their opponents (Liverpool and Juventus) on paper… but need I remind you that soccer games aren’t won on paper.

In other words, there are no easy-to-beat teams in the Champions League quarterfinals. If they were easy to beat, surely they wouldn’t have made it all the way to this stage, right? Despite the fact neither Ajax or Porto have superstar players in their rosters, their hot young prospects will be packing quite the punch. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they’ll go through, I’m just saying we should not count them out just yet!

Champions League Quarterfinals Betting Predictions

Regarding my Champions League quarterfinals betting predictions, there won’t just be your typical match winner bets but a mixture of specials and handicap options too. For each fixture, I’ll give not one but two or three tips that should go all the way and boost your winnings.

So, without further ado, let’s kick it off!

Liverpool vs Porto

After a dramatic victory at the Allianz Arena over Niko Kovac’s Bayern, Liverpool will fancy their chances at winning a double crown this season. A reminder, Manchester City and Liverpool are in a dead race at the top of the Premier League table, going one or two points away, back and forth.

Jurgen Klopp’s side continues to play solid attacking football, but it’s safe to say their defense stands out as an equally important factor. In 31 Premier League matches, Liverpool has conceded only 18 goals and have racked up impressive 17 clean sheets. Obviously, Allison Becker and Virgil Van Dijk are the main culprits here.

In terms of their recent track record in their domestic league, Liverpool can boast with three victories and two draws across their last five matches. They dropped points in two derbies, against Manchester United and Everton, and could live to regret those mishaps if they fail to win the Premier League.

Against Portuguese teams, Liverpool has a splendid history. 22 matches in total, 10 wins, 6 draws and 6 defeats, with (36:19) +17 goal difference. More precisely, Liverpool played against Porto 6 times and hasn’t lost a single match thus far. Three victories and three draws with +10 goal difference (12:2). With all those numbers in mind, and with the drastic differences in team value and wages, Liverpool definitely is the heavy favorite here.

On paper, Porto is perhaps the easiest opponent the Merseyside team could’ve ended up against. However, this doesn’t mean the Portuguese side won’t budge come to the quarterfinals matches. In my opinion, it will be quite the contrary! Porto’s team has a splendid mixture of experienced veterans and young prospects hoping to make a name for themselves in the Champions League.

As far as their domestic League goes, Porto is also in a dead race for the title. Benfica is currently sitting at the top spot, but only on goal difference. Form-wise, Porto has four victories and one loss in their last five league outings. That loss was against Benfica, a tightly contested match that really could’ve gone either way.

When it comes to tactical and strategical aspects, I’d say both of these teams have similar philosophies. They’re both more oriented towards the attacking side of things, but their defenses are doing the hard work and keeping those clean sheets at bay.

With all that in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this matchup be scarce with goals. Especially the first leg which is set to be played at Anfield. Porto’s defense, which has conceded just 15 goals in their domestic league, will be hoping to go back home with a clean sheet. Even though he might hint otherwise, I doubt Sergio Conceicao’s side will have an attacking spirit in the first leg. Most of their work will be in their half, setting up the defensive wall, clearing off any potential runs in behind the defense, and looking to serve their pacey strikers with counter-attacking long balls.

Liverpool, on the other hand, will most likely go all-in during the first 90 minutes, just like they have in last season’s quarterfinals match against Manchester City. We know their attacking potential is not to be taken for granted. Sala, Mane, and Firminho all have what it takes to decide the semifinals qualification in the first leg. The question is, will Porto’s defense fail to keep them at bay?

When it comes to the Champions League quarterfinals betting predictions regarding this match, here are my thoughts:

Liverpool To Win 1st Leg @-300

A pretty straightforward bet that would make a nice line in your CL accumulator.

Halftime Draw Fulltime Liverpool 1st Leg @+320

Yes, this one is a bit risky. However, knowing Porto’s defensive wall, I reckon they’ll be able to keep Salah and the company from scoring goals in the first half.

Liverpool to win 1st Leg and over 2.5 goals @+200

And finally, a nice combo bet that will definitely find its way in my next week’s accumulator.

Tottenham vs Manchester City

Second up we have the English Champions League derby between the 2nd and 3rd (at the moment) Premier League teams. Needless to say, this is going to be one heck of a contest. Much tighter than most people have been predicting ever since the draw came out.

Yes, I know Manchester City is the heavy favorite here and I do believe they’ll go through to the semifinals. However, considering the fact that the first leg is being played at Tottenham’s new stadium, I’m kind of leaning towards Spurs here. It’s not just the stadium itself, it’s the whole deal surrounding it. The fans, the expectations, the atmosphere and their first real taste of the premium European club competition on their new grounds. It’s going to be a proper spectacle, I can already tell.

As far as these two teams’ recent track records are concerned, they couldn’t be more apart. Manchester City has won all five of their last five matches, still clinging to the top of the table. Tottenham, on the other hand, has won just one match, drew one and ended up losing three. Against Southampton, Burney and Chelsea, of all teams.

Not to mention the fact that Manchester City stomped over Schalke with ten goals across two legs. Their attacking prowess is unearthly, and that’s ought to show in the second leg. As far as the first one goes, I stand by my statement and still firmly believe Tottenham won’t disappoint their fans in the first leg. They won’t necessarily win the match, but I doubt they’ll allow City to defeat them in their first Champions League match at their brand-new stadium.

Even though many people are pointing out Aguero as the most important man in this matchup, I think Fernandinho’s role will be much more important, especially in the second leg. We’re talking about a highly-experienced Brazilian whos both technically-gifted, defensive-minded, and tactically-intelligent. If he manages to control the ball, do his defensive tasks and run into space upfield, Tottenham will be in a whole heap of problems.

When it comes to the Champions League quarterfinals betting predictions regarding this Premier League clash, here are my thoughts. Many of you will disagree with me on this one, but I can’t help it – I expect Tottenham players to give 150% of themselves in order to come out of this match with a positive score.

Tottenham To Win, Draw No Bet 1st Leg @+220

Let’s take things slow with this relatively “safe” DNB tip.

Tottenham To Win and Both Teams to Score 1st Leg @+550

Now, this is the one I’ll definitely have among my CL singles. It’s a high-risk, high-reward bet, but one that I believe is likely to come out victorious.

Ajax vs Juventus

After a thrilling contest on Santiago Bernabeu, this Ajax team is eagerly awaiting to host the first leg of their quarterfinals match against Juventus. There are several things that go in favor of Ajax here, some of which will surely go under the radar of your typical tipsters.

For starters, Ajax has won four of their last five Eredivisie games on home turf. On top of those four wins, they have a silly draw against Heerenveen, which ended 4:4. Second off, that surprising 4:1 against Real Madrid in the 2nd (away) leg has surely brought extreme winds to their sails. It’s not every day a team outside the top 5 EU leagues beats Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu. That on its own is a feat that’ll be told over and over again for generations to come.

However, while I do believe Ajax has the upset potential in the first leg, I really doubt they’ll make it all the way through to the semifinals. Juventus is a tough side to beat, highly resilient too. When everyone started writing them off after losing 2:0 to Diego Simeone’s defensively brilliant Atletico Madrid, Juventus came back in the most brilliant of fashions. Or should I say, Cristiano Ronaldo came back in the most brilliant of fashions?

It’s true, the catalyst in the second leg was the brilliant Portuguese striker. The GOAT, according to many. Scoring a hat trick and singlehandedly securing his teams’ place in the quarterfinals is something only Cristiano Ronaldo could do.

However, Cristiano Ronaldo will need all the help he can get from his teammates during these two quarterfinals matches against Ajax. Especially after his hamstring industry during Portugal’s EURO qualifiers match against Serbia. That said, perhaps Mandzukic and Dybala will play pivotal roles during the quarterfinals?

Here are my Champions League quarterfinals betting predictions for this David vs Goliath encounter:

Ajax To Win 1st Leg @+240

I know this one might seem like a long shot, but trust me, Ajax players have what it takes to beat Juventus. Once again, I’m not saying they’ll go through, I’m just saying they could cause an upset on their home soil.

Over 3.5 Goals 1st Leg @+230

Both of these teams have splendid attacking potentials which is why I’m certain the first leg is going to be a goal fest. Hopefully, a goal fest in which the Dutch side will come out victorious.

Manchester United vs Barcelona

We’ve come to the last of our Champions League quarterfinals betting predictions. The final and, If I may add, the most intense quarterfinals match this season. Believe it or not, there are eight Champions League trophies spread between these two teams. Talk about rich club history on both sides, huh? Be that as it is, one of these two teams will be eliminated after both quarterfinals’ legs… and I’m here to predict exactly that!

Starting off with the Catalonian giants, Barcelona, their post-Neymar era is looking pretty good. Especially this season with Real Madrid racking in flop after flop. At the time of writing this article, Barcelona is 12 points ahead of the Madrid side. But, with Zidane’s return at the managerial spot, things could become better for Modric and the company.

Despite that, I still doubt Barcelona will have any issues with securing their Serie A title. Their track record is brilliant, winning all five of their last Serie A matches. Champions League statistics aren’t much different either. They slammed past the group stage without a single defeat (four wins and two losses), and have been playing brilliantly in both attacking and defensive manners.

Manchester United’s season has been a huge rollercoaster. During Mourinho’s era, they were playing defensive-minded football and rarely created chances in their opponents’ halves. Their creative players didn’t have space and were often played out of position to cater to Mourinho’s bus-parking tactics.

This all changed with the arrival of Ole Gunnar Solskjær who did his best to turn things around. And he’s already accomplished a great deal during his stay as United’s manager. The Norwegian strategist brought in a fresh approach which yielded a great start to his managerial role. Reaching the quarterfinals of the Champions League after suffering a 2-0 defeat at Old Trafford is surely the biggest of the bunch. Now, Ole Gunnar will have to prepare his side and hope for another giant scalp.

Manchester United and Barcelona have rich head to head history. These two teams have played against each other eight times with the goal difference being squared at 6:6. The English side has a slightly better record, three wins, three draws, and two defeats. Unfortunately for Manchester United, both defeats came in the grandest of stages, Champions League grand finals. They lost twice against the Catalonian giants (2009 and 2011) which is surely something they’ll want to avenge this time around.

All things considered, I doubt we’ll see goal fests on either of these two legs. The first match is played at Old Trafford, Manchester which will put extra pressure on Solskjær’s squad. I doubt he’ll go with a defensive-minded formation which could lead to potential problems at the back. Manchester United’s defense is still their weakest link… and knowing Barcelona’s attacking prowess, I doubt Englishmen’s mistakes will go uncollected. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Manchester United concede a goal in the first half… but whether or not we’ll see more from Barcelona, that will be really interesting to see.

When it comes to the Champions League quarterfinals betting predictions regarding this match, here are my thoughts:

Draw 1st Leg @+260

The standard match-winner betting prediction here. Not much to add, really…

Draw and Both Teams to Score 1st Leg @+320

For those of you looking to slap together a high-risk high-reward CL ticket, here’s an interesting option that I’ll most likely go with in one of my slips.

Manchester United to Qualify @+350

Just like with PSG, I believe Manchester United will have better chances of beating Barcelona at Camp Nou than at Old Trafford. If they manage to get into the second leg with a solid result, I’m sure they’ll score an away goal and quality for the semifinals where they’ll go up against Tottenham or their neighbors, Manchester City.

Wrapping Things Up

With the final Champions League quarterfinals betting predictions out of our way, it’s time to wrap things up here.

As you know, there’s still plenty of time to go until the first matches start (9th of April) so you can still prepare your betting bankroll for that week. I can assure you, those eight days will be packed with high profile soccer action, and what better way to spice up your watching experience than with a few smaller bets on the side?