Premier League 2021/2022 Bold Predictions | Can Manchester United Win the ePL?

Manchester United Premier League

It’s that time of year again, boys and girls! There are roughly two more weeks left until the new season of Premier League, and the English media are already coming up with bold predictions regarding the top four. Soccer bookmakers are just adding fuel to the fire with their outright ePL winner betting lines.

For instance, Manchester United win is at +800 at the moment.

The odds are quite generous considering what happened since the end of last season. Sancho and Varane arrived and ought to make an instant impact at Old Trafford. Luke Shaw is in world-class form, Cavani extended his contract, and Pogba doesn’t seem to be going anywhere either.

Things are looking great for Manchester United, and I for one wouldn’t be surprised if the finally snatch the long-awaited Premier League title.

But, we won’t jump to any conclusions here. Let’s check out the for and against outright betting on Manchester United win at + 800!

Is Jadon Sancho a Good Investment?

First things first – is Jadon Sancho really that good? I mean, $100 million reported transfer fee – a huge sum for what ought to be one of the most hyped-up players in the world. The English tax, they call it… but is there more to Jadon Sancho than meets the eye at first glance?

In Borussia Dortmund, Jadon Sancho excelled in tandem with Erling Haaland. They formed a wicked duo, a frightening one for all Bundesliga defenses. Sancho ended up with 16 goals and 20 assists in 38 matches, rather respectable statistics for a 21-year-old Englishman playing abroad.

Whether he’s a good investment or not:
We’ll find out pretty soon! It’s all going to be based on how quickly he adapts to the Premiership. Of course, he’ll have no problems settling in with the players… though the harsh ePL gameplay might take a toll on him at the start.

Looking at the grand scheme of things, Jadon Sancho will definitely prove to be a worthy investment by Manchester United! This boy is going to win the ePL with United, if not this season, then surely by the end of his contract!

Varane to Bolster United’s In-Form Defense

Varane’s arrival could be the turning point in Manchester United’s gameplay! The experienced French center-back coming from Real Madrid ought to be a proper boost to United’s defensive efforts. He’s tall, he’s strong, and he won’t go down without a fight. His playstyle will fit in well with his new surroundings.

Varane will, presumably, play alongside Maguire in the center, surrounded with Luke Shaw and Wan-Bissaka on the sides. These guys aren’t perfect, but they form a rock-solid defense Manchester Untied shouldn’t have problems with in the upcoming season. But, can their midfield and attack do their share of the work?

Pogba’s Future Unknown

If Pogba stays at the Theatre of Dreams, the answer is a firm yes! The Frenchmen’s ability to connect the team both horizontally and vertically means a lot to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. However, Pogba’s future is still unknown!

He hasn’t signed a contract extension yet, meaning he could agree to a deal with a club outside of the Premier League as soon as January next year.

He can’t leave until next summer in that case, but Manchester United will probably want to get some money off him if he doesn’t agree to a new deal soon. Pogba’s departure would definitely endanger United’s ePL title chances.

Bruno Fernandes and Edinson Cavani of Crucial Importance

Edinson Cavani’s contract extension means a lot to Manchester United. Signing a world-class striker would be crazy in the current market, and Cavani’s experience ought to brush off on United’s youngsters. Cavani was a proper beast last season, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he creates a wicked tandem with Sancho right off the bat.

Bruno Fernandes is staying put, we all know that. However, the Portuguese midfielder got in the center of attention during the EURO… unfortunately, for all the bad reasons. He failed to present himself in a proper way. He wasn’t anywhere near his Manchester United form.

The thing is, United will need a creative individual like Fernandes in their chase for the 21/22 Premier League. If they lose Pogba in the final days of the transfer window, and Bruno turns out to be a one-season wonder, United could be in real trouble.

In-Form Luke Shaw Will Mean a Lot

As you probably know, Luke Shaw played like a beast on the EURO 2020. He crowned his marvelous campaign with a world-class finish just a minute or two into the grand finals against Italy. Luke’s defensive and offensive efforts were on point throughout the whole event. No matter who was on the other side of the pitch, Luke Shaw was there to secure the left flank and create chances near the touchline.

The only question is – can he transition his form to the Premiership? I for one see no reason why he couldn’t! Coming back from a horrendous injury and rising to the top of the League in just a few seasons is no ordinary feat. If Manchester United is to win the 21/22 ePL, they’re going to need Luke Shaw at his best!

Young English Machinery

Sancho, Greenwood, Rashford – three English youngsters that will be under the spotlight this season. Everyone expects them to do wonders for Manchester United in their title race.

Even though they’re young, all three of them have plenty of experience.

Sancho’s tenure in the Bundesliga helped him develop into a ruthless winger with great game IQ and chance creation abilities. Rashford already stands for one of the best young strikers in the world, and Greenwood is bound to lead the charge in the future with just 19 years.

However, two of these players had a massive heartbreak on the EURO 2020. As you probably remember, Rashford and Jadon Sancho entered the final match just two minutes before the final whistle. Southgate wanted them as the designated penalty takers in the shootout.

They stepped up for the occasion but missed… and you know the rest.

The thing is, we don’t know how this will reflect on their performances this season. Such a heartbreak can make or break players (usually the latter), but we’re talking about world-class talents, the best players of their generations… If someone can overcome such a massive hurdle, it’s them!

Can Manchester United Win the ePL?

At the moment, United’s chances of winning the ePL are actually pretty high. How come? Well, Liverpool lost Wijnaldum and Manchester City lost Aguero. They are yet to make proper replacements whereas United invested in Sancho and Varane. If everyone else in their team plays the way they did last year, we could finally see Manchester United lift the ePL trophy and make Sir Alex Ferguson proud once again!

Of course:
We can’t take Chelsea out of the equation. Plus, there’s still plenty of transfer window time left for the above-mentioned teams to boost their rosters. So yeah, can Manchester United win the ePL – yes!

All things considered, the 21/22 season of Premier League is going to be wicked!


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