Ranking the Top NFL Stars in Super Bowl LIII

Tom Brady and Jared Goff

The big game is Sunday. Have you made your pick?. It’s pretty dag ’on difficult to bet against the GOAT. “You got any more of those rings?”


There’s Tom, albeit without makeup but the greatest of all-time is in the building.

Brady is the favorite to win the Super Bowl MVP at (-120). LA Rams quarterback Jared Goff isn’t too far behind him at (+240).

After that, the payouts begin to look a bit more appetizing. LA running back CJ Anderson is (+2500). If the Rams can give the Pats a dose of their own slow-drip medicine, CJ could be the hero.

I think it would behoove Rams head coach Sean McVay to keep the GOAT, Gronk, Sony and James White on the bench as much as possible. Scoring fast is cool and all but if you can’t stop Brady, your defense will likely gas out before the end of the night because we know the Pats are going to take their time.

While much of the focus has been on the offenses, each defense has excellent cornerbacks and pass rushers.

I’ve heard experts talk about the most important positions on the field for a football team. and QB, CB, and DT are three of the big ones.

Between Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh, one would think there might be at least a couple sacks racked up by them or tackles for loss coming from one of their nearby teammates.

One would think…

Yea, thinking is overrated.

Tom hasn’t been sacked in 2019.

The Rams are the team to break that streak, though. There is too much talent and athleticism on that defensive line for them not to disrupt the GOAT.

Over Christmas, Tom’s nephew from Santa Barbara actually got a little mouthy with the champ and said if the Pats play the Rams, they are going down!

Poor kid never knew what hit him.


Tom’s nephew now has a torn MCL in his knee and a minor concussion.

I think we can all agree that you don’t want to make Brady mad because even on his worst day, he’s still the best.

I put together a top 9 list of the best players in Super Bowl LIII. This isn’t a list of players I think can win the MVP, but I’ll touch on those odds because anything is possible.

9. James White +2200 to Win Super Bowl MVP

While some pundits may argue that James isn’t as skillful as a few players who may be left off this list and that may be true, but he has been playing his entire career with the New England Patriots.

They know how and when to use the running back White better than they ever have.

The Pats screen passing game will likely be a big part of their gameplan, especially if they are trailing in the 2nd half and the Rams start bringing some real heat at the quarterback.

White caught 84 passes and had 12 total touchdowns in the regular season. If you’re Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and it’s 3rd down and/or in the red zone, watch out!

Sony Michel will probably have more total yards on the ground, but James White could definitely be the x-factor.

8. Marcus Peters +15000 to Win Super Bowl MVP

Now over to the LA side and onto the cornerback position. This is one of those highly-important positions in the NFL on any team.

Elite teams can get away with mediocre talent and experience at some positions, but not at CB. Each team has two studs.

It gets a little tricky when you’re judging the performance of a cornerback. The really good ones usually hit the ground running in their rookie or second years in the league with stats that turn into career highs in interceptions, tackles and pass deflections.

They don’t have the respect of opposing defenses in their first year or two in the league, but if they prove themselves to be one of the best, quarterbacks usually focus on other higher percentage targets.

Marcus had 8 picks in his rookie year with the Kansas City Chiefs and 22 total for his career including three that have gone for 6 points.

As you might imagine, he has the tendency to jump routes. One or more of the Patriots speedy receivers could hit a double move on the froggy Peters or the frog might not bump his butt until he takes a pick for six.

It’s not very likely, but with a couple pass deflections and an interception return for a touchdown, Marcus could be the MVP.

7. Julian Edelman +2500 to Win the Super Bowl MVP

You may not believe me, but Julian Edelman has already done more than his part towards yet another Super Bowl win for the New England Patriots.

Patriot hater or not, if that doesn’t give you chills…

This doesn’t look like a couple old guys chatting it up after a nice play. When the younger players have to match the intensity of the veterans, I’d say you have a motivated football team.

It’s really simple. Julian Edelman is money. The guy just seems to continually be in the right place at the right time.

As much as Brady loves his Gronk, it’s Edelman who models consistency as well as anyone in the league.

6. Stephon Gilmore +15000 to Win Super Bowl MVP

Regarded as one of if not the best cornerbacks in the National Football League, the New England Patriots’ Stephon Gilmore is a bit of a unicorn.

What I mean by that is Stephon lets his play do the vast majority of the talking.

“He’s a mute.” said teammate and defensive buddy Donta’ Hightower.

When I think cornerback or wide receiver, my mind immediately shifts toward trash talking and its effect on your opponent and their play.

Think Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, Deion Sanders,  or Richard Sherman.

The First Team All-Pro has 20 pass deflections this year, good enough for 2nd in the NFL. While many pass catchers and pass defenders pride themselves on their verbal abilities, Stephon focuses on dominating the field of play.

I like that. You may not hear his name called very much on Sunday, but that’s probably because he has shut down one side of the field.

5. Ndamukong Suh +12500 to Win Super Bowl MVP

He’s mean. He’s nasty. He’s athletic. The latter statement may be the most telling. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an interior defensive lineman as fast, quick, and strong as Suh.

At the age of 32, the argument can be made that he’s past his athletic prime but witnessing the level of his play recently has me believing his maturity has caught up with his skill.

Many experts will always point out that he has Aaron Donald at the other defensive tackle position and that’s why he is seeing a resurgence in his career.

Yes, I think Donald is the better player but who’s to say how much attention Suh stole from coordinators and quarterbacks as they made their pre-snap calls?

4. Rob Gronkowski +3300 to Win the Super Bowl MVP

Gronk smash!

I just love saying that, even though I’ve never been a Pats fan.

The guy is just that good. He’s not the fastest tight end in the league by any means, albeit potentially the best looking.


Tom Brady demanded the Pats re-sign him in the offseason and, well, the GOAT gets what the GOAT wants.

Whether he makes the big catches or his presence opens up the field for others to succeed, you can’t argue against the value Gronk beings to the Pats offense.

The Pats have let plenty of solid backs, tight ends, and receivers go after they proved their worth and helped the team win a title.

It means something when Tom Brady puts his hoof down and demands the team bring back Gronk.

Tune in on Sunday and you’ll see why.

3. Todd Gurley +900 to Win the Super Bowl MVP

Todd Gurley is one of the best running backs in the league, but for how long? We know sometimes it can just one injury that could signal the downslope of the career of an NFL running back.

The Rams situation with Todd Gurley is a perfect example, potentially. He got hurt around mid season and hasn’t carried the ball more than 16 times in the last 2 months.

Journeyman CJ Anderson stepped in and didn’t miss a beat. Does that mean CJ is really awesome too?

Maybe it speaks to the efficiency of Sean Mcvay’s offensive prowess.

The running back position isn’t as important as cornerback, left tackle, or even wide receiver but when Todd Gurley is healthy, he will change your mind. He is that good of a running back.

Even with his injury, he managed 21 total touchdowns for the year.

With an extra week to rest and no game to prepare for next week, Todd Gurley could have a tremendous performance on Sunday.

2. Aaron Donald +1500 to Win Super Bowl MVP

The 5th year Ram had 20.5 sacks this year to easily lead the NFL and a total of 41 QB hits in 16 games played.

That’s 2.5 hits on your quarterback each game!

It’s no secret that the Pats love to get the ball out of Tom Brady’s hands as early as possible and this Sunday likely won’t be much different.

I really think Donald can make a splash this weekend, but his biggest impact will probably be in the second half if his team is winning and the Pats are primarily in obvious passing downs.

If one were to build a team around any one player at this point in time, Donald would get my vote. As good as the cornerbacks on each side are, AD is the best defensive player on the field.

1. Tom Brady -120 to Win the Super Bowl MVP

Does this guy ever slow down?

Here’s a shot of Brady drinking from what is believed to be the fountain of youth.

He is widely regarded by fans, bettors, players, and coaches alike as the greatest quarterback of all-time. I think that’s pretty safe to say, at the very least for this era.

This era isn’t 5 years, 10 years, or even 15 years. Tom Brady has been on top for nearly two decades!

Even with all of the talented players with massive payouts I just listed to win Super Bowl MVP, Tom Brady still has the most value even at (-120).

In Conclusion

Where’s Jared Goff?

Relax, guys.

I’m not saying he couldn’t lead his team to a wire-to-wire Super Bowl victory and even bring home the MVP in the process.

I just don’t believe he’s that much better than everyone else.

If you think about all of the superstars that surrounds him on the offensive side of the ball, the team could be performing even better.

There isn’t a more talent-rich team in the NFL and minus the great Bill Belichick, Sean McVay may be the best head coach in the league.

He has two great running backs, more speed at wide receiver than any team in the league, and a stout defense that loves to give him a short field.

Hey, he could definitely prove me wrong on Sunday but I just believe you could put 10 other NFL QB’s in his spot and they would perform just as well if not better.

Sony Michel is another name not listed that we could hear on the regular during the big game.

Patriots pass rusher Trey Flowers is another honorable mention. Pats players have already came out with verbal warnings for Sean McVay, Jared Goff and the Rams offense that they better have a solution for Flowers, or else.

Tune in, turn up, and bet hard. As you know, football won’t be back until the Fall.