Research-Free Sports Betting (Keys to Less Stress Sports Betting)

Research Free Sports Betting Less Stressful Betting

You’re reading a blog post about research-free sports betting, meaning you’re looking for advice on how to bet on sports successfully without worrying about any of those messy statistics or league trends.

I know this about you because I’ve known hundreds of people who tried to bet on sports without doing their homework. You want to bet on sports, but you don’t have any time in your schedule to do it the right way. Or you want to be on sports because your friends (or your boyfriend or your kids) are doing it and you want to play along.E

I’m happy to report that betting on sports without becoming a stat junkie or reading and listening to hours of content every week is 100% possible.

You probably won’t ever make a living betting on sports in a research-free way.

You may not ever make any money to speak of. But you can absolutely participate in sports betting without crunching any numbers or even really watching any games.

Do Less Work, Bet Less Money

If you don’t have time to learn a lot about the sport you want to bet on, you’re going to lose a lot.

I can’t quantify how much more you’ll lose, but you’re not going to have the kind of success that guarantees profits over the long-term.

That doesn’t have to be a huge problem so long as you’re betting an amount of money that doesn’t affect your quality of life when you lose.

You can take this to an extreme.
If my budget for a season is $1,000, I’m thinking of that in terms of how many car payments or mortgage payments it represents. But if I only spend $100 through an entire season, I’m not really worried about that loss. That’s about the amount I spend on iced coffees in a given month, so blowing it over a season of games won’t hurt me in the least.

Let’s say I’m betting on football – there’s fifteen NFL games a week for 18 weeks. If I want to bet on one game a week and I only want to spend $100 for the whole season, I need to divide that $100 by 18 weeks. That’s no more than $5.55 per bet, which I’d probably round down to $5 for the sake of ease.

A $5 lost bet means about as much to me as a losing lottery ticket – I won’t care when I lose, but I’ll be super happy when I win. At that rate, I don’t need to educate myself, study trends and stats, or do anything but place my $5 bet and wait for the outcome.

With a $1,000 budget, I’m gambling $50 per game, and at that rate I’d want to at least do some homework to educate myself and make a smarter wager. That’s a nice lunch for me and my wife and losing it all at once over a silly football game that I barely paid attention to just feels wrong.

Stick to Even-Money Bets to Save Money

At typical sportsbook odds of -110, players have to win 52.4% of their bets to break even. Reduced juice such as -105 drops that number to 51.2%, but that’s still really hard to do over the long-term and would still require research and other undesirable bits of work on the part of the bettor to accomplish.

The real money-saving opportunities at online sportsbooks are the even-money propositions. This is when there is no juice at all, your bet is your bet, straight-up. Even-money bets break even at a win-rate of 50.1%, which doesn’t seem far enough from 52.4% to make a difference, but it is.

Consider an NBA season of 82 games. If you bet 82 times during the season, winning 52.4% of those bets means winning 43 times.

A break-even point of 50.1% means winning just 41 times.

Not having to pay -110 or -105 odds means your wins will go a little farther over the course of a season, and your losses hurt a little bit less.

Here’s the problem:
Very few bets on any given day will allow for even-money, and those are usually highly undesirable wagers in the eyes of the book and the betting public. Just for the sake of the post, I zipped over to a couple of sportsbooks looking for available even-money NFL bets. Out of an entire slate of games for a week, I found just two available at that rate. Both were to back teams that started the season strong but have been sliding downward as they face up and coming teams that stumbled out of the gate.

You can think of hunting for even-money bets, and never paying juice, as a kind of coupon-hunting for sports bettors. It takes some work, but ultimately, you’re giving yourself more breathing room in terms of wins and losses.

Alternative Methods of Betting on Sports

All the thousands of sports betting hot takes available online get one thing really wrong. Most people simply don’t have time to follow the twelve tips to success or sports betting beginner’s advice they find online. The average American works 40.5 hours a week and has two kids to care for, leaving little time for hours of cramming sessions, or even a few extra minutes of statistical analysis.

Making Picks at Random

A surefire way to spend as little time as possible on sports betting is to use some alternative method to make picks. Choose a game at random from the book, flip a coin to decide which side to back, and place that bet. In less than thirty second, you’ve placed your bet, and you can go on about your day.

How much worse can a flipped coin be at picking a winner than a live person?

If you stick to straight-up bets, there’s rarely a push result, so ultimately you have a 50/50 chance of winning. Each side of that coin has a 50/50 chance of landing faceup. It’s a perfect match.

Please Note:
If you don’t want to use the tried and true coin flip, you could print put a list of bets and throw a dart at it, determining your wager by where the dart lands. Leaving your wager up to the gods like this may seem a little out-there, but even the best sports bettors in the world lose 47% of the time.

How much worse could your random dart throw be? You’re probably out a minute or two of your time. I guarantee you those professional sports bettors spend a lot more than a minute making their weekly picks.

Making Picks Using Psychics & Fortune Tellers

If you want to leave the picks in the hands of a human but realize that it probably can’t be you (those 2 kids don’t feed themselves, yet), there’s no reason not to turn to the occult.

Be aware that some workers in the occult world aren’t all that interested in helping you make sports picks.

Then again, some psychics and fortune tellers specialize in this kind of work. You’ll have to do a little homework to find the right person to help you place your bets, but at least the hard work of making the picks isn’t up to you. There’s laundry to do, and the dog threw up on the rug.

Will it work? That’s impossible to say.

I know of just one attempt to quantify psychic ability in regard to sports betting. In 2015, sportswriters in the Quad Cities, Illinois area paid two psychics to fill out an NCAA bracket using occult methods.

Please Note:
The psychic’s first-round success was remarkable – the seers selected 23 of the first 32 games of the tournament correctly, including that year’s two major first-round upsets. The writers noted that less than 2% of all brackets in the nation had that rate of success. The psychics didn’t end up with a perfect bracket, but they did pick better than the vast majority of the betting public.

The common thread in all the alternative methods described above is that they save the bettor time and serve as a “just as good” alternative to the handicapping abilities of the average amateur sports bettor.


There’s no rule that says you have to put in hours of grueling statistical work, analyzing game trends and crunching numbers into the wee hours of the morning, in order to enjoy sports betting.

The truth is you don’t even have to win that often to enjoy placing bets on sports. A desire to spend less time fussing over sportsbook bets is not uncommon, nor is it necessarily detrimental.

Consider the tips in this post to help save yourself some time while still allowing yourself to participate in the sports betting markets you enjoy.


Rex Hoffman / Author

Rex Hoffman is a passionate sports writer, with over five years of experience covering sports journalism in line with the Vegas betting landscape. His favorite subjects include football, basketball, and baseball. As a Las Vegas resident, he enjoys finding an edge against the local sportsbooks and aims to share his extensive knowledge with both beginners and experienced bettors. Rex also dabbles in horse racing wagering and enjoys typical casino fare like blackjack and poker in his spare time.

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