The Simple 6 Step Sports Gambling System You Can Start Using Today

Sports Gambling System Background

The Holy Grail for sports gamblers is developing a system that helps you find value and make a consistent profit. Many sports gamblers never quite figure this out

But sometimes, you just need a little help getting started.
So here’s a simple structure you can use to start building your first profitable sports betting system. I’ve used this structure for years, and it might be the thing you need to get over the hump finally.

After you learn how to use this simple six step system, you can add more variables to it as you learn more about finding value. But don’t make things too complicated until you learn how to use a simple system.

1. Start with the Lines

People who handicap sporting events tend to work in one of two ways. They either handicap the teams and games and then look for a line that gives them value, or they start by looking at the lines and then handicap teams and games to see if they can find value.

If you do a good job of finding value, it doesn’t matter which way you approach things. But when you’re learning how to put together a winning sports betting system, you need all of the advantages that you can find. So I recommend starting with the lines.

You need to have multiple places where you can place bets, so you have multiple places to find lines.

So I look for lines that are different at the online sportsbooks where I place bets.

When I see a line that’s at least one point different between two books, I handicap the game to see if I can find value.

For example:
If the line is + 5 ½ at one book and + 6 ½ at a different book, there’s a possibility there’s value betting on both sides of the game. If the team wins by six, you can win both sides of the bet.

When I see a game like this, I handicap the game to see how likely the team is to win by six. If it looks like they’re going to win by six a high percentage of the time, betting both sides offers a lot of value.

Now, there is some danger to starting with the lines before handicapping the games. If you’re not careful, the lines will influence how you handicap the games. But if you stick with the steps for the system I explain in this post, you can avoid letting line bias hurt you when evaluating the games.

You also need to look at all of the available lines, including the moneyline and total line. Point spread lines are popular, but you can find value on any type of line. If you ignore the other lines, you miss out on profitable opportunities.

2. Look at Every Home Team

The next step of this gambling system is to look at every home team on the schedule.

Home teams have a better chance to win, and road teams have a higher chance of playing below their normal level.

You can’t ever use a one size fits all betting strategy, so you can’t always bet on home teams if you want to make a profit.

But you will end up betting on more home teams than road teams overall.

When you’re learning how to handicap sports effectively, I recommend finding home teams that have value. Don’t bet on the game if your handicapping doesn’t show the home team offering value.

Please Note:
As your handicapping skills improve, you can start betting on a few road teams that offer value, but figure out how to make a profit on home teams first.

I especially like to handicap games where the home team is getting points. While all of these games don’t have value, many of them do. And if you bet on baseball, the home team always gets to bat last if they’re not winning.

3. Look at All Short-Term Trends

A big mistake that many sports gamblers make is looking at data for an entire season, even if some of the data is so old that it’s not worth much.

For example:
If you’re betting on a MLB game in August, the statistics from April and May aren’t worth much. I’m much more interested in how each player and team has performed over the last week or two than what they did early in the season.

In every sport, it’s more important to evaluate short-term trends than season long trends. You can still find some value in longer trends but put more weight on recent trends.

Another important thing to do is separate home and road trends and statistics for every team. Teams and players don’t perform the same at home and on the road, so overall statistics are misleading. You need to compare the home team stats based on what they do at home against the road team stats based on what they do on the road.

It’s lazy and costly to look at overall stats. And you can’t afford to be lazy when you’re building a winning sports gambling system. And the best sports gamblers take this even further.

  • How does each MLB player perform in night games compared to day games?
  • How do NBA players perform on the first and second games of back-to-back contests?

The deeper you dig when evaluating players and games, the more you’re going to win. If you’re not doing the work, you might as well just pick teams at random.

4. Individual Players

Most things that you bet on are going to be team sports, but never forget that teams are made up of individual players. Therefore, you need to evaluate individual players and how each player contributes to the team.

For example:
The leading scorer plays a big part in how his team performs in the NBA. But you need to know how well his replacement can step up when he’s not playing.

Your job is to evaluate every team and how each player on each team improves their team or hurts their team. It’s a lot of work and data, but you need to become an expert on the teams and players of every sport you bet on.

5. Considering Everything Others Ignore

Most sports gamblers don’t spend five minutes looking at a game before they make a bet. But professional sports gamblers can evaluate a game for up to an hour or longer before deciding if there’s any value.

You have to dig deeper than most sports bettors if you want to create a winning system.

Each sport has specific things that most bettors ignore, and you have to find those things and learn how to use them to find value.

For example:
In MLB, you might become an expert on advanced WAR metrics and spin rate for pitchers. In College football, you might become an expert on small conference teams.

I can’t give you a complete list of things that others ignore, but you can quickly create your own list. It helps if you pick an area to focus on or specialize in to avoid getting overwhelmed with data.

6. Pulling Everything Together

Now it’s time to pull everything together and start making bets. You don’t root for players or teams anymore as a sports gambler. The only thing you root for is finding value and making a profit from the value.

You’re going to make plenty of mistakes as a sports gambler, but you can learn from your mistakes and improve your system.

And learning from your mistakes is what sets winners apart from losers in sports gambling.

Eventually, you’re going to get a feel for lines that might offer value and learn how to spot home teams that offer the most value. You’re going to learn when a point spread is the best wager and when the moneyline is a better value.

The more work you put into your system and handicapping, the more money you’re going to make. Keep improving your system and making adjustments when you make mistakes. That’s how you pull everything together and make a profit.


Every sports gambler I know is looking for a winning system. While most winning sports gambling systems are complicated, you don’t have to make things too hard to get started.

Most winning sports betting systems start with a few simple concepts. And that’s what you just learned in this post. You learned a simple structure you can use to build your first profitable sports gambling system.

Every winning sports gambling system uses multiple variables, but once you learn how all of the variables work together, you can start finding value consistently. Use the six steps in this post to build your first winning sports betting system.


Rex Hoffman / Author

Rex Hoffman is a passionate sports writer, with over five years of experience covering sports journalism in line with the Vegas betting landscape. His favorite subjects include football, basketball, and baseball. As a Las Vegas resident, he enjoys finding an edge against the local sportsbooks and aims to share his extensive knowledge with both beginners and experienced bettors. Rex also dabbles in horse racing wagering and enjoys typical casino fare like blackjack and poker in his spare time.

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