Strangest Findings From the SuperBowl Fan Panorama

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Super Bowl LV is now behind us and football fans around the country are beginning to look back in nostalgia at the big day. Fans that paid for cardboard cutouts and those lucky enough to attend the game can find themselves in the stadium using a new in-stadium panorama site.

Today, we’ll be breaking some of the most unusual findings of this SuperBowl fan panorama. As most are aware, fan attendance at this game was limited. To make up for the empty seats, organizers set a huge number of cardboard fan cutouts throughout the stadium. Some of them are drawing attention in the strangest way possible.

Before getting into the strange Super Bowl LV panorama sightings, let’s do a quick recap of the big game that took place earlier this month.

Super Bowl LV Recap: Score, Fan Attendance, Etc…

The 2020/2021 NFL season was one for the history books. Despite the numerous challenges each team faced, things moved forward without any major issues. As the playoffs approached, it became clear that the Kansas City Chiefs were the team to keep an eye on.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers entered the postseason as the Wild Card Team.

They rallied, however, and fought their way into the championship game. Super Bowl LV took place in Tampa, Florida in front of 24,835 excited fans.

Approximately 7,500 of these fans were vaccinated healthcare workers given free tickets to the game.

Many of those stuck at home watching the game chose to wager on the game using one of the many different US online sports betting sites. The Chiefs came in as the favorites according to nearly all of these sites. As the game progressed, it became clear that the oddsmakers had it wrong.

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Tampa Bay began taking over in the second, scoring 14 points to the Chiefs’ 3. The Tom Brady-led team then scored an additional 10 in the third quarter. In the end, the Buccaneers came out victorious 31-9. It was an exciting event for football fans around the country. Those able to attend the game in person seemed to have a particularly enjoyable experience.

It was a historical game in many ways and ended up in a fairly large upset. A brand-new Super Bowl fan panorama came out recently that allows fans to find themselves inside the stadium. This tool has ended up revealing some unusual sightings.

Top-5 Strangest Findings Inside the SuperBowl Fan Panorama

Under normal circumstances, more than 50,000 people attend a Super Bowl game. The big game always results in a packed stadium filled with hardcore fans. Fortunately, the huge number of fan cardboard cutouts helped to make up for the unusual situation surrounding Super Bowl LV.

Using a brand-new SuperBowl fan panorama, attendees to the championship game and those with cardboard cutouts are able to locate themselves in the stands. It’s become an extremely fun tool for fans. They’re even able to tag their friends and loved ones!

While scouring through the stadium, some unusual things have been spotted. Below are five of the strangest things seen using the Super Bowl LV panorama tool.

The Cardboard Clone

Getting your own cardboard cutout for Super Bowl LV wasn’t overly difficult. For $100, fans could send a picture of themselves or a loved one and have it featured in the stands. Interestingly, there seems to be a cardboard clone that infiltrated the stadium. You can check out the images below to see for yourself!

Clone Cutouts

We managed to find four images of this same individual. Perhaps she appears more throughout the stadium. Some feel she is still multiplying to this day.

The Cloud Cutout

The rules for the “Fan in the Stand” program were simple. After paying $100, you simply send the NFL a picture of either yourself or a loved one. It seems someone may have misunderstood the rules and instead sent in a picture of some clouds in the sky. Check it out below.

The Cloud Cutout

Is this a simple mistake? Maybe it’s some kind of “heads in the cloud” joke? We’ll never know, yet it remains one of the stranger things found in the SuperBowl fan panorama.

The Dogman

Masks were required for fans in attendance at Super Bowl LV. For most, that means a traditional face mask worn over the mouth and nose. Some chose to take it up a notch. That includes “Dogman,” who you can see below.

Dogman Mask

Had this game involved a team with any kind of connection to a dog, it would at least make some kind of sense. That is not the case and Dogman remains a complete mystery. It’s terrifying and bizarre at the same time.

The Siamese Cat Cutout

Dogman is certainly strange. Unless a genetic experiment went terribly wrong, however, it’s just a man that decided to wear a dog mask to the big game. Dog people aren’t the only football fans in the country, though. Someone chose to make a SuperBowl cardboard cutout of their siamese cat.

Siamese Cat Cutout

A pet could certainly fit into the “loved ones” category. That seems to be the case here. It’s the only animal cutout featured here and remains one of the more unusual sightings from the Super Bowl fan panorama.

The Secret Panorama Easter Eggs

Everyone loves a good hidden easter egg. It seems that whoever released the new Super Bowl LV panorama site decided to throw a couple of them in here. It’s unknown exactly how many there are. Below are two that we managed to spot.

Mandalorian Bud Light Outfit

It’s hard to see the motive behind these. Budweiser may have slipped someone $20 to get the beer-toting Mandalorian in the first one. Number two doesn’t seem to feature any recognizable beer brand, though.

Random Beer Man

More of these unusual Super Bowl fan panorama sightings will likely come out over the next few days! Let us know of any that you find in the comments section below!

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