Super Bowl 53: Why Live Betting is Worth Your Time

Super Bowl 53 Live Betting - New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams

Super Bowl 53 is almost here. There is officially less than a full week between us and a pretty intense showdown between Bill Belichick and Sean McVay.

Two geniuses, an all-time great quarterback and heaping mounds of speculation are coming at us at ramming speed. No pun intended.

In all seriousness, this could be one of the best Super Bowls ever by the time it’s done and an entire week of Super Bowl media hype will only prop that notion up.

But everything that’s gotten us to this point has encouraged sports bettors to look at the game itself, placing wagers on it before it’s even actually arrived.

While that’s the popular way to bet on the Super Bowl and the majority of the logical paths to monetary profit lean that way, there’s a strong case for waiting to pull the trigger on your Super Bowl 53 wagers.

How? With Super Bowl live betting, of course.

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It’s not something every bettor thinks about, because most of the traditional betting options have to do with the build-up before the game. There’s plenty of reason to bet on the Super Bowl live, however. Let’s break down why doing so could be worth your time:

It’s Fun

Like anything worth doing, Super Bowl live betting is something you should think about because it’s a ton of fun.

Betting on Super Bowl 53 in any regard is going to bring you joy, both because it’s an enhancer to the game itself and if you’re smart with your bets, they can also win you some cash.

Sports betting in general isn’t something people do just for the heck of it. The two main reasons aren’t going away; they want to make some money and it’s an enjoyable activity.

If you can combine those two narratives, all the better.

End of an Era

For me, betting on Super Bowl 53 specifically could have a lot to do with the possibility that the Patriots as we know them are slowly coming to an end.

To be fair, virtually everyone counted New England out before the playoffs even started and here they are. However, Tom Brady will be 42 years old before next season starts, Bill Belichick is inching towards the age of 70 and the writing has been on the wall that this is probably it for Rob Gronkowski.

If the framework remains in place for 2019, it’s tough to say the Pats won’t still rule the AFC East and again compete for a shot at a title. However, what if this really is the beginning of the end?

Even the slight chance of that being the case makes this an iconic Super Bowl to bet on. That means you’ll want to toss in some wagers before the show starts and probably during as well.

Your Failed Bets Can Be Forgotten

Another huge reason to bet on the Super Bowl as it happens is you can instantly eradicate any pre-game bets that have already failed you.

This pertains to a litany of Super Bowl 53 props bets, whether it’s something to do with the National Anthem, the coin toss or anything else the top NFL betting sites offer before the game starts.

Maybe you bet on a sleeper player to win Super Bowl MVP. Once the game starts, you find out they were ruled inactive at the last second or they got hurt on the opening kickoff.

Whatever your early bets may have been, once the game starts they increasingly grow closer to being utter failures or impressive successes. If most of them register under the former category, you can forget about them with fresh bets on the fly as the game is being played out.

You Can Hedge Your Bets

This is without a doubt built into the whole “forgetting failed bets” notion, but in this case you don’t really want to completely ignore where you went wrong.

Instead, you want to identify Super Bowl wagers you’ve already placed that are destined to lose you money. The idea is to flip the script on your Super Bowl betting results by reverse targeting these wagers with live bets that go against your initial bet.

Love Tom Brady as Super Bowl MVP and he’s playing terribly?
Perhaps a website out there offers live Super Bowl MVP betting. If so, you can place money down on someone else rising to the top and stealing the trophy.

Maybe you simply went with the Pats as the favorite and Los Angeles storms out to a huge 20-0 lead. You can them opt to roll with the Rams as the new heavy favorite, or hope on the underdog money and throw down a new bet in favor of the Patriots.

Whatever the case, live Super Bowl betting allows for you to make up for mistakes made before the game starts. You just need to be careful which bets you opt to hedge and how much cash you invest and recouping those poor wagers.

You Can Have a Massive Edge

Depending on your football knowledge and your research, there’s a very good chance you can hold a far greater edge with NFL live betting than with regular football betting.

Why? Because the top Super Bowl betting sites are going through their own process in a very short amount of time, putting up and taking down wagers, while also changing lines. This is all happening in real time, just as you are trying to decide which bets to attack and how much money to put on the line.

That arguably levels the playing field quite a bit, putting your research and football betting IQ at the forefront and giving you a good amount of control as to how things will play out.

This could help in a number of ways, but one great example is Super Bowl 51, which saw the New England Patriots fall into an ugly 28-3 hole.

Few probably anticipated the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history was about to go down, but a number of sites surely offered updated lines during the game, including bets on the spread, moneyline, and Total.

That could have been for the remainder of the game or on a quarter by quarter basis. In addition, had you taken a leap of faith and attacked a Super Bowl MVP bet with Brady as your pick, you could have soaked up a ton of value in an unlikely setting.

Just be aware that while you have the opportunity to gain a massive edge, live betting also carries some risk. Vegas not having a clear view on how things will play out can benefit you, but nobody being able to predict things as they come also could work in their favor.


There are just a lot of easy paths to elite betting value when you decide to bet live on the Super Bowl. Player injuries, coaching styles and the way the game has played out can all make the entire betting process a lot easier.

The second that first score happens, the lines can start to shift, and once you throw in player injuries, how coaches tend to adjust and how teams perform when playing from behind, on the road – the list goes on – you can start projecting how things can play out from there.

Ultimately, the biggest reason for Super Bowl 53 live betting is the draw of this specific matchup. Sean McVay vs. Bill Belichick is arguably the most compelling element to this game, but then you also get an aging Tom Brady facing off with a young and rising Jared Goff.

Brandin Cooks will also be hoping to dish out some revenge against his former squad, Rob Gronkowski potentially playing in his final NFL game will drum up interest and Todd Gurley trying to will the Rams to their second Lombardi Trophy is also an engaging take.

There are storylines abound in Super Bowl 53, while bettors have to really consider both of these teams are loaded with talent and play with undying spirits. They both went into overtime in their conference championship games after all, so writing either of these squads off before the final whistle may be ill-advised.

Of all the reasons to bet on Super Bowl 53 live, the latter may take the cake for me.

Neither of these teams are truly dead until the game is officially over, so that could keep tantalizing wagers featuring the spread, moneyline, Total and a number of player prop bets alive and well until this year’s Super Bowl champion is crowned.