Gigantic Payouts for Picking the 2020 Super Bowl Matchup!

Gigantic Payouts for Picking the 2020 Super Bowl Matchup!

Close your eyes.

Okay, now the imagine the date is 2/02/2020…

Now, tell me what you see.

Three feet of snow?

Okay, pretend your television is on.

Tell me what you hear.

A crackling voice singing Jenny from the block?

Aw man, it’s halftime. I guess we’ll wait a few minutes.

Okay, now tell me.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman?

Okay, we’re getting there. Now, can you make out which teams are playing?

Your boss thought you were sleeping?

I’m sorry. Wait until you’re on break to continue reading.

Alright. We didn’t quite have the vision we were going for but we gave it the old college try nonetheless.

Picking the Super Bowl contestants before the regular season even kicks off is a tall task but I found some massive payouts if we happen to find ourselves successful.

Fortunately, the betting odds released by the Super Bowl betting sites are pretty high for several fairly likely matchups.

I think we can have some fun nailing down some solid value.

Let’s begin with one team at a time and what’s a better place to start than the defending champs and the greatest quarterback/head coach combo professional football has ever seen.

AFC Contenders

New England Patriots: +400 to Win AFC Championship

I know.

I hate them too. Hating winners is something I try to steer clear of in life but between Brady’s beautiful face and Bill Belichick’s Grinch-like persona, it’s difficult to resist.

At least Gronk’s unapologetically forever frat boy attitude is out of the picture.

Hate is a bad word, though. It really is.

Let’s go with extreme dislike.

It doesn’t matter how much we dislike this franchise. They not only deserve respect but demand it, in full.

It would be foolish not to include them in today’s conversation, though.

They are (+400) at most of the best football betting sites, but so is Kansas City, followed by the Chargers at (+700) and then, cough, the Browns (+850).

Then we’ve got the Steelers, Texans, Ravens, Colts…

It appears the AFC is a two-headed monster this year with a strong tail that shoots the occasional lightning bolt.

The Browns are intriguing and I will be tuning in whenever possible but with the recent retirement of Andrew Luck, the rest of the teams in the conference is good at best.

Just glancing at the Pats schedule, I really like how it shapes up for a strong postseason run.

Please Note:

They start with mostly divisional matchups which are, of course, against mostly weak teams. This will help them find their identity on offense without Gronkowski, although this sentiment may be a bit overblown.

They end the season with games against Miami and Buffalo who will both likely be out of postseason contention and possibly tanking.

That could allow the Pats an opportunity to rest their old bones before a likely week off followed by the divisional round in Foxboro.

At this point, though, I’m going to have to lean towards the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes needed to take that lump. I think the boys in red have grown from it and should play host to New England in the postseason once more.

Kansas City Chiefs: +400 To Win AFC Championship

There’s not too much more to say about KC. They were near perfect last year on offense and the defense was atrocious.

Well, their offense should be even better with a young quarterback who is still approaching his prime.

They got a new defensive coordinator and pretty much overhauled the whole thing.

The Kansas City Chiefs had nowhere to go but up on that side of the ball, and I think they will have probably a mid-tier defense.

That would make them a 14-15 win team and a virtual lock for the Super Bowl.

I’m definitely going to target them today.

I’ll save you the spiel on the Chargers. I don’t believe they have anything for KC.

NFC Contenders

New Orleans Saints: +500

Even though they weren’t able to represent their conference earlier this year at the Super Bowl, I’ll begin with the Saints because I believe they have the best quarterback in the conference.

Philly is not far behind them from a betting perspective at (+650).

The Rams are surprisingly (+750) along with the Chicago.

As much as I “extremely dislike” to admit it, the Dallas Cowboys (+1400) have a legitimate shot at a conference title.

That’s 5 teams I could see in the Super Bowl from the NFC.

I’ve got Dave Chappelle on speed dial so don’t get triggered but I want to shoot some bullets at you real quick.

Nobody says speed dial anymore?

Eh, noted.

  • Philly is overvalued while ‘Dem Boys are a very solid bet.
  • Dallas has a very good defense, great back, great wideout, experienced and desperate coach…
  • Chicago can beat anyone with a dominant defense that will likely play even more aggressive under new DC Chuck Pagano.
  • LA will be there but my gut tells me they won’t repeat as conference champs.
  • I wish I had more than that for you but this is a thick race and anything could happen.
  • The Saints should be the favorite.
  • Top 5 in run defense and sacks in 2018.
  • It isn’t broke and they didn’t do much to fix it.
  • They just need to win that one big one in the postseason.

We have our conference favorites and their values assessed.

On to the matchup odds!

Kansas City Chiefs vs New Orleans Saints: +2500

See. I told you these were some valuable odds!

This is more or less, the Patriots, the most likely Super Bowl matchup and it’s 25 to 1.

The Pats lost their game changer and if KC even has a marginally better defense, they are a much better team than last year.

We’ve talked about the Saints a bit already. They didn’t change much because it wasn’t broken.

They know they have a great quarterback and a head coach who are both playoff and Super Bowl proven.

It’s just about execution once playoff time comes around for each team.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Chicago Bears: +4000

I believe it is.

Yes, I’m high on Kansas City this year. How can you not be?

Sure. There are questions on defense but compared to the answers from last year, ask away!

They truly couldn’t get much worse.

Along with the dream payout, it’s also a dream matchup.

#1 offense vs #1 defense.

Who ya got?

Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles: +3300

The NFC race is wide open. I wish I could sit here and tell you I had a better idea of the winner than I do but I would be lying.

These same odds are available for the LA Rams as well but I think the Eagles have a better quarterback and that might be the difference if it comes down to a tight playoff game between the two.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Dallas Cowboys (+4000)

Could this be the year for the Dallas Cowboys?

A Super Bowl victory?!

Pardon me while I try not to spill my coffee from convulsive laughter.

I could see them getting there but Dak Prescott is not going to defeat Patrick Mahomes, a man who can and will throw the ball down the field, in the Super Bowl.

I could see them winning the NFC title, though, for sure.

In Conclusion

The moral of the story today, kids, is if you want to make a wager on the winner of the NFC, go ahead and make it a Super Bowl “Name the Finalist” bet against the Chiefs.

Yes, this is the NFL and Mahomes could get hurt.

This would almost certainly derail the Chiefs train to Miami for early February.

We aren’t trying to be scientists here, though. These are fun bets that will last us until the year 2020 most likely.

What makes them great is that they aren’t your everyday prop bet which holds minimal value.

These are some significantly high payouts.

I am very confident in the Chiefs ability to win the AFC Championship so by riding with them and narrowing down the NFC to 5 teams, we can pick of a matchup of each and almost guarantee a postseason payout.

We aren’t trying to get rice here but just think about if we did, how quickly we could make it disappear on a Valentine’s Day suite and diamond necklace for our love just a few weeks later.

Kansas City Chiefs vs New Orleans Saints
Kansas City Chiefs vs Chicago Bears
Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles
Kansas City Chiefs vs Dallas Cowboys
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