Super Bowl LV Odds Offered Exclusively by Bovada

Pass the clam dip and the cold beer, plus get your betting slips ready. Super Bowl LV is here. It’s arguably the best day in America for wagering not only on which team will win the big game, but all sorts of fun odds and ends.

And one of the best places to take advantage of that is by visiting the Bovada website to take part in all the action. Here is breakdown of the most basic betting options on the game that were available there as of early Saturday morning:

Game Odds

  • BetsOdds
  • Kansas City Chiefs -3.0 (-110)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3.0 (+110)
  • Kansas City Moneyline -160
  • Tampa Bay Moneyline +140
  • Over/Under 56

*Check the site for possible adjustments made to all lines listed here as they may fluctuate slightly between now and kickoff.

Of course, you also can place wagers on who will be winning at the end of the first quarter, first half, alternate lines, etc., as well as a variety of others. One feature of Bovada that is nice and easy to use, featured prominently on the site, is their Prop Builder application that allows players to bundle all sorts of picks in parlays that could pay huge dividends.

Super Bowl LV Prop Bets Offered Exclusively by Bovada

Super Bowl LV LogoUnique prop bets are a staple of what makes the Super Bowl the best football Sunday of the entire season and arguably the best betting day of the year. You can bet on player props and so much more than you can on a normal football Sunday, and it’s a blast, especially if you end up winning.

But there is so much more to Super Bowl betting opportunities than mere player props. When else, for instance, do you get the chance to bet on whether or not there will be a wardrobe malfunction during the halftime entertainment provided by a popular band from Canada?

Bovada is offering some of the most entertaining prop bets on the planet for the big game, as well as a strong smorgasbord of the usual player props other online sportsbooks offer but with Bovada’s own exclusive odds.

What to Know About Player Props

Everyone knows that sportsbooks make a boat load of money off people betting the coin flip or the exact length of the National Anthem that is performed before kickoff. But sportsbooks bring in the majority of their profits on Super Bowl Sunday through player props.

Las Vegas sportsbooks reported a combined $18 million profit off of the Super Bowl last year, and the team that the public was heavily on won the game.

That means the majority of the money raked in by the sportsbooks came in on player props.

The reason for this is many bettors like to take Overs on player props because they are more fun to root for. But many of the best prop bets to make are on players not to get to their Over/Under mark, be it rushing yards, receiving yards, passing yards or whatever.

Kansas City Player Props

Like any Vegas sportsbook, Bovada offers a wide range of player props via the online betting option. This is the case during the regular season, too, but on Super Bowl Sunday their offerings are like a regular-season game day on a fistful of steroids. Here is a breakdown of what they are offering (see the site for specific odds on all):

Quarterback Props

Player O/U Passing Yards O/U Passing TDs O/U Pass Completions O/U Rushing Yards
Patrick Mahomes 330.5 2.5 28.5 22.5

Running Back Props

Players O/U Rushing Yards O/U Carries O/U Receiving Yards
Clyde Edwards-Helaire 32.5 8.5 18.5
Darrel Williams 28.5 7.5 12.5

Receiver Props

Player O/U Receiving Yards O/U Receptions
Tyreek Hill 96.5 7.5
Travis Kelce 100.5 8.5
Sammy Watkins 37.5 3.5
Mecole Hardman 29.5 2.5
Demarcus Robinson 14.5 1.5

The smart thing to do if you are tempted to take an Over for either Hill or Kelce is to pivot and instead take them to be the game’s MVP. If they record over 100 yards receiving the Chiefs will likely win and you could cash a much larger payout as opposed to a -114 ticket.

Looking all of these over, Mahomes is always a solid play despite large numbers that make him seem like a risk. Williams has been playing well of late. Even though he’s still splitting time and carries with Edwards-Helaire now that Edwards-Helaire is healthy again, Williams is a good bet to rush for more than 28.5 yards.

But the best player prop bet offered by Bovada for Kansas City is for Sammy Watkins to record over 37.5 receiving yards. The number is low because Watkins is coming off a rash of injuries and, indeed, as of Friday was still listed on the Chiefs’ injury report. Watkins has been practicing at least on a limited basis, however, and has repeatedly told reporters that he is feeling fine and plans to play on Sunday.

Watkins has great chemistry with Mahomes and could easily surpass 37.5 yards receiving on one big play alone. Tampa Bay will be paying all of its attention to trying to slow down Hill and Kelce, making Watkins a sure thing for at least one catch of over 20 yards, which would put you over halfway there. 

Best Bets: Darrell Williams Over 28.5 Rushing Yards; Sammy Watkins Over 37.5 Receiving Yards (but make sure he is playing beforehand as he could be a game-time coach’s decision)

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Tampa Bay Player Props

Quarterback Props

Player O/U Passing Yards O/U Passing TDs O/U Pass Completions O/U Rushing Yards
Tom Brady 295.5 2.5 25.5 0.5

Running Back Props

Players O/U Rushing Yards O/U Carries O/U Receiving Yards
Leonard Fournette 47.5 11.5 25.5
Ronald Jones II 37.5 8.5 4.5

Receiver Props

Player O/U Receiving Yards O/U Receptions
Mike Evans 61.5 4.5
Chris Godwin 76.5 5.5
Antonio Brown 41.5 3.5
Rob Gronkowski 32.5 2.5
Cameron Brate 30.5 2.5
Scotty Millere 18.5 1.5

The best player prop available for the entire game may be Ronald Jones II to compile more than 4.5 receiving yards, which he could easily accomplish with one short catch-and-run reception from Brady. There is no question that Leonard Fournette has become the workhorse for the Buccaneers on the ground throughout the postseason, leaving Jones only 10 carries for a mere 16 yards in the NFC championship game.

Another factor in this equation:

Kansas City is the favorite because of its high-powered offense and if the Buccaneers want to keep up they will likely be throwing the football a lot on Sunday night. If Jones, shifty when healthy (which he finally appears to be) breaks off any big plays, it likely will be in the passing game off a short pass from Brady.

Another solid prop bet for the Buccaneers is for wide receiver Mike Evans to record less than five receptions, Evans only reached that mark in nine of 19 games this season and Kansas City will be more than prepared for Evans on Sunday night. That could leave the middle open for some opportunities to throw to his tight ends. With usual starter Cameron Brate questionable because of a back injury, that could mean an expanded role for Brady’s old big-game target from New England, Rob Gronkowski. Making a play for Gronk to catch more than 2.5 passes could pay off, too.

Best Bets: Ronald Jones II Over 4.5 Receiving Yards; Mike Evans Under 4.5 Receptions; Rob Gronkowski Over 2.5 Receptions

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Super Bowl MVP

The best bet for Super Bowl MVP obviously is the best player on the field, and that’s Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes. If you want to take Kansas City to win the game, just take Mahomes at -120 rather than laying the heavy -160 juice on the Moneyline.

Of course, you can bet on just about any player from either team to walk away with the MVP trophy. Here are the exclusive odds offered only by Bovada on several of the top candidates to do it:

Player Odds
Patrick Mahomes -120
Tom Brady +200
Tyreek Hill +1000
Travis Kelce +1000
Leonard Fournette +2500
Devin White +3000
Shaq Barrett +4500
Mike Evans +3500
Chris Godwin +3000
Tyrann Mathieu +3000
Cylde Edwards-Helaire +2800

If you decide to go with the odds-on favorite in Mahomes, the hedge opportunity could be there on Hill or Kelce at 10-1. On the other hand, if Hill or Kelce has a huge game it probably means Mahomes played quite well himself. The odds are in Mahomes’ favor to win it, but you would get a much greater return if you take the risk and grab Hill or Kelce instead.

If you think the Buccaneers will win, Brady is the obvious first choice at +200 because they won’t win without the 43-year-old gunslinger having a huge game. But it could be worth taking a flyer on a defensive player such as Devin White or Shaq Barrett at 25-1 and 32-1, respectively. Tampa Bay probably will need to force multiple turnovers to win the game and these are the two guys who could do it. 

Best Bets: Patrick Mahomes (-120); Tom Brady (+200); Tyreek Hill (+1000); Travis Kelce (+1000); Devin White (+3000); Shaq Barrett (+4500)

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Novelty Props Available

The novelty prop wagers are among the most frivolous – and fun – to be offered by Bovada on Super Bowl Sunday. And they have lots and lots of them. You can bet not only on the aforementioned favorites such as the length of the National Anthem that is sung before kickoff, but also all kinds of goofy stuff like whether or not the band performing at halftime, The Weekend, will mention Donald Trump, President Joe Biden or even their native country of Canada.

Among some of our many favorites are the following, but beware. Just like the coin toss at the start of the game that you can bet on, the outcomes on most of these wagering opportunities are pretty much determined by no more than the flip of a coin. It almost totally depends simply on how lucky you are feeling.

  • Will Donald Trump be mentioned at halftime by The Weekend: Yes (+600) | No (-1200)
  • Will Joe Biden be mentioned at halftime by The Weekend: Yes (+675) | No (-1500)
  • Will Canada be mentioned by The Weekend: Yes (+375) | No (-6000)
  • Will there be a wardrobe malfunction at halftime: Yes (+1000) | No (-5000)

See the Bovada website for the complete list of outrageous and, um, interesting novelty wagers available.


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